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Although Casper has a similar visual theme to Zombies Ate My Neighbors, the game itself is a lot more taxing on the old brain cells, requiring a fair amount of thought.

If there's one thing you can count on from a movie hit, it's that someone is going to make a video-game out of it. When we talk about the Bill Pullman vehicle, Casper, you should already know what we're talking about since this title is about a year late. It's finally here and available on PlayStation, 3DO, and Saturn.

It's Casper the friendly ghost. He's probably the friendliest ghost, you know. I know he's the friendliest I've ever met, except for maybe the poltergeist in that Bankok massage parlor.... Casper is your basic adventure game (although Interplay would like to categorize it as an action/strategy) which takes place in Whipstaff Manor.There, Casper must find all the pieces of the Lazarus Machine that his father built many, many years ago. Apparently it brings people back from the dead, or something like that. I dunno because I didn't ever see the film.

The game's all about puzzle-solving.There are numerous doors, chests, suits of armor, and so on, that need to be unlocked or maneuvered in order to trigger the appropriate reactions.You travel around the mansion looking for keys, food and items to help you with your task. Watch out, though, because your three uncles are out to stop you from reassembling the machine, because they're lazy jerks.

This title is aimed at younger gamers, but will appeal to all, thanks to good graphics and general moves along at a fairly good pace and doesn't contain any puzzle that's too hard. Casper can do some pretty neat stuff, like carry heavy objects, which strikes me as weird, because he's made out of ethereal material. Another unusual aspect of the game is the fact that he can turn into smoke to travel through heating ducts, but can't enter rooms closed off by gates or rickety boards. Oh well.

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There have been many movie-to-game titles in recent years, but none like Casper. Playing the part of Casper, you have many goals, including making friends, finding missing parts of the Lazarus machine and much more. All this might sound easy, but it is not. Hindering your progress of ultimately transforming yourself into a human are your uncles Fatso, Stinky and Stretch, along with a multitude of triggers, switches and hidden items throughout Whipstaff Manor. The characters and their voices in the game are modeled after those in the movie. When gamers first see Casper, they will notice the attention to detail paid to every part of the game. This ranges from the intricate details of the foyer floor to the pictures on the walls. Even the tranquil orchestrated music in Casper sets a somber mood throughout the entire game.

Once you look past the great eye candy and music of the game, you will find that Casper is an intricate action/strategy game that requires patience, a good memory, and most importantly, a keen eye for puzzle solving. The game is quite large, and in order to search all of the different areas, you must be able to open doors and gates. To open them you must either have the correct key, flip the correct switch or switches, weigh down platforms or move knights. Also found throughout the game are brass keys that open treasure chests. You will be able to find many useful items inside these chests, including more keys, weights, items used to ward off your uncles, and most importantly, puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces are actually pieces of a picture that must be put together in their corresponding frame on the wall. Once all four pieces are put together in the frame, Casper acquires a morph. Each morph teaches Casper how to change into a different item, like smoke which allows him to travel through air vents, a bouncing ball which allows him to get into tight spaces, a hammer, fan and more. If you want a challenging and fun strategy/action game, I look no further because Casper is definitely it.


There are many hints and techniques you will need to help you get through the game, but the most basic and elementary technique is to map your progress in the game. You will find that if you know where everything is, you will save a lot of time in not having to go back and try to find that one door or switch you need. Although you might think you have a good memory, there is always that one place where you haven't been before, so try to map out as much as possible. It's time well spent.

Based on this summer's flick, this game puts Casper and his uncles in the middle of puzzle, action, and strategy gameplay.

Casper wants to become a real human being, so you guide him as he explores Whipstaff Manor in search of missing pieces of the Lazarus Machine. To complete your search, you'll have to find secret objects and solve more than 20 complex puzzles. Casper can morph, fly through walls, and more. 3D animation illustrates the spooky game.

Casper is a game based on the Casper film, which was developed by Natsume. The game pits you in the role of the friendly ghost trying to make a friend and a second chance at life instead of scaring everyone away. The player controls Casper, followed by Kat Harvey whom he has to protect from any danger. Being a ghost, Casper can pass through walls and other obstacles, but he can go away from Kat too much, or else Carrigan's ghost will abduct her. The game follows loosely the plot of the movie.

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