All Star Strip Poker

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a game by CITY interactive Sp. z o.o.
Platform: PC (2006)
Editor Rating: 7.7/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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All Star Strip Poker
All Star Strip Poker
All Star Strip Poker
All Star Strip Poker

If you like poker and hot chicks, All Star Strip Poker is the game for you. Look, this is like a mid 00s poker game that was released on DVD Rom of all things so that right there should set your expectations. It was also a game that was sold at a budget price. However, before you just pass over this game, let me tell you, this was successful enough to spawn a few sequels and at the end of the day poker is poker and the fact this has some hot chicks with it makes it a decent poker game in my book. Sure, there is no hardcore nudity, but if a little “titillation” is what you seek, you have found it here!

Collecting Girls

My goodness, “collecting girls” makes me sound like the creep from Kiss the Girls, doesn’t it? Anyway, the purpose of All Star Strip Poker is to become the ultimate poker player. The way you achieve this task is by challenging some sexy pro poker players to a game so that you can make them take off their clothes and you can pretty much collect them as trophies. If you are looking for a poker game with a deep career mode, you are not going to find that here. But if you just want a fun game of poker with hot girls that is what you will find here.

I Am Sure I Have Seen Her Before!

Visually, All Star Strip Poker is about as bare bones as you can get. It has static and basic menus, and a very simple UI, and nothing here stands out… apart from the girls. There are six very attractive ladies in this game and there is one of them that I am sure I have seen as a model somewhere else. Anyway, you challenge one of these hotties, and then as you play with them and they lose more clothing, you get a new picture of them. From what I saw, each girl has six different pictures that you can unlock and you can view them all in a gallery once you are done. The images are of decent quality as they are nice and clear, but there is no hardcore stuff here.

A Simple Game Of Poker

While the hot chicks are great, All Star Strip Poker is going to need more than just that to keep you coming back. This is about as basic a game of poker as you can get. It is not bad, but the AI is very suspect. The reason I say that is because I am pretty sure there are some times where the AI flat out cheats! This is what keeps the challenge up and it can be pretty frustrating.

Apart from the “cheating”, I would say that even the most basic poker novice could beat these chicks. I ended up beating two of them, but after that, I lost interest and decided that there were much easier ways to see naked chicks online.


I would not say that All Star Strip Poker is a bad game, but it is not a great one either. The chicks are all hot and that is probably the best thing I can say about it. The actual game of poker is pretty basic and apart from when the AI cheats, you will probably not have any trouble winning the games. Overall, I have played way more risqué games of poker before so this one while not terrible is hard to recommend. Have a look at the chicks on the box and if any of them get your motor running, give the game a try.


  • There are six chicks you can play against
  • The six chicks are very hot
  • It is a simple game of poker
  • The fact it is simple it may make it easier for newbies to poker


  • Even with the hot chicks, this is not an exciting game
  • You will probably play this once and never again

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Luck, acting and cold-blooded calculation are what poker is all about, but in the casino and friendlies the stakes are usually money, in the poker simulator All Star Strip Poker the stakes are pretty girls and their naked bodies. Win at cards with nude models and get a prize of a free HD strip video.

The popularity of card games

All Star Strip Poker is not the only game from the developer. The rabid popularity of such entertainment has spawned an entire trilogy of poker and strip poker games:

  • All Star Strip Poker
  • All Star Strip Poker: Girls at Work
  • All Star Strip Poker: Girls next door

However, expect easy play from the fair sex is not worth it. Girls play at the same level as the player himself, it is easy to bluff and collect combinations. Win such opponents is not easy, but it is worth it.

Only the stars

The girls themselves are not ordinary passers-by from the streets, but the famous heroines of German adult films. In total, there are six opponents in the game, respectively six familiar faces:

  • Maria Belucci
  • Angel Dark
  • Suzie Diamond
  • Nikky Blond
  • Katalin Kiraly
  • Mandy Bright

Adult film stars do not just sit back and wait for you to win or lose. Girls hold cards in their hands and react in every way to the successful or unsuccessful moves of the opponent. An item of clothing leaves their body with each successful combination of the player. Collect the royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, undress the half-naked women and if you win you get the full video in good quality. If you beat one of the girls several times, she will show what she can do in the bonus video.

Prey after the hunt

After defeating all six opponents, free play begins with any of them. You can jog your memory and watch victory videos in a separate gallery of the game. There are also erotic wallpapers with each of the opponents. Put your won trophies on the desktop - one of the special features of the game.


Playing strip cards is a bad idea in the family circle, but not a bad one in the company of the best stars of German adult cinema. Collect all the poker combinations and defeat your opponents by forcing them to strip. The best striptease videos and the best women await in All Star Strip Poker.

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