Dynamite Dux

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a game by Sega
Genre: Action
Platform: Sega Master SystemSega Master System
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Dynamite Dux
Dynamite Dux
Dynamite Dux
Dynamite Dux

Based on a little-seen arcade effort released to limited areas last year, Dynamite Dux provides a twist on the standard scrolling action theme by taking a comical approach to the scenery and characters. You control a punked-out Duck out to save a girl in distress. Along the way you'll face all types of surreal opponents, leading up to confrontations with some of the strangest enemies you've ever seen!

People say:


Aside-scrolling shooter starring a blue duck and a cast of bizarre enemies may sound exciting and different, but it isn't. Dynamite Dux is slow, looks bad, and is way too easy, even for beginning players. It's a new twist on an old theme that fails to excite, astound, or even be fun. Bad choice Sega.


This is a game that Sega should have forgotten about. It's a stupid concept, the characters are lame, and the game play is too simple. If you're old enough to read this review, then you're too old to play this game.


This game doesn't have much going for it. The characters are too cartoony, and the game play is boring. There's not enough in the way of power-ups or shops to enhance the action either. The premise is kind of cool, but it didn't come off well at all.


This is a very bad game. It doesn't move well, it isn't interesting, and it isn't even any fun! The game play is also painfully frustrating instead of challenging and offers absolutely nothing to praise. Games like this can give a system a bad name.

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Sega Master System

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Get ready for intense, beak-blasting action. Here's a bird-brained adventure that really ruffles your feathers. Your picnic was ruined by a little green ogre named Achacha the Great, ruler of the Achacha dimension. He's swiped your girlfriend, Lucy, and split back to his own dimension. Even worse, he's turned you into a duck! There's only one thing to do. Enter Achacha's dimension and fight your way through fair and fowl weather. Beat Achacha's,evil followers, and you'll get Lucy back and return to human form-Fail, and it's duck soup for you.

The Beaked Brawler

You're more than just an ordinary duck. In the Achacha dimension you've got tremendous fighting powers. Jump high. Punch as fast as a pro boxer. Do aerial kicks that would make Bruce Lee jealous. If you hold down Button 1 fora cowpie of seconds before letting it go, you'll make a Super Punch that's stronger than anything that stands in your way! And this game lets you move! Punch left or right, towards the screen or away from it. All the major compass points are covered. You've got the tools to beat Achacha the Great. But do you have the skill?

Into the Zones

After you step through the door, you're dropped into the Achacha dimension. You better hit the ground fighting because that's what this game is all about. Yes, sad to say, in this game you have no friends. During the next five rounds every creature you see is out for a duck dinner...you I Start the brawl in downtown Achacha City. It could be a nice place to live, if all its inhabitants weren't trying to get you!

First off are the Nice Doggy packs. These cute little dog heads with razer sharp teeth just love to chomp on ducks. Quick punches work best on these canine crani-ums. They're followed by sausage deeypeose-like monsters with club-shaped bodies. They hop slowly and try to crush you. Treat ,.them like punching bags, but don't get stomped. And look out for mortar wolves. They'll try to blast you from far away as other enemies attack you.

Make it to the middlaqyu.,.. round and you'll have to fight the Sub-Boss and his allies.

In Round 1 it's Achacha Fire and the Little Fires. They're going to try to scorch your tail feathers!

To beat the fires you need fire's biggest enemy. Look for a water cannon and spray the Little Fires first.

If you put the fires out, you move into the second phase of the round-and your showdown with the Round Boss. Survive and you transport to Pseudo Japan, then to other zones of the Achacha dimension until you reacif he castle of the little green ogre himself-Achacha the Great!

Achacha Dimension Bosses

Each round of Dynamite Dux is well-guarded by a Sub Boss and a Round Boss. And each boss is tougher than the last! To beat most of the bosses; you must, beat their guardians. Achacha Stonetias the Little Stones.

The Round 2 Boss, Achacha Thunder, has the Guard Clouds-complete with lightning! Achacha Iron has Iron Guards who whirl around at high speed. A knock on the head from one of these tough ..guys really hurts.

Beatingthebossesishard.lt calls for a careful blend of positionng, timing, and strategy. The guardian formations expand and contract as the boss moves. If you can find the pattern to the boss's movements, you just might find an ideal place to stand or jump to where carefully delivered punches ggnd super punches do you the most good! But don't relax if you beat them because you'll soon be going through the door to another zone of the Achacha dimension!

Weapons and Special Stuff

Special, helpful items are found in the Achacha dimension-if a resourceful duck knows where to look. Some are primitive weapons such as stones and the more powerful bombs. Others, like the bazooka, really blast the enemy. You'll also find machine guns and missile launchers-great high -powered weaponry for a duck on the prowl!

Remember that each round of Dynamite Dux is timed. If you stand around too long, your life meter loses two units. If your meter runs low, look for food in different parts of the rounds. You'll find everything from hot dogs to cake!

The bigger the food item, the more your life meter is restored when you chomp down. Often, finding a food item gives you the strength to finish a round. Take every one you see. Last, but not legist, are bonus points. If you see a treasure chest 'lying around, grab it! You might get 1,000, or even 10,000, points.

Dynamite Dux makes you some beaked brawler. With great graphics, sound, and game play, it's the newest addition to the Sega Master System's library of fun. So don't fly south for the winder-dux everywhere are planning to curl up with this adventure instead.


  • If you touch a Boss while you're making a Super Punch, you'll receive no damage!
  • You're no ordinary duck. Use a Super Punch to take out two , enemies at once!

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