Cool Boarders 3

Download Cool Boarders 3 and hit the slopes in this exhilarating snowboarding game! Pull off insane tricks, race against friends, and conquer the mountain in a variety of thrilling events. Strap in and play now!
a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Racing
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews, 5 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Cool Boarders 3
Cool Boarders 3
Cool Boarders 3
Cool Boarders 3

Cool Boarders 3 hits the PlayStation slopes' with all the insane downhill racing action you can handle, offering more options, boards, and riders than any other snowboarding game yet; plus, it has a deeper trick set. If you're a fan of the franchise or just like to get aggro, you're going to want this game

CB3 blows the first two CB games off the slopes, sporting play in Single Event, Tournament, and Practice modes, while also including downhill thrashers, 11 boards. 6 mighty mountains (3 of which you have to unlock to play), and 6 insane events such as Downhill, Slope Style, and the outrageous Half-Pipe and that's just for starters. By coming in first and gaining a set amount of points in certain events, you can unleash hidden thrashers and boards. For extra pop, you can even hit your opponent Fxtreme Cames-style on your way to the finish line. Oh, did we mention tricks? Cool 3 is straight up loaded with 'em: Indys, tailgrabs; rail slides, and awesome front and back flips are just the tip of the iceberg.

CB3 is an extremely deep sim with a fast action twist that'll keep you hooked for days on end. If you're a competitive-racing freak or just a gamer with serious attitude that wants to get wicked on the slopes, this game is the easiest purchase you'll make this winter.


  • Pulling tricks is all about knowing the track: Be sure to get in lots of practice time so you'll know where to find the moguls and the killer drops.
  • While it's fun to hit your neighbor, don't go out of your my to do so. Most of the time, you'll end up on your butt or miss an important jump.
  • On the Devil's Butt Down Hill event, it's crucial to hit the first jump and bust a killer aerial to get your trick points rollin' early in the day.
  • When racing the Slalom event, be sure to maintain a fast speed--and don't bust any tricks--just get to the finish line!
  • To gain a little extra speed before a killer jump, press Down on the directional pad or analog stick.
  • Bust a rail slide whenever you can: It's an easy way to rack up some much-needed trick points.


Cool Boarders 3 sports the best graphics of any game in the franchise with slick-looking boarders and impeccable landscapes that include a grip of moguls, jumps, and obstacles. And while there is a little draw-in and some clipping, this game is virtually snow-white clean.


CBS's controls take a little getting used to--especially when getting acquainted with your power-jump meter. However, with a couple of hours in the Practice mode, you'll be pulling all kinds of wicked tricks. An analog controller is recommended for a smoother feel, but the game works just fine with the directional pad.


Along with some standard grunts and groans, Cool 3 contains great in-game effects, such as your board cutting through soft powder or the wind swirling around as you soar through the air after a gnarly cliff-jump. The soundtrack busts through with punk attitude, sporting hardcore guitar riffs and drum beats that'll keep your blood pumping.

Fun Factor

It doesn't matter who you are: Whether you dig racing hybrids or just like challenging action, CB3 delivers the goods in spades with outrageous courses and a deep lineup of features, boards, and thrashers. Once you pop this CD into your PlayStation, your day is done, man!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Cool Boarders was the first PlayStation snowboarding game to do well, and was one of the first in a long string of snowboarding games spanning all of the 32- and 64-Bit systems (what's the deal with all of these snowboarding games anyway?). Now part three is on its way with a good number of new features.

The graphics are noticeably improved--both sharper and more colorful than previous games in the Cool Boarders series. In addition to the graphic improvements, CB3 has a load of polygonal players, courses, licensed boards and types of events to choose from. Each of the 20 boarders and 23 authentic snowboards has its own set of attributes, showing both strengths and weaknesses. The game also has a load of tricks you can do, again all of which are true-to-life snowboarding moves. Among these new moves are punches. Yes, now you can punch your opponent (similar to Road Rash) to secure your place in front. We're not sure how this feature will do with avid snowboarding fans, since punching has never really fit into the sport.

Once you choose your player and board, it's time to choose from one of five mountain courses. Each mountain has its own look and difficulty, and features various snowboarding events like downhill, slalom, half pipe and big air, among many others. In all, you can choose from more than 30 different slopes. There will also be two hidden courses in the final product. One other cool feature is how three computer opponents can race along with you down a number of the game's courses. The opponents will apparently act as targets for punching, while adding some difficulty to the game (if you bump into them).

People say:


Although Cool Boarders 3 looks incredible, it suffers from an unfriendly trick system, inaccurate hit detection and an overall lack of gameplay. It's not a terrible game mind you, it's just not that great. CB3 is definitely a few steps above Pro Boarder from ESPN, but honestly, that's not saying much. The intro, interface screens and art style are done really well, except they look a lot like every other snowboarding game out there. I enjoy the number of events, characters and moves in the game, but then I try to control those characters and do those moves and it all falls apart for me. Using the shoulder buttons, regular buttons and the directional pad to pull off a move can be tricky as hell. In addition, trying to still come in first with a good number of trick points is crazy. In fact, the computer couldn't even do it in the game's demo! The hit detection didn't make doing moves any easier. Sometimes I'd barely touch a rocky patch and totally bail. Other times I'd jump up to ride a rail and just tumble over, even though I was lined up right. The first Cool Boarders and CB2 had more of an arcade-like feel. Unfortunately it's been kind of lost in CB3. Overall, I'd buy this one before Pro Boarder (if Pro Boarder is still coming out, that is) but I'd sooner just rent it first. Be aware it has some problems.


I own a pair of baggy trousers. I can appreciate that Shawn's Stussy shades are pretty cool. I don't, however, appreciate the inspirational "cool" of snowboarding. The third "Cool" Boarders is just like the other two, only now you can hit your opponents Road Rash-style, and the graphics are a bit better. It's a racing game with tricks and it's got nice Dual-Shock rumblings. But it's just another snowboarder, and it's hellishly boring.


As a new build, CB3 has been juiced up with plenty of new tricks, tracks, characters and boards. That's all fine and good but it still seems like performing tricks is too easy. Unfortunately it sets a lower standard to the game overall. A bit more challenge and reward would be nice. Otherwise the game-play and graphics are the best yet. The punch option is good for a laugh as well. CB3 could keep you occupied for a long time.


Yep, it's another snowboarding game, alright. Cool Boarders 3 may be from a new developer, but the same-ol', same ol' gameplay is getting kinda stale--despite the load of new tracks and simplified tricks system. Still, fans of the last game should be happy with the tight control, huge quantity of trick combos and challenging (i.e., tough) competition. I don't see the point of the new punch move, though; it rarely comes in handy.

Sony is ramping up for more downhill insanity with Cool Boarders 3. CB3 looks bigger and better than its predecessors, with six events, such as Downhill and Half Pipe, on five mountains that comprise 32 courses. You'll choose from 20 downhill daredevils and 23 boards of varying strengths and weaknesses.

In the preview version we played, CB3's visuals were slick, but a little pixelated; and all the common snowboarding obstacles, including moguls rocks, and trees, were in place. The frame rate moved at a fast clip, and the exciting sense of speed made rushing down the slopes that much more fun. As for controls. CB3's were very intuitive: Busting killer tricks like the Front Slide 540 was a breeze. The only downside was that making tight turns, even with the use of the analog controller, proved to be a chore. With a little fine-tuning. Cool Boarders 3 should deliver the thrills gamers are expecting from this hot prospect.

One of the most popular snowboard franchises is making its third trip down the slopes in Cool Boarders 3. Shredders can take it to the hill and compete in six events on five mountains through 32 courses--there are even two hidden runs. Half-pipe, Big Air, and slalom events, and the ability to bust radical stunts like back flips and tail grabs should have boarding speed-freaks meltin' the snow all day long. The fresh powder will drop on the PlayStation this October.

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