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NBA Hangtime

Hangtime is the third basketball game by the original development team behind the NBA Jam series.
SNES Nintendo 64

Daze Before Christmas

This Christmas can never come as the elves are on strike and all the gifts have dissapeared! Only Santa is able to save the Holyday.
Sega Genesis SNES

Nightmare Circus

Nightmare Circus is a beat'em-up mixed with elements from platform games and fighting games.
Sega Genesis

Anarchy Online: Shadowlands

A new world has been discovered. The world of Rubi Ka, for the most part controlled by the giant conglomerate.

Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion

Life is definitely not bliss on Rubi-Ka. While heading for your new life on the surface, your shuttle is attacked by an unknown alien race, and you barely survive an emergency crash landing.

Speed Punks

You might ask: "With Crash Team Racing on the market, do I really need another cartoony racing game?"

Championship Motocross featuring Ricky Carmichael

Up until now, motorbike-racing games are one of the few types of games that have not been hit by every developer.

Championship Motocross 2001 Featuring Ricky Carmichael

THQ's second run at motocross greatness is already showing more spunk than the original.

Impact Racing

Is this what the future of racing will come to? Maybe not but this is sure a cool idea for a racing game.