Devil's Crush

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a game by Compile, and Naxat Soft
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Devil's Crush
Devil's Crush
Devil's Crush
Devil's Crush

Break the Devil's Magic Spells and Restore Light to a Cursed World. That's the Theme of This Incredible Video-Pinball Game That's a Sequel to Alien Crush, the Game That Set the Standard For All Video-Pinball Games to Come. Devil Crush Features Three Sets of Flippers, Adjustable Ball Speed, a "Tilt" Feature and Three Full Playing Fields with Six Different Bonus Screens to Shoot For.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

As coin-op videogames began proliferating in arcades, many pinball fans feared that their beloved machines would fall by the wayside. Yet pinball machines are still around and hotter than ever (see "Arcade Action" in last month's Game Player's). In fact, pinball has become a favorite game on just about every home video-game system!

One of the first titles released last year for the NEC TurboGrafx-16 was a pinball game, Alien Crush. Now there's Devil's Crush, and this sequel takes video pinball to new heights.

Skulls, demons, and gargoyles are scattered all over the game's three-screen-high pinball table. But they aren't the static, two-dimensional figures you'd expect to see on a conventional pinball machine. Instead, they are scrambling, screeching creatures which roam the table at will. Like Alien Crush, Devil's Crush gives you the feeling that you're attacking monsters with a pinball and flippers. Yet the movement of the ball and the action of the flippers are so realistic that it plays just like any arcade pinball machine.

Devil's Crush is a perfect example of why video pinball has such exciting potential. Because it's a videogame, anything goes. Designers are free to create a table 100 yards long, or to place moving, 3-D characters anywhere they want. Video pinball isn't bound by the same physical laws as real pinball.

Devil's Crush makes incredible use of this capability. There are many bonus areas to find, each a full screen in size and with its own flippers. A real pinball table with this many bonus areas would be enormous, if it were possible at all.

The graphics in Devil's Crush are nothing short of spectacular, as detailed and as varied as some of the TurboGrafx-CD games we've seen. On the top screen, for example, hordes of frightening little monks keep circling a whirling star on the floor, surrounded by what looks like the ancient, rotting walls of an evil temple. And the middle screen is dominated by the face of a beautiful woman. But when you hit a certain target with your pinball, she begins changing. Her skin cracks, and her lips pull back to reveal fangs. Eventually she becomes a green, open-mouthed dragon.

You'll definitely want to see Devil's Crush for yourself.

First you beat the aliens in Alien Crush. That was pretty easy. But are you ready to take on the devil? That's your job in NEC's newest pinball game. Skeletons, coffins, sorcerers and dragons are but a few of the bizarre underworld characters appearing throughout the game. Compete with your friends for high score as you try to get into the bonus rounds where even greater adventure awaits you.

People say:


This is a decent follow-up to the first Turbo pin, Alien Crush, but there really isn't that much to it. Sure, it plays like an entirely different pin, but the same formula of bonus rounds and a scrolling playfield leave something to be desired.


Two pinball games trom the same company for the same system? While this version is definitely better with a lot more features and animations it still is pinball. Great sounds and bonus rounds add to the game play.


If you get past the controversial theme, Crush is a very cool pinball simulator following the lines of Alien Crush. Incredible sights and sounds and excellent play blend to bring a very entertaining title.


Despite a few inherent flaws, this video pinball is a blast to playl Beautiful graphic presentation and sophisticated music kept me enthralled for hours. Lots of secret bonuses and bonus rounds enhance play. For ALL ages!

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