Bright Memory: Infinite

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a game by FYQD-Studio
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Bright Memory: Infinite
Bright Memory: Infinite
Bright Memory: Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite is a game that I feel far more people should be excited about! This is a follow up to the original game that was released last year and I found that to be a ton of fun. It may not have set the world on fire, but it was one of those games where the people that played it really did love what it had to offer. This one looks like it is bringing more of the same, but with a bit more polish! I am pretty excited to talk about this game today and hopefully get a few more people to take a closer look at it.

Something Like A Phenomenon!

The first game had a fantastic sci-fi story that had you going to a mysterious floating island that was populated with strange beasts, a mystical sword, a terrorist organization, and more! For Bright Memory: Infinite, things are still not quite back to normal after the events of the first game.

We play as a badass female protagonist who is part of a team that is dealing with a strange phenomenon that has appeared in the sky at points all across the world. Before long, you are in a fight for survival against troops and beasts!

You Got To Move!

Balls to the wall is probably the best way to describe the gameplay of Bright Memory: Infinite. You have a powerful sword that gives you the ability to hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies, there is a neat combo system at play here too. This combo system is made even more fun by using the many different firearms that are at your disposal too. It makes it so much fun to experiment and see how long you can keep an attack combo going.

Becoming The One

As well as your sword and the different guns you can pick up along the way, Bright Memory: Infinite also has a very cool upgrade and progression system at play. You have different skills and abilities that you can make use of and these can be played around with to find the best combination for your playstyle or a particular section of the game or a boss. You can also tinker with the different guns you come across to, again making things more suitable to the way you want to play the game.

Like A Sci-Fi Tomb Raider

I love the way that the game looks and as strange as it sounds, I would liken it to a sci-fi take on the modern Tomb Raider games. I love the rainy and dark look of this world and think that the animations, especially in combat help make you feel like you are taking part in an epic sci-fi action movie. The creature design here is also fantastic and in all, it is one very impressive looking game!


There are some great first-person shooters that have graced our consoles and computers in 2021, but I feel that Bright Memory: Infinite is one that is not getting the attention it deserves. I thought that the first game was a great deal of fun and this one here looks like it is going to be even better. If you like fast-paced shooters then you are in for a great time here, add to this the hack and slash style swordplay that it offers to and you have a game that is very fun and exciting to play.


  • I really like the sci-fi story they are telling here
  • I think that the game looks fantastic
  • You can do all kinds of cool combos
  • The upgrade and progression system is a lot of fun


  • I am not sure how long the game will be
  • I do feel you should play the first game before trying to jump into this

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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