Super Bomberman

Download Super Bomberman and enjoy explosive action in this classic multiplayer game! Strategically place bombs to outsmart your opponents, collect power-ups, and claim victory. Ignite the fun and play now!
a game by Hudson Soft
Genre: Action
Platform: SNESSNES (1993)
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 7 reviews, 8 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 34 votes
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Super Bomberman is a great and popular video game featured as the first installment in the Bomberman series on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This is also the first four-player game to be released on the SNES, or Super Farmicon, as it is known in Japan.

The gameplay is very simple. It takes place on a single non-scrolling screen, and is based on a grid of 143 squares. The grid stops the movement of the little bomberman, so he can only move horizontally and vertically around the screen. The “A” buttom makes the bomberman to drop a bomb at his feet, which will pulse for few seconds (time in which the player has to run away) and then explored. The bombs shoot flames vertically and horizontally. The main idea behind the game is to use the bomb blasts to destroy walls and enemies.

Large chain reactions can also be produced, if the flame of a bomb hits another bomb. If the flame from any bomb hits the character it will injure, but most of the time kill the player, unless he is invincible, thanks to one of the surprise grids scattered around the map.

In the beginning of the game most levels are filled with destructible soft walls, which disintegrates if hit by a bomb. After the player makes way, he is able to move around and clear the other remaining walls. However, it would be smarter to leave some walls and to try to trap the moving enemies inside it and the bomb. It is impossible to walk past a bomb, so getting trapped between a wall and a bomb will most likely kill you, unless you have much space to hide into.

Some special items are scattered on the screen and can easily be picked up by the player. However, these items are first revealed after enemies or walls are destroyed. Bomberman is not only a game of killing enemies and destroying walls, but also a game of strategy.

The “Battle Mode” is the most interesting way to play Bomberman. Up to four different players, human or controlled by a computer, can play in the Battle Mode of the SNES version (it is, however, required to have a multitap).

There are twelve themed stages and the battle takes place on one of them. The aim is to blow up the other players while staying alive yourself. The last player standing wins the round.


The game was really popular, although its ratings do not entirely show this. No less than 307 users voted the game on GameSpot and offered it a total average of 8.5 out of 10, which is not a bad score, but not fantastic either considered the game was very popular and appreciated.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

Super Bomberman is a 1993 maze game designed for the Super Nintendo. Although its storyline is not unique compared to the other games in this long running series, Super Bomberman stands out from the others for being the first game to offer true multiplayer. This game allows up to four players if you have enough controllers from it, at a time when the normal max was two. This feature is what made Super Bomberman be so popular for years after its creation.

6 Worlds to Choose From

The game offers 6 different worlds, with 8 stages in each world. Super Bomberman is once again unique compared to other games of this time such as the 1986 Super Mario Brothers and other classics, because unlike these games, if you lost all your lives it’s not completely game over. Instead, the game puts you back at the beginning of the stage with no power-ups. The lack of power-ups keeps it punishing if you lose, as it will be more difficult to win against the boss without a power-up, but less punishing than going all the way to the beginning.

Top Down View

Super Bomberman doesn’t adopt the usual side-scrolling approach for games of this type. Instead, the game goes with a top-down, non-scrolling view that lets you see the whole screen. As can be expected from a game this old, the graphics aren’t the best. Super Bomberman features very low quality, pixelated art.

Players must solve a maze while trapping enemies with bombs and not getting caught themselves. As far as gameplay itself, Super Bomberman is not very unique. It has many of the same aspects of gameplay, and even the bosses are very similar. The unique aspects essentially boil down to the multiplayer capabilities, as well as less severe punishment for losing.

12 Stages Available in Battlemode

Multiplayer is truly where this game shines. You will need a multitap to play this on the SNES, because the console only has two ports. Battlemode is where players can play together, on one of 12 themed stages.

If there’s not enough players to fill in all 4 slots, the game does have bots to help fill in empty slots. The aim of these stages is all the same—to blow up the other players while remaining alive. Each game offers the winner a golden trophy. The player with the most golden trophies at the end is the winner.

This is an older game, but thanks to multiplayer capabilities and not having to slog through the first levels to keep playing a game, it’s extremely popular. If you’re a fan of the rest of the Bomberman series, Super Bomberman is a great choice.


This is also a great selection to have available for parties, since it’s easy for people to understand, but entertaining enough to keep them busy. With the multiplayer function that lets 4 people play at once, it’s the perfect combination for entertaining a crowd.


  • Excellent party game
  • Multiplayer
  • Second Chances After Losing Lives


  • Very simple graphics
  • Not very different from other Bomberman games
  • Machine: SNES.
  • Manufacturer: by Hudson.

Question: I can't figure out how to beat Mr. Karat & Dr. Mukk on the last level. If I touch their ship's shadow, it kills me. If I get the boxing glove, it kills me before I can punch a bomb. Even so, I can't get the bomb up on his ship. Help me!

Answer: Assuming you can defeat the big spider robot which houses his ship, you've just got to wait around for that boxing glove - yup, you've got the right idea, you've just got to stay away from them until you get a chance to use it. Keep circling the room, blowing up the poison icons as you go, until the boxing glove appears. As you move across the top of the screen, lay a bomb and wait for Mukk to come about level with you on the screen. Use the glove to lob a bomb in the air and hit Mukk's ship. It doesn't take many hits, but it's not easy to time it right Keep it up though, and eventually he goes down.

You can beat the big spider machine by laying bombs right in front so they go off when the blast shield is open and the 'eye' is exposed.

Next, keep moving around the room until the boxing glove appears. It happens at random, so you might have to wait awhile.

As you run across the upper part of the screen, lay a bomb, then wait for Mukk to come in range and hit the bomb into his ship. Bye-bye Mukk!

People say:


Super Bomberman must be one of the most addictive games since Tetris. The one-player game is above average, but the multi-player mode is truly great. The many new icons, and the colorful backgrounds are great enhancements. This is one game that you won't be able to put down for hours. Super Bomberman rules. If you haven't tried Super Bomberman, I suggest you do. It may look like a stupid game, but believe me, it's cool.


Get your friends and family together to play this one. Once they start playing, it'll be next to impossible to take them away from it. The one-player adventure mode is great, but the multi-player game is the real reason to get this game! Bomberman's new kick and throw abilities make this a total riot. The superflame is awesome. Blowing up walls and your opponents is as addicting as playing Tetris.


One of the best party games around! Super Bomberman offers all the fun of the original Bomberman with loads of new power-ups and a huge variety of techniques. The one-player mode is kinda cool but it really shines when four people are competing. Break out the MultiTap and get your buds together for the ultimate in party games. Extremely addicting and a blast to play!


This game is a super sequel! The original was both fun and addictive, but this one is even more so. As a fighting game fanatic, I love the challenge of three other players, but even alone as a maze game, the cool techniques and cute graphics will win you over. Dozens of levels and strategy make this a winner! If you thumb gets sore from SF, play this and you can continue the thrill of competition without the callouses.

  • Manufacturer: Hudson
  • Machine: Super NES
  • Theme: Action
  • No. of Levels: 42+

What a Blast!

It's here! The ultimate in cooperative games has finally arrived the Super NES! This incredible version has more levels and features than the original. The idea is simple: run around a one-screen maze in search of power-ups and attempt to blow up an opponent, or two, or three! With the aid of the MultiTap, four players can compete for points or just simple bragging rights!

There are over forty levels to pass in the Normal mode. One or two players can battle in the seven mid-levels with a powerful boss character afterwards.

The real fun and challenge lies in the Battle mode. Up to four players can compete in twelve very unique stages with an easy objective: blow your opponents to pieces! These stages offer great surprises like complete darkness with only a roving spotlight nearby, or a psycho zone where there are no obstacles and everyone is powered-up!

If you're tired of lame games that don't offer long lasting fun and action, check out Super Bomberman. It's sure to be a blast at any party!

Bomberman, the bomb-toting favorite for the TurboGrafx system is back in his latest installment, Bomberman '93! This time Bomberman has several new worlds to blast his way through! The objective is simple: drop bombs to destroy boulders and enemies - but be careful! Your bombs can destroy you as well, if you stand too close! Also, when an item or exit appears, watch where you place your bomb. If your blast hits either of these items, more monsters will appear, and you cannot leave a level until all the monsters have been wiped out! You also have a time limit, so act fast! In addition, there is a five player game where you and four others blast each other to rack up big points. Bombs away!

Bombs away! Super Bomberman is Hudson Soft's long-awaited Super NES version of the NES and Duo Bomberman games. This high-action blow- em-up is the best thing that's ever happened to group SNES game playing.

You can play Super B in two modes, Normal and Battle. Normal Mode is a somewhat boring one- or two-player quest where you bomb your way through 48 stages, fighting monsters and bosses as you try to free Diamond City from Mr. Karat and his golden goons. You can adjust the level in this mode and you g a wider variety of power-up but the action's not nearly a frantic or fun as in Battle Mode. Battle Mode's the star of the Super Bomberman show. Using Hudson Soft's new Super Multitap (bundled with the game) up to four Bomber- people can do battle. As expected, the computer fills out the playing field when you're a few bombers short.

You get a ton of power-ups in this mode. Some classic power-ups return in Super B, including the famed Kicker. Most, though, are new. You can pick up Detonators, Punchers, Skulls that make you invisible, and more. There's also a great selection of Zones, nearly all of which have new surfaces and features.

Super Bomberman throws around some 16-bit graphic muscle with more detailed characters (if cartoony), smoother animation, and sharper backgrounds. Super B's music, however, is just as annoying as it was in the previous versions. The controls could be more responsive, but the SNES controller's extra buttons are well-utilized. Overall, we like this edition more than the Duo version for its wacky new power-ups and levels. Battle Mode really makes this game great -- an instant classic! Plus, since you get Hudson's Super Multitap when you buy the game, it's a great bargain, too. Call your's time to separate the Bombermen from the Bomberboys!

Bomberman has just been ported over to the Super NES, and it now uses the multi-player adapter so that up to five people can combat one another. The plot of Super Bomberman is deviously simple. Run around a maze of blocks while setting bombs and blowing up friends and foes. A full complement of power-ups allow for diversity of play.

Like the previous versions on the NES and Duo, this cart is loaded with technique. The graphics however, have been enhanced using the many colors available to the Super NES. Most players should like Super Bomberman. Each game is different, and with the option of having friends join, it's irresistible.

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