Donald Duck: Quack Attack

Download Donald Duck: Quack Attack and help Donald rescue Daisy from the clutches of the evil magician Merlock. Jump, run, and solve puzzles in this colorful and entertaining platformer that's fun for the whole family. Can you save Daisy and foil Merlock's plans? Play now!
a game by Ubisoft
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64, GameBoy Color
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 26 votes
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Donald Duck: Quack Attack
Donald Duck: Quack Attack
Donald Duck: Quack Attack

In the early 2000s, Disney has launched a game that many gamers wanted their hands on, and yes, we’re talking about Donald Duck: Quack Attack. This game revolutionized the gaming community when it came to Disney Games. One of the reasons why gamers became attracted to the game was its incorporation of Donald Duck. The Disney character Donald Duck doesn’t get as much of the spotlight as he should because he is constantly seen as a side character and in Mickey Mouse’s shadow.

Well, not anymore!

Donald Duck: Quack Attack or Goin’ Quackers, let you be in the shoes of the all-time favorite Disney Duck, Donald Duck. So, let’s go ahead and break everything you need to know about this game and why you need to download it on Steam and have fun, just like when we were kids.

Plot & Gameplay

For being a 2000’s game, the plot is fundamental. It features Merlock as the evil bad guy that kidnapped Daisy Duck, Donald’s girlfriend, while she was going on a video shoot. As Donald watched the shoot from his come, he immediately went off to try and rescue his lover.

Our hero Donald will have to go through 20 different stages throughout the game until he can save and hold his one true love. You will go through forests, cities, and haunted houses. As you play Donald, you will have to kick and punch your way through endless bad guys such as dogs, sword-wielding characters, and cobras. The game features four main stages, one boss stage and one bonus stage.

The Graphics

The graphics of this Disney game is simple, appealing, and cartoonish. It shows a tremendous array of colors and creativity. You may see some effect of the game that will catch your eye and make you wonder if this even is a 2000’s game. If you’re someone who appreciates the animation in games, then Donald Duck: Quack Attack will leave a good taste on you. Some of the animations will make you think that you’re watching a cartoon show on Disney Channel, like when Donald gets sucked in a teleporter. The animation and graphics are truly unique!

Music & Sounds

The sound and music will be exactly what you expect when you think about a cartoon-based game. Some of the sounds and music tracks are very catchy that will probably be stuck in your head for a while. The voice actors in the game show that they are professionals, and you may be surprised by their vocal abilities in the game.

What’s a Similar Game to This?

If you’re still on the fence about this game or think or too old for this game, continue reading. This game is very similar to the iconic game: Crash Bandicoot. As 2000’s kids once someone mentioned Crash, everyone would look up with a smile on their faces and talk about Crash. Quack Attack is similar because Donald can move in directions such as up, down, side to side.

Each level that he faces has many obstacles, enemies, and pits. On some levels, you only have to run to the end of the stage before the clock runs out to pass the class and proceed to the next.


If you want to bring back that childhood feelings and memories and enjoy a game that will never get old, then downloading Donald Duck: Quack Attack is what you have to do.


  • The graphics of the game is good, and you would not have expected that this is a 2000’s game
  • In terms of the plot, it’s easy to understand and although it’s simple it’s super fun to go across worlds
  • Donald Duck: Quack Attack is probably one of the best Disney games available where the bosses will provide a little bit of challenge


  • If you want a game to challenge you every step of the way, then you won’t get that with this game
  • The gaming mechanics are simple and there is no room for you to do what you want other than going forward and going through obstacles
  • The game is relatively short

Download Donald Duck: Quack Attack

Nintendo 64

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

If there's one thing Ubi Soft knows how to do, it's put out stuff for the Game Boy. And this is fine, as long as the games are worthwhile. This Donald Duck action game is pretty standard Game Boy fare, but the graphics are looking well above-average. No doubt, it'll be fun to play through, as are most Disney platform games. There are five themed worlds with 24 levels overall. It's due sometime in October.

We don't make up names like this, and neither should you. Donald Duck-Quack Attack brings the speech-impaired duck to life on the N64 via Ubi Soft. The most attractive element of the game will be Donald's various moods: determination and frustration, agitation and exhaustion will all factor into the gameplay in one way or another. DD Quack Attack arrives in your gentle hands this fall.

People say:


When it comes to platform games, Ubi Soft has yet to disappoint me (I even enjoyed the often scoffed-at Tonic Trouble and Rocket: Robot on Wheels). At first glance. Coin Quackers looks like any other bad action-platform game with a license stuck onto it. Gameplay is very derivative of others in the genre--especially Crash Bandicoot. All the levels you'd normally find in a platformer are here: jungle, city, haunted house, tombs; but the pacing and style make it fun to play. It's not a difficult game--it only took me a few hours to go from the beginning to the end boss. It's clear this was designed for younger players, and after the first level it reminded me of the hours I spent as a youngster playing QuackShot (another Donald Duck game). Levels are well-designed and there are never any blind jumps or areas where you can't see your path--a common design flaw in the genre. Graphics have that fuzzy N64 look to them, but the Expansion Pak sharpens it up nicely without slowing it down. The music is repetitive and lame, and some of the sound effects are oddly chosen-Donald seems to say, "Ouch!" when on moving platforms. I wish there were more levels and more of a connection between them and to the end-level bosses. It's a tad light on story, too-the in-game animation was done so well it'd have been nice to see more of it. A fun Of short), old-fashioned platformer.


Remember when Disney platformers were almost always magical? Castle of Illusion and QuackShot spring to mind immediately when playing this latest Donald Duck game. Ubi Soft has done an outstanding job here. The controls are simple, the graphics are pretty (especially with the Expansion Pak installed) and even the music is excellent. Plus every level has a few different goals to achieve, from a time attack to collecting toys, so there's a bit of replay value involved. That's especially good since the game is really short, the only real problem. Kids will definitely love this one. so will old-school gamers weaned on the SNES and Genesis.


I really like 2D platformers, but the difference between a game like Klonoa and one like Donald Duck is all about style and ingenuity. There's nothing significant about Donald Duck being in this game at all--you could easily swap him and the peripheral characters out with any other Disney staples and no one would be the wiser. Why are stars and coins always the default collection items? How about some oyster crackers or something? He's a duck! The game is way too short, but it does have a few cool Ideas and enemies in play, so it might be a good rental for younger kids. It's certainly not a Duck Tales (NES) for the new millennium, though.

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