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a game by Remedy Entertainment
Platform: XBox One
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The Crossfire series is a first-person shooter from Asia. It has amassed over 650 million players making it one of the most played games of all time. CrossfireX is the latest entry in the series and it is coming the Xbox Series X and S consoles as an exclusive title.

What is Crossfire X?

CrossfireX is the latest entry in the hugely popular Asian first-person shooter franchise CrossFire. The game features a free to play multiplayer and also will include a single-player campaign. The latest iteration of the game promises to be bigger and better than its popular predecessor. The development team promises to make full use of next-gen technology and the raw power of the next generation of consoles.

Smile Everybody

CrossfireX is being developed by Smilegate Entertainment. This is the original studio behind the game. The game will be published by Xbox Game Studios for Xbox consoles exclusively. This will be one of the few games where the multiplayer experience and the single-player experience are developed separately. The single-player experience with be developed by Remedy. CrossfireX players will be able to enjoy a multiplayer experience developed by developers who specialize in that genre and a single-player experience developed by developers who specialize in that genre.

This could be a brilliant move by Microsoft as Multiplayer shooters often have an uneven experience between single and multiplayer modes.

Multiplayer Experience

In the world of Crossfire, players will join one of two elite military factions. The Global Risk or The Black List faction will be available to players. Players will engage in combat in a wide variety of modes all of which offer fast-paced shooting action. Crossfire has its own unique style as a franchise but, shares quite a bit in common with another popular franchise Counter Strike. The most interesting thing about Crossfire is that it will likely be the first free multiplayer shooter for next-gen consoles.

The Campaign

So far the campaign for CrossfireX is shrouded in mystery. Remedy Studios has been tight-lipped about its plans for single-player content. This is probably the greatest addition to the game as the series has never featured a single-player mode. However, at the Xbox showcase, a gameplayer trailer was released that did give players a glimpse into the single player experience.


It appears that the single-player campaign will explore the roots of the conflict between the game's two military powers, The Global Risk and The Black List. This mode will let players dive into the global war between the factions. The player will be able to take on missions and story content from both factions. This will give players the ability to experience the conflict from both perspectives.

When can we play?

CrossfireX has been delayed until 2021 due to COVID-19. The exact release date has not been revealed. The developers have not given any more specific window than 2021 but, we can be hopeful that things will get back to normal once the pandemic subsides.

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