7 Days To Die

a game by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC
Platform: PC
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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7 Days To Die
7 Days To Die
7 Days To Die
7 Days To Die

Many people still stand by 7 Days To Die as being one of the best zombie games ever made. Sure, the Xbox One version is not too hot, but the PC version I am looking at today is actually a damn solid zombie-filled game that is going to really get your blood pumping.

Play The Game Your Way

What I really liked about 7 Days To Die was the way that it tried to really make you feel like you were in a zombie apocalypse. Many games have tried to do this, but the zombie decimated world that they have created here is like a giant playground and it is one of the more interesting open worlds that I have experienced in a game like this. The campaign is fantastic and something that I did have a lot of fun with. I found the story quite interesting and if you are a fan of things like The Walking Dead and zombie movies, you will enjoy the narrative here. Also, you can play the game in an open world sandbox “creative” kind of way as well which is pretty neat.

Build It!

A huge part of getting through this game is all about the crafting and the building. You have plenty of weapons, resources, clothes and so on that, you can make use of. You will need to scavenge for supplies though to make these kind of things. There are hundreds of ways you can make useful items and this is very addictive and will have you wanting to stay out on your supply run just a little longer to find some stuff. Building your homestead is one of the best parts of this game for me. You take over what is usually some kind of a run-down dump. You can then build up your home base any way that you see fit. You really need to think about how you design your fortress so that the dead stay out and it is not easy for the living to get in either. I found a nice mix of electric fences and traps did the trick!

Friend or Foe?

One of the most interesting aspects of 7 Days To Die for me is the way it handles how you deal with other people. You can try and play on your own if you want, but that is very hard. Although to be fair in the zombie apocalypse who can you ever really trust! You can decide to team up with others, making a large fortress, perhaps even town where you work together in order to survive and scavenge the wasteland. This can actually be a lot of fun and really handy if there are other survivors that are out there looking for the supplies that you want and need. I had fun playing as a lone survivor and as part of a larger community. Even when you are playing nice with others. At the back of your mind, you always have that worry that someone is going to try and screw you over and take the place and everything you have worked for, for themselves!

I found 7 Days To Die to be a very fun zombie-filled open world RPG style of game. I get that for some people the “technical hiccups” can be annoying. However, fans of open world survival games that have a lot of zombies in them will have a lot of fun here and be amazed at how much stuff this messed up world has for them to do.



  • The campaign is good
  • There is a ton of different crafting recipes
  • Savaging for supplies and weapons is very exciting
  • The world is randomly generated
  • Playing on your own or with others is cool


  • It has some technical issues
  • The console versions are terrible!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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