Daffy Duck in Hollywood

a game by Psionic Systems, Probe Software, and Probe Entertainment Ltd.
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis Sega Master SystemSega Master System GameGear
Genres: Action, Platformer
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
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Daffy Duck in Hollywood
Daffy Duck in Hollywood
Daffy Duck in Hollywood
Daffy Duck in Hollywood

Yosemite Sam calls on Detective Daffy Duck to attempt to retrieve his precious golden movie awards.

Daffy Duck in Hollywood is a 2D platform game starring the Looney Tunes' most famous duck. Players can choose to start on any of the game's stages and go through them in any order.

Daffy Duck is armed with a cannon that shoots a homing bubble. If enemies are caught in the shot, they become trapped; Daffy can then dispatch them by touching the bubble. He can also pick up a gun upgrade that lets him shoot four homing fireballs at enemies. Several other items are available for pick-up as well, ranging from items that give point bonuses to bonus lives.

Daffy can reach higher areas by jumping through the base of a platform underneath to get to them. He cannot jump down levels, though; instead, he must fall or jump off the edge of a platform to get to a lower elevation. Daffy can also jump up at certain platforms and grab their bottom to use as handholds. Once he's clinging to the bottom of a platform, Daffy can move left or right, jump off, or climb to the top.

Daffy will encounter enemies out to kill him; if they touch him he dies and must restart from the beginning of the stage. Daffy can also die if he falls onto death traps like spikes. If players lose all of Daffy's lives, the game is over. But Daffy Duck isn't defenseless; he can pick up a magic wand to get a guardian angel that protects him from one death.

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