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a game by 10tons Ltd
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Oh, look, it's another post-apocalyptic zombie survival game. Honestly, there's a point where the release of these themed games becomes tiresome. It seems no developer is willing to take a risk on anything other than this genre because it's tried and tested. Dysmantle fits into all the traditions, offering nothing extraordinary - or so it seems.

However, there is a sense of intrigue that the game is played from an isometric perspective. This isn't the usual first, or third-person undead slogs we're used to. Perhaps there is some hope yet for a game that doesn't feel like it's going to interest us in the first place. Let's unravel the post-apocalyptic world of Dysmantle to see if our theories are correct.

A Pretty Chirpy Apocalypse

Dysmantle is still in early access - so opinions can't be finalized into the ultimate outcome. What we can do, though, is pass our judgment into a tired game genre. Getting into a new survival game is almost like going through the motions. The basic 'emerge from the fortress and survive' narrative, along with crafting mechanics that get more meticulous with each release. It's all very bland these days - however, Dysmantle strikes a node of difference on initiation.

What jumps out at players is how clean and happy the visuals look for an environment supposed to be post-apocalyptic. Yes, the narrative is downright the same as every other game - but you don't emerge from your vault worrying about zombies. Instead, you are embracing the beauty of the colorful top-down landscapes.

Dysmantle's mechanics are pretty similar to a typical survival game. You'll gather, craft, and build with surrounding resources to create a bastion against the fierce undead foes. The large open world is pretty impressive. But still feels like a grind in the early stages of the game.

What saves Dysmantle from being a bore is the experience system behind the main character. The cartoony interface is reminiscent of RPG games with a vibrant skill tree and a sense of urgency to get levels maxed before facing threats. It's sure to be developed more in that direction as well - bolstering player objectives without the need for a narrative.

Don't Go Dysmantling My Heart.

Dysmantle surprisingly goes above expectations in the post-apocalyptic survival sense. It feels there is a genuine effort to make gameplay more engaging through its questing, gathering, crafting, and combat. The environments make the game more accessible for a range of players, too. It doesn't intend to punish anybody who doesn't understand the survival systems.


It's worth a play purely because it feels like a cross between Diablo III and The Survivalists. You'll stay for the fact that the leveling mechanics are strangely addictive. Dysmantle should be celebrated as a game heading towards a better future than most similar games - it's bringing a little refreshment into the bland world of post-apocalyptic survivals.


  • Colorful environments and visuals bring a refreshing touch to the genre
  • Mechanics are accessible, unlike other punishing survivals
  • Leveling and questing systems keep players engaged


  • Gathering can become quite a mundane chore in the early stages
  • No narrative to supplement the large open world
  • The theme still feels a bit bland

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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