Dragon Age II

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a game by BioWare
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3 (2011)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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Dragon Age II
Dragon Age II
Dragon Age II
Dragon Age II

For many people, the release of Dragon Age II was either the peak of the BioWare era, or the end of its dominance. Depending on how you feel about the numerous changes that DA2 brought to the table, you likely view this game as a major positive or a huge step in the wrong direction for the company.

Regarded as a truly epic RPG, it was released to positive reviews in 2010 and has so far held up even to this day as a well-written, enjoyable RPG game. It was praised for having strong writing for its characters and companions, though many felt the combat system changes were for the worse. So, is this classic RPG worth trying out today?

A step in the right direction (in most ways)

Having arguably maximised their output with the original Dragon Age, Dragon Age II had a lot of living up to do. However, the game was regarded as a huge step forward for western RPGs that had a genuine consequence to ones actions. It was possible to cause major problems throughout the world for many people, with serious political ramifications based on what you choose to do.

While it might lack the writing panache and the world-impacting choices of something like the Divinity: Original Sin series, there is something truly gratifying about playing Dragon Age II. It has the same vibes as BioWare’s other major series, Mass Effect, and played a huge role in creating one of the most well-regarded fantasy RPG series of the Xbox 360 era.

A pacy RPG with major story points (7.5/10)

One thing to note about Dragon Age II is that it has a lot of quality, though today many of its systems feel dated. Its graphics and writing can feel a little worse for wear a decade on, while the overall plot of the story was regarded as rather hard to follow. While the minute to minute writing was solid for the time, many find the story hard to follow or find the storytelling structure to be more confusing than it had to be.

The most controversial change, though, was arguably in the combat system. Major changes in how characters fought was seen as a step in the wrong direction, and it led to a more confusing combat system. Many preferred the more comfortable experience brought about the old game, and it is commonly agreed that Dragon Age II’s biggest mistake was a revamping of the combat system.


All of that, though, can be overlooked when you want to enjoy a classic fantasy RPG romp where your decisions matter. This helps to create an intriguing game with a happy blend of fantasy tropes and new ideas. While its combat system left a lot of people unhappy, the overall Dragon Age II experience is one that is normally remembered quite fondly.


  • Improvements in most areas, including writing and visuals, over Dragon Age.
  • Interesting world building and lore development that makes the world feel alive.
  • Genuine consequences to the decisions that you and your party make.


  • Controversial changes to the combat system left a lot of people uncertain.
  • Storytelling structure is not as strong as the original game.

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