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a game by Virgin, and Universal Interactive
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 7.1/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Disruptor contains some really detailed graphics. It looks like a first-person adventure title where you search through different futuristic areas, solving quests and such.

Again, our editors are waiting to get more information as the E date becomes closer and more specifications are given. It is safe to say at this time that it does have a unique appeal.

  • MANUFACTURER - Universal Interactive
  • THEME - Adventure

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Attention, Doom fans: The following game is another Doom clone. Do not be alarmed. Do not adjust your sets. Sit back and enjoy one of the best-looking corridor shooters for the PlayStation yet. It's fast fun, with few drawbacks.

Smokin' Gun

Disruptor throws you into 10 alien levels where you blast anything that moves. You start the game with a standard pistol, but soon upgrade to more powerful weapons like a Phase Rifle, Lockon Cannon, and more. These guns have enormous firepower, especially the screen-clearing Zodiac, which sends out an energy wave that rains through the air, then ripples across the ground.

Each level has objectives: In some you have to flip switches, while others require you to blow up certain computers. There are no end-level bosses, but the enemies get progressively harder.

Gun Control

Disruptor offers a tremendous amount of challenge--maybe too much. In contrast to other shooters of this type, there is very little ammo to be found. You must make every shot count, and even then you'll often find yourself with no defense except your evasive skills. Adding to the difficulty is the fact you must hit targets dead-center, or the ammo goes flying into the horizon. In other shooters, close is good enough, but not here.

There is another weapon menu for mind skills called Psion-ics. These range from healing spells to electric blasts. However, they also run out fairly quickly, and recharging them is time-consuming.

Happily, Disruptor uses some of the cleanest, most sophisticated graphics yet seen on the PSX. They're joined by some rip-pin' explosions and sound effects. Maybe the shortage of ammo will force you to appreciate the beauty of this game.


  • Do not shoot the droids that look like flying washing machines. They chase you through the level and detonate near you--draining your life bar.
  • Low-level enemies, like these flying Insects, should be eliminated with a less powerful weapon, like the 18mm automatic.
  • You start the level without weapons. Although you may find a few scattered throughout the landscape, you must rely on the Psionics to cany you through. Use Blast, then Drain when you run low.
  • The AM Blaster spreads a three-way shot, but If you hold the button down, it lets out a powerful, concentrated burst Shoot when dose to an enemy.
  • Be careful when entering rooms in this area; many are heavily guarded. Use the Phase Repeater in close quarters.
  • You find yourself in a weird dreamscape, with only your Psionics as weapons. Wait until your enemies bunch together, then launch the Tera Blast, and detonate it in the middle of the group.
  • Walk through the prison, grab your weapons from different cells, then blast your way through to the final level.


The clean, rendered levels are amazing! Tons of detail are not marred by slowdown or pixelization; too bad the enemies are bland and repeat throughout the levels. There's also more fog here than at a drag queen festival.


Great explosions and rockin' music fill the levels. The music changes as situations worsen, so you'll know when you're in trouble.


The control is fairly smooth, but the weapon switching is troublesome-it lags a little, and there's no way to pause, then change weapons, as in Doom.

Fun Factor

Disrupter's a great game with some serious game-play. Fans of corridor shooters will love it Beginners may not find themselves up to the challenge at first, but they'll definitely come back for more.

Final Doom, Powerslave... they better watch their step. Disrupter for the PlayStation is one beautiful game, and it plays as great as it looks. This could be the king of the corridors this season.


Check out the computer-enhanced smoothness of the walls and backgrounds. Now match those to the mechanical cleanliness of the enemies. It's like playing on an SGI workstation.


Disruptor uses music to its advantage by matching mood-inducing tunes to different situations. For example, when you're low on health or ammo, threatening music plays; when you're being chased, chase music blasts through the air.

Control & Gameplay

The smooth scrolling is hampered a little by difficult jumps--and the absence of a speed button. Otherwise, this game moves faster than Final Doom and plays just as cleanly. Could it be the year's supreme shooter? You be the judge in November.


You are the hot new recruit in the most elite military group called the LightStormers. All of the LightStormers have made a pact to protect the Earth's New Solar Government at all costs. In return, the Government has made available all of the most high tech weaponry available and has implanted psionic mind-power into the soldiers, giving all of the LightStormers incredible power.

Your name is Jack. You will be sent in to complete your basic training to see if you have what it takes to become a full fledged LightStormer. Your assigned training partner is Troy, and he seems to be beating you in all of his training missions. You have become close friends in your quest to become LightStormers and after a few missions, when Troy doesn't return, you start to get the feeling that something may be awry. Everything you have fought for and believed in may not stand for what they have told you. Then your brother was mysteriously killed. That's when you decide it is time to get to the bottom of this immediately.

Disruptor was published by Universal Interactive Studios, a sister company of the television company. With this connection, the developers have had the ability to pool resources and contacts in the movie industry like no other company before. What this gets you is plenty of real movie time from real actors, incredible musical scores and unparalleled creativity. Disruptor is not one of those games with cheesy acting and a stupid plot. No sir. This is almost like starring in your own space aged flick!


From a faraway glance, Disruptor looks like your standard Doom-type rip off. On closer inspection, you will realize that this is far from the case. In fact, the only thing that is the same is the first-person perspective shooter aspect. Everything else, including the graphics, make Doom look like Robotron.

So what makes this game so much better than the other first-person shooters on the market? Let's start with the story. The creators of this game actually spent time developing a story that goes along with the game, and the story is not just "get to the next level and start killing more." Nope, the story is very engrossing. The game features numerous cinematic movies between levels. Each of the movies adds to the unfolding plot of deception by the Government. These cinematics are well-acted, produced and filmed. Normally, games only have actual film in them because they can, not to help the game. This is one case where you will actually feel like you are a part of a science fiction movie.

Next, let's talk about the gameplay itself. Disruptor starts out with Jack, the character you will play throughout the game, in a couple of training missions. The object of these training missions is to get a feel for your weapons and to stay alive. If you succeed, you will be placed into actual missions. Disruptor features 13 different missions, including your training exercises. Don't worry about this being too short, because the missions are huge and very challenging.

As the plot of the game begins to unfold and you get a few missions under your belt, the commanders decide it is time to start implanting your psionics. The psionics are hidden powers in your mind. These powers can work as deadly weapons against your enemies or they can be used as healing agents. Your character has a limited amount of psionic energy required to use the weapon. The first psionic you will have opened is called Shock. Shock shoots out deadly lightning bolts into the enemy. Every time you use Shock, it costs you 5 psionic points. The next psionic you will be opened to is called Drain. Drain appears to be a weak power but is actually quite effective. When an enemy is killed with the Drain, a number of blue Orbs will appear. These Orbs replenish your psionic energy available. The number of orbs is linked to the strength of the enemy killed. The third psionic you will receive is the Heal. This is exactly what it sounds like. You will gain 20 percent on your health meter but it also casts you 20 points off of your available psionic energy. Next, you will receive Shield. This is also exactly as it sounds. The shield remains in effect as long as you hold the button and as long as you have psionic energy available. Then you will receive the psionic Blast. This allows you to destroy multiple enemies with one shot. It is costly but effective. The last psionic you will receive is called Terablast. This is the same as Blast except it will travel through the walls to damage the enemies. The psionics add a cool new feature never seen before in this type of game.

Now, what would a first-person shooter be without normal weapons? Disruptor is packed with weapons to be found. Of course you have your standard 18mm pistol, which is weak, but ammo is fairly plentiful. If you are lucky, you will find an 18mm automatic fairly quickly. This is the same as your pistol, but fires off the rounds at a quicker pace. If you are real lucky, you will find the Phase Rifle. This is one of my favorite weapons because it shoots long range. You will also come across some not-so-standard weapons. The first is the AM Blaster. These weapons shoot out a spray of bullets, good for short-range attacks. Another weapon you may come across is the Lock-on Cannon. This fires homing bullets. Once you have locked on to a target, it never misses. Next is the AM Cyclone. The AM Cyclone fires five rounds at once but is not good to use in enclosed areas. Finally, you have the Phase Repeater. These are similar to the Phase Rifles but shoot three rounds at a time. Now, there are two weapons that little is known of. These are the Plasma Lance and the Zodiac. If you are lucky enough to find these, good luck on finding their best uses.

Disruptor has a vast number of enemies and no two levels are even remotely alike. Enemies vary from spiked balls to Terminator-looking cyborgs. Each of the enemies has its strengths and weaknesses, but your best bet is to just lay into them until they die. Each level is so different from the last it is almost like a totally different game. This kept me pushing on just so I could see what the next level looked like.


Ah yes, the graphics. Disruptor has the best graphics of any first-person shooter around. The designers went completely opposite of the other games in this genre and made the graphics very light. They wanted you to see everything and your object to survive instead of everything being dark and not knowing where you are or where to go. Even though the graphics are bright (not colorful and happy -- bright), the game still creates a tense mood. You never know what will be behind the next corner. The enemies are also superb. Each one could star in its own Sci-Fi movie. This is some top-notch work.


The music for _ Disruptor_ was composed by the same guy who did the music for the movie trailers of Jurassic Park and River Wild as well as doing music for 21 episodes of Earth II. The sound effects were done by the guy who has done sound effects for Hanna-Barbara cartoons, Law and Order and Sea Quest. So, needless to say, all of the music in this game is intense. The music changes with the game and definitely creates an aura of suspense.

Bottom Line

Disruptor is a game that any fans of first-person shooters should add to their collection. I was really drawn in by the story line and the super intense gameplay. The different enemies and levels kept me fighting to make it farther just so I could see what was next. These guys did a great job with this game and I hope they make another. This goes to show you that if you have the right people to do a job, the job will get done right.

There may be too many Doom clones, but there aren't enough like Disruptor. With crisp 3D graphics, 13 dramatically different levels, and 20 distinct futuristic environments, this first-person shooter packs a whole lot of visual power. But the elaborate graphics aren't all that's cool. Disruptor's game-play is very challenging, but you won't spend hours looking for keys. Strategy is integrated with quick trigger action and smooth controls. You're also provided with "psionic" weapons (sci-fi's answer to spells) that help you deal with the crafty mutants, robots, and human enemies you're up against. This game looks like it will disrupt the world of shooters.

In Disruptor, you can paint with all the colors of the wind.

At least that's what it sounds like. Disruptor is a first person shooter that has you trying to save the universe.Take on the persona of a Light Stormer (Storm Trooper?), the most elite fighting force (rebellion?) in the galaxy. You have a job, and that is to destroy the tyrannical new government, the NSG, or New Solar Government (Empire?). Guess what.You not only come equipped with the latest in the galaxy's high-tech weaponry, you also have neural implants that give you psionic capabilities. Now, for those of you with a limited vocab, psionics are mental powers, like telekinesis.They resemble, say, the Force, and can really mess up your enemies.... "These aren't the 'droids your looking for...."

OK, so the concept isn't exactly original.You could do a lot worse than to rip off the greatest space opera in movie history. In fact, it's familiar stories like this which bring a fair amount of comfort to those of you out there who believe that Star Wars is the end-all be-all of existence. It's pretty cool for everyone else, too.

Disruptor takes a familiar storyline, adds a familiar game format and creates what looks to be quite an extraordinary title.Tear your way through 14 different environments strewn across the galaxy's colonized systems. Each world is SGI-modeled and distinct. What's more, you'll encounter over 20 different enemies, along with stage bosses that each utilize their own weapons and fighting techniques in an attempt to thwart your progress. In your arsenal are more than ten weapons and five psionic abilities. Disruptor looks as though it may be the next Doom. Keep an eye out for this title.

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