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a game by Imagitec Design Inc.
Platform: Lynx
Editor Rating: 6.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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There are innumerable the-ories as to how early man evolved from apes in the sur-vival-of-the-fittest struggle against monstrous prehistoric creatures and incredible odds. Now, thanks to the good folks at Atari, the truth can finally be told. Our prehistoric ancestors didn't evolve from apes-they competed in Dinolympics!

Evolve or Die

Dinolympics is a captivating, sidescrolling, one-player puzzle game with generous doses of action and adventure. You lead a clan of cavemen in a 25-level Evolutionary quest up the primordial food chain. Each level has increasingly difficult, mind-bending challenges for your clan to master within a set time limit, such as the discovery of spears, fire, and the wheel. Teamwork and planning are key to completing each challenge. Succeed, and your Cro-magnon cronies develop more skills and establish themselves as the dominant species. Take too long, and your tribe won't even merit a footnote in the history books.

Go Team!

Dinolympics is a charming, unique change of pace in the puzzle gaming genre. Each tribesman in your clan must serve a specific function in order to solve a puzzle. To evolve, your cavemen must learn a variety of advanced skills, such as how to create a human ladder and how to throw spears, firebrands, and rope. They can use their spears as poles to vault over narrow chasms, or, in conjunction with firebrands, as weapons for attack. After making.it to the upper levels of the game, your clan can develop superior advanced skills, such as using fires to burn away obstacles, climbing ropes and discovering and riding the wheel.

The whimsical graphics of cavemen and dinosaurs and an innocuous, lighthearted soundtrack belie the complexity and challenge of this game.

Each level has a minimum number of cavemen required to accomplish each task. It's easy to lose men by using them inefficiently-strand a man in the wrong position, put him just a little too close to the edge of a cliff, or accidently feed him to the hungry man-eating dinosaurs.

There are also a couple of beneficial options at your disposal. Check a detailed map of the entire level to plan your strategy. In dire situations, summon forth the tribe's witch doctor to grant you much needed items. However prehistoric, a visit to the doctor still costs you. But hey, you can always sacrifice a tribesman to pay off the doctor.

Archaic Athletes

Dinolympics packs a prehistoric punch. Puzzle fans will love the challenge. Action gamers will appreciate the arcade-style interface and the thrill of trying to beat the clock while dodging dinosaurs and overcoming obstacles. The game play is smooth and easy to learn, and the graphics are bright, colorful, and well-rendered. The upper levels are extremely challenging. You'll have to play the game more than once before you beat it-a sure sign of good puzzle game. Dive into Dinolympics before it's history!


  • Place spear-wielding guards opposite hungry dinosaurs at dangerous spots.
  • Only the top man on the human ladders may walk onto ledges. Throw down rope to enable the others to join you.
  • Throw spears back to your buddies so they too can jump over chasms and join you.
  • Use the witch doctor only as a last resort. Keep track of how many men you need in order to finish the level before you sacrifice one to the doctor.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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Cave men had Olympic games way before Barcelona, but you won't see swimming, running, and diving in this cart. You and another cave dweller have to work together to survive in these Olympic games. The King and the Shaman will be your cheerleading section. So pick up your wheels, and let the games begin!

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