Advantage Tennis

a game by Infogrames Europe SA
Platform: PC
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Advantage Tennis
Advantage Tennis
Advantage Tennis
Advantage Tennis

Okay, let's not beat about the bush: if you're going to convert a disk-based game to cd-rom, make sure it's bloody good to start with. Failing that, stuff it with incredible sound effects and tart it up with a stirring, bastard-groovy music. Given the aforementioned criteria. Advantage Tennis just doesn't get off the starting block.

The original version was nothing to shout about. Dull, uninspiring gameplay and lacklustre graphics presented the player with a profoundly mundane sports sim. This version boasts a short cd music track for the intro (whoopee!), enhanced sound effects for the match and an umpire who announces the scores in an irritating French accent. Apart from that it turns out to be a poor man's Pro Tennis Tour 2.

All the usual stuff you'd expect from a Tennis sim is here: training, exhibition and tournament modes, one or two player options and a variety of surfaces are all included. You start with a ranking of 100 then take part in tournaments around the globe in the hope of winning lots of cash, improving your rating and eventually taking the number one spot.

Slightly less usual is the slow-motion action-replay option. This gives you the opportunity to take another look at that melodramatic sideways dive that just clinched the match, or check out that decidedly controversial line-call that convinced you the umpire is of questionable parentage.

The only real plus points the cd version has over the original are the quite-decent-really sound effects and the extra cities to play in, but ultimately the game still suffers from a distinct lack of excitement. There are much better sports sims than this around and if you really want a game of tennis, you're better off with Pro Tennis Tour 2.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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