Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion

Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion
a game by The Walt Disney Company, and Sega
Genres: Action, Platformer
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis Sega Master SystemSega Master System
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 7 reviews
User Rating: 5.5/10 - 4 votes
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Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion
Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion
Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion
Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion
  • Levels: 7
  • Theme: Action
  • Players: 1
  • Difficulty: Easy

America's favorite cartoon star is the lead character in this run and jump action game. You must rescue Mini from the clutches of the witch Mizrabel before it's too late.

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Game Reviews

Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion - While Mickey and Minnie Mouse are enjoying a rare day off, Minnie is suddenly kidnapped by the evil Witch Mizrabel and taken to her Castle of Illusion. Now it's up to you, as Mickey, to locate the Castle, defeat the Witch, and return Minnie to safety. You must find seven gems that are hidden somewhere inside the huge chambers and underground mazes of the Castle in order to free Minnie. You'll be up against hungry Bonefish, deadly ghosts, vicious bats, noble knights, and fire-breathing dragons on your quest to save your girl. You'll have to run, jump, swing, and slide your way through level after level of perilous situations as you hunt down the seven gems and prepare for the final showdown with Mizrabel herself.

Well Mickey, it used to be fun. Just you and Minnie living happily in cartoonland. But now all of that is over as the wicked witch Mizrabel has kidnapped poor Minnie and taken her to the dreaded and mysterious Castle of Illusion. You know that place, it's where all of the toys you played with in your past episodes live. They have come to life and now are out to get even with you! Somehow you must get the seven jewels of the rainbow. They will give you the power to defeat Mizrabel!

Your quest starts out in the black forest with bats and walking mushrooms. Then it's on to the spider webs and back to the dark and spooky forest. The second round is in toy world where wooden soldiers and jack-in-the-boxes come after you. Bounce across the jello and into the topsyturvy world where everything flips upside down. Grab the gem and move on to the jungle which is filled with waterfalls, rushing rivers of water and hungry fish. Next it's into the library where bookworms, dancing letters of the alphabet and falling books come after you. Go into candy world filled with ice cream, cookies and cakes, then back to the library where you swing on the pull chains of the lights, turning them on and off. The castle labyrinth follows and you must avoid suits of armor, a huge rolling ball and lots of bats as you cross the skull bridge. Swim through another labyrinth and Minnie is in sight, but first you have to defeat the evil Mizrabel herself!

Mickey Mouse makes his Genesis debut in a fabulous new adventure game. Mickey's girlfriend Minnie has been kidnapped by the evil witch Mizrabel and taken to her castle. You as Mickey must make your way through numerous levels of very detailed scenes from many of the past Disney animations. Take on the toy soldiers, avoid the walking broomsticks, and dodge the bees as they buzz you from above. Superbly detailed graphics and spectacular soundtrack.

One day, Mickey and Minnie were dancing in a meadow outside Vera City, when suddenly, the sun stopped shining, and the birds stopped singing. Big, thick, gray clouds started closing in on the blue skies. "Don't worry, Minnie. It'll pass soon", Mickey said reassuringly.

Wham! A bolt of lightning crashed down from the sky, and before he had a chance to react, Minnie was gone. He looked up in time to see the wicked witch Mizrabel flying into the sunset with Minnie in her bony old fingers. The old witch is jealous of Minnie's beauty and plans to steal it from her. The only one who can save Minnie is Mickey, but first he must get past the Masters of Illusion and retrieve the seven Gems of the Rainbow in the Castle of Illusion.

The following maps show the game played in the normal setting. In other settings, the placement of objects such as stars, marbles and diamonds may differ. For example, in the normal setting, if an apple is in one location, a diamond may appear there in the hard setting. The maps themselves are the same; it's the strategies that will differ. In the hard setting, the enemies come out more frequently than in the normal setting. I played the game to score as many points as possible, which meant throwing as few items as I could. In the hard setting you have fewer items to work with from the start, so the basic strategies will work for both settings.

This strategy guide deals with the first three levels of the Castle of Illusion. Next month we'll lead you through the rest of the game. Good luck!

Minnie has been kidnapped by the evil witch Mizrabel. You must collect the seven gems of the rainbow in order to rescue her.

Mickey Mouse makes his Genesis debut in a phenomenal new adventure game. Combine perfect animation, spectacular sounds and realistic parallax scrolling, with some of the best graphics ever seen on the Genesis and you can only begin to picture how well done this cart is. Throw in new techniques like screens that 'flip' (as do the controls) and the 'layering' of graphic screens to duplicate the translucent look in water! It's 7 levels up to and into the enchanted castle fighting with jack-in-the-boxes, toy airplanes, clowns and toy soldiers. But, don't think for a minute that this game is for kids. With lots of hidden passageways, bonus rooms and secret areas, this game combines the best we have seen in a Super Mario type adventure, only better!

Normal toys are deadly enemies in Toyland!

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