Dying Light 2

Download Dying Light 2 and survive in a brutal, post-apocalyptic world! Master parkour, craft weapons, and make life-altering decisions in this thrilling open-world adventure. The fate of the city is in your hands – play now!
a game by Techland
Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 8.9/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.2/10 - 28 votes
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Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2

When Dying Light 2 was shown at E3 last year it was a game that many people were very excited for. The first Dying Light was a massive hit and I personally felt that the DLC, The Following was every bit as good. Wile as I write this there is no official release date for Dying Light 2 just yet, the game is hopefully due for release later this year.

Head Out to The West

While the setting of Dying Light does not have an official name as of yet. We do know that it is being set somewhere in the west. It appears to have a real European feel to it and many are speculating that this could be the last big human city that is left on the planet. The new setting certainly gives the game a very different style over what the first Dying Light offered. Also, this new city is said to be around four times the size of the previous one. This, of course, means there will be more places to show off your parkour skills.

It Is the People That You Have to Watch Out For

One thing that Dying Light 2 is looking to do is really drive home how people will do anything to survive. This city is split into many different factions that all want as much of the city for themselves as possible. We know that two of these factions are The Peacekeepers and The Scavengers.

One thing that sounds really neat is that you are free to try and deal with any factions that you want. Of course, cozying up to one faction could put you at odds with another. Also dealing with certain factions will give you better access to their merchants and the parts of the city.

These factions will protect their territory by any means necessary so you can expect to get into plenty of fights with actual people as well as the infected.

Speaking of Infected

One thing that the trailers have not focused a whole lot on so far is the infected. We do know that there are going to be more of them than ever before, but that they will really come alive during the night. This is what happened in the first Dying Light, but in Dying Light 2 the infected appear to be even more aggressive than ever before.

One thing that sounds terrifying is when you are exploring and come across a nest where hundreds of the infected will be sleeping during the day. While there will still be some infected around during the day, it is once again at night that they will really come alive.

Play the Game Your Way

Dying Light 2 is going to feature many different choices for you to make. These will alter the story that unfolds. This along with the way that you will be dealing with factions means that the experience you have while playing Dying Light 2 could be rather different than the one that I have. I really like when a game does this. It not only makes it a lot of fun to talk about it also makes it a game that will be fun to go back and replay.


While we still do not know a ton of details about Dying Light 2. It certainly is one of the most exciting first person games that are due for release. I think it is fair to say that Dying Light 2 is trying to offer what the first game offered and a whole lot more. Without a doubt, this is a game that needs to be on your radar.


  • The city is four times as large as the first game
  • Vehicles are in the game
  • Your choices will shape the story
  • Humans are just as dangerous as infected
  • Lots of places to show your parkour skills


  • Not much is known of the main story yet
  • Will there be new special infected?

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Dying Light 2 is a first-person action role-playing game developed by Techland and published by Square Enix. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, where players take on the role of a survivor fighting for survival. With an engaging storyline and new gameplay features, Dying Light 2: Stay Human promises to be an exciting game for both fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.

Narrative and Gameplay

The game takes place 15 years after the events of the first Dying Light game. Players take on the role of Aiden Caldwell, a survivor who possesses exceptional parkour skills that help him navigate the ruins of a once-great city. The game's story revolves around Aiden's quest to uncover the truth behind the apocalypse, and the player's choices will affect the course of the game's narrative.

One of the most significant changes from the first game is the addition of a dynamic narrative system. Players' choices and actions have a direct impact on the game's story, allowing for multiple outcomes and endings. This system gives players a sense of control over the narrative and makes each playthrough feel unique.

The game's combat system has also been overhauled, with improved melee combat and the addition of new weapons and gadgets. The player's parkour skills can now be used in combat, allowing for a more fluid and dynamic experience. The game's day and night cycle also plays a crucial role in gameplay, with zombies becoming more aggressive and dangerous at night.

Graphics and Sound Design

Dying Light 2: Stay Human boasts impressive graphics and sound design, with a detailed open-world that feels alive and dangerous. The game's lighting system is particularly noteworthy, with the dynamic day and night cycle creating a sense of immersion and tension.

The sound design is equally impressive, with the game's soundtrack and ambient noise adding to the game's overall atmosphere. The zombies' screams and groans are particularly chilling, adding to the sense of danger and dread.

Review: 9/10

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a worthy successor to the original game, with engaging gameplay, an intriguing story, and impressive graphics and sound design. The addition of a dynamic narrative system adds a layer of replayability, making each playthrough feel unique. The game's combat system has been improved, and the addition of new weapons and gadgets makes combat more satisfying and enjoyable. The game's day and night cycle adds tension and makes the world feel more dangerous.


Dying Light 2: Stay Human can be compared to other zombie survival games like the Left 4 Dead series and Dead Rising. However, what sets Dying Light 2: Stay Human apart from these games is its dynamic narrative system and the addition of parkour mechanics in combat. The game also boasts impressive graphics and sound design, which add to the game's overall atmosphere and immersion.


  • Dynamic narrative system adds replayability
  • Improved combat system and new weapons and gadgets
  • Impressive graphics and sound design
  • Day and night cycle adds tension and immersion


  • Some players may find the game's difficulty too high
  • The game's open-world may feel overwhelming to some players

Dying Light 2 is a game that is on many peoples most wanted lists. We are getting closer and closer to this becoming a reality and with how good Dying Light was and the fantastic DLC, The Following. Hopes are really high that Dying Light 2 is going to really take things to the next level for the series.

The Story

So far from what we have seen there has not been a ton of story details revealed for Dying Light 2. What we do know is that the game takes place in a huge city and some are speculating that this is the very last human city that is left on Earth. The city is split into different factions and these factions are often at odds with each other as survival is the first thing on everyone’s mind. It sounds like the story is going to be quite open ended as you are free to play the game how you want. You can make deals with factions, cause problems for others and so on. I am thinking that this could lead to their being a lot more replay value this time around as playing through the game while friends with one faction might be a different experience than if that faction was against you.

The Presentation

The trailers and screenshots that we have seen of Dying Light 2 so far look great. It is a game that has far more polish to it than the first one (and the DLC) and I am loving the style of this city they have built. I am not sure exactly where this city is set, but it has a rather central Europe kind of vibe to it if you ask me.

It appears that they are trying to make Dying Light 2 a much more cinematic game than it was the first time around. I am really digging what they are doing here and I cannot wait for them to show off the different infected types that are in the game.

The Gameplay

It does not appear that they are trying to reinvent the wheel with Dying Light 2 and in all honesty, I am cool with that. They already have a very solid foundation so them just building on that is fine. Everything in Dying Light 2 though appears to be bigger and better in every way. With the city being much larger this time around you would have to think that there is going to be even more places for you to do some epic parkour moves through the streets.

The infected and the other humans are of course going to cause you problems and the infected this time around are said to be far more aggressive than they were before. I have read that going to a nest at night is the worst thing you could possibly do! However, I have a feeling that at some point in the game this is going to be something that you have to do. Leveling up, scavenging for supplies and taking on side missions are all part of the overall game and will help to flesh it out just like in the original game. It is certainly looking like Dying Light 2 is trying to improve on every aspect of the original game.

Final Thoughts On Dying Light 2

Hopefully Dying Light 2 is going to make it out by the end of this year. It feels like it has been in development for a very long time and hopefully, that is because they are making the game have as much content as possible. If you liked the first game and the DLC, you really do need to have this on your wish list!



  • The game has a more cinematic look
  • The city is far larger this time around
  • Plenty of places for parkour
  • The infected are not messing around!
  • Different choices you make can change the story


  • They have not shown off many infected yet
  • Still no official release date!

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