Crusaders of Might And Magic

a game by 3DO
Platform: Playstation
Genre: Action
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 3 reviews
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3DO hopes to bring the world of Might and Magic to the PlayStation via the highly popular 3D action genre. Crusaders will emphasize its level environments on wide-open playing fields but also contain plenty of dungeons for those more comfortable in dark, dank places. Combat will be real-time melee coupled with spells and a full range of weapons. Crusaders of Might and Magic is set for release this winter.

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Game Reviews

The Might and Magic series has been around for what seems like ages and although some of the earlier installments made their way to consoles before, never has one been specifically tailored for a home system. Crusaders of Might and Magic takes the action to a format Tomb Raider fans can easily identify with, but don't let that fool you into thinking this will be about moving blocks and mindless action. Although there are dungeons with devious traps and barricades, expect a more traditional action-RPG feel to the game with vast amounts of weapons, spells, armor and magic to select from. Your character grows like it would in an RPG, with multiple level progression. Your character will also learn new spells, gain abilities and become stronger as he makes his way through the game.

The title's pedigree has given it a built-in depth in terms of specific monsters and spells as well as the whole Might and Magic world of legend. There will be five distinct worlds, each with different levels and specific quests. The action is non-linear so you can go back and forth between these levels as well as worlds. The variations in monsters won't just be superficial either, since they are all unique in one manner or another. This means they not only attack in separate ways, but they also have distinct weapons and magic. As in any good adventure game, there will be plenty of characters to interact with, all of whom will advance the story.

Developer New World Computing is trying to make sure all of this is backed up with some eye candy so expect plenty of snazzy lighting effects for the magic spells. They are also stressing how each world will have its own look and feel with realistic environment textures. We're seriously hoping they can pull out something better than Eidos Interactive's god-awful Deathtrap Dungeon.

After reaching legendary status on the PC, the Might and Magic universe is ready to cast its spell on the PlayStation. Unlike previous M&M games. Crusaders will have fewer role-playing elements, which means less conversing and interacting with people. Instead, there will be more 3D action as you battle monsters with fists and uncanny magic spells while exploring medieval sites. With these changes from the original series, will Crusaders be triumphant will tell.

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