Tecmo Bowl Cheats

NES Cheats


Enter 397FBFA5 as a password.

Strange mode

Enter 997BFFA5 as a password.

Championship game passwords

San Francisco vs. Denver- Password is 1DAFF7A6; L.A. vs. Washington- Password is 967FBFA5; Washington vs. Chicago- Password is 587BFFA0; Indianapolis vs. L.A.- Password is 438FDFAD; Chicago vs. L.A.- Password is A89FDFA8; Miami vs. San Francisco- Password is 072F7FAA; Dallas vs. San Francisco- Password is 202F7FAE; Denver vs. L.A.- Password is 0C8FDFA9; Cleveland vs. New York- Password is 098DFFA9; Minnesota vs. L.A.- Password is 2E9FDFA3; Seattle vs. Washington- Password is 937FBFA5; New York vs. Miami- Password is 24AFFDAD; L.A. vs. Miami- Password is 94BFFDAI; Invisible Team vs. Chicago- Password is 397BFFA5.

Mirror image team passwords

Washington- Password is 5B7FBFA3; Indianapolis- Password is 43AFFEAC; Cleveland- Password is 49AFFBA9; San Francisco- Password is 9C3F7FA5; Chicago- Password is 697BFFA5; Minnesota- Password is AC37FFA9; Denver- Password is CFBFF7A0; Miami- Password is 46AFFDAB; L.A.- Password is 969FDFA5; Dallas- Password is 63AEFFA5; N.Y.- Password is 269DFFA1.

Invisible team passwords

Enter one of the following passwords to start a game with an invisible team playing the indicated team.

Chicago- Password is 397BFFA5; Cleveland- Password is 397FBFA5.

Special Code!

Imagine going up against the same team that you coach in the Tecmo Bowl! This code gets you Chicago vs. Chicago:


The letter part of the code (BFFA) is the team that you are up against, in this case, it would be Chicago. The number part of the code (6975) stands for your team - Chicago! Another code lets you play a game between Chicago and no one! Enter this code for solo play:


One more code that will let you pit your skills against the same team is:


You'll play Washington vs. Washington for some no-lose practice!

Invisibility Code

To play Tecmo Bowl with characters who are completely invisible, enter this super secret passcode: