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a game by Andrew Spencer Studios
Platform: PC (1994)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Authoritative - yes! Complete - yes! Easy to follow - yes! Spoiled - yes! All these adjectives and more describe this month's complete, authoritative, easy to follow spoil for Ecstatica, the fab ellipsoid adventure 'em up by Psygnosis.

Find A Weapon

Go to 1I immediately and grab the sword. Leave the armour behind. It slows you down and once you fall over, you'll never get up until you're killed by the big guy.

History And Spells

Go to 8 run past the bear, and go upstairs. Read the book on the middle floor and then go up one more floor to find another book which will teach you your first spell.

Little Girl

Take the teddy bear from the bed on the middle floor. Go to the stable (6) and throw the bear on the floor. The girl will jump down and lead you to the church (4). Follow her down and wait for her to open the door to the dungeon. Kill the skeletons and continue down into the pit where you will get scared off.

The Monastery

Take the bible from the floor of the chuch (4). Leave the village at the square with the scarecrow. Go up the steps and bear right. Now follow the path to the gates to the monastery. Stop outside the gates and read the bible.

The Relic

Attack the monks, fight your way in. and take the relic from under the cruxification.

Leave The Monastery

Go through the rooms to the right and drop through the hole in the floor. Run along the passage and get your skull smashed in by the bloke at the end.


You wake up, strung up on "hig". Swing free and leave the relic there. Now get out, bearing right at the fork. After about three screens you will find a flower growing in the path. Take it back to the cauldron on the top floor of 8.


Go to the church (4) and get the brown stick like thing at the entrance. Add it to the cauldron at 8.


Go to the shop (2). Fight off the werewolf who is attacking the man. Take the key from the man's hand and open the door at the back. Go in and take the herb (green and brown thing). The werewolf will now probably smash the door in, so get ready to hide in the barrel.


Return swiftly to 8 and add the herb to the cauldron. Watch the metamorphosis. In this form, you cannot fight. Use the action keys (7 and 9) to run. avoid all combat, particularly with pigmen and snakes. Just run past them.


Go to the church at 4 and head downstairs. Go through the small hole the girl nipped through earlier. Turn left, then right. At the end you should become human again.


Go upstairs to the old knight's room. Let him try to hit you. He will miss and drop the sword and then begin to cower. Pick his sword up.


Leave the village (you may be ambushed by pigmen and dragged underground). Bear left at the fork and continue onwards until you reach the pool with the fountain. Pass it to the cottage and turn right, away from the castle, to get to the lake. Stand on the stone at the side of the lake and throw in the sword. Wait for the lady to rise and knight you.


Go back to 8 where you dropped the sword on becoming a mongoose. Pick it up.


Leave the village, taking the route to the lake. When you get to the cottage, go in and take the broom.


On leaving the castle, turn right away from the lake, towards the castle. But make sure you go up the right hand side of the castle or the portcullis on the left will kill you. Kill the little runt should you desire, for a bit of fun.


Enter the mage's chamber and go out through the other doorway. Walk across the walkway to the tower and go down the spiral staircase. At the bottom you will meet a guard who blocks your way. Fly past the guard with the broom.


Leave the broom before fighting the animated swords and shields, and then collect it afterwards. Go straight across the stepped chamber. Go around the side of the room with the missing floor and use the broom to dodge the spikes on the steps. Leave the broom on the bottom of the two middle steps so you can reach it if you need it later. To get back up, tiptoe. Go down the right side of the steps. At the bottom, carefully edge past the spikes and go right between the two statues. You may have to kill the red beastie here. In the torture chamber, listen to the lizard. Don't kill him and then take the spell book.


Go back out. Leave your sword near the broom. You won't have room for it in a moment. Go back to the fork by the village where you left the bone relic and pick it up. Bear left and follow the path till you can first see the castle steps. Run into the foreground. Continue along the path to the stone circle and stand on the rock in the middle. Lightning strikes and when you regain control, the bone will act as a wand. It fires energy by pressing 7. This is the only way to hurt the daemon.


Return to the castle. Go down to the broom and sword. Take the sword. Go down the left hand side of the stairs and then walk under them, by the statue. Go left between the two statues, down the stairs and into the pool area. Take the first right, and then go down the stairs to the King's chamber. Kill your mirrorself and go to the king for a blessing.


Return to the torture chamber and go through the secret passage (now unveiled). Go down the steps and follow the orb to the table. Listen to the daemon's offer.


Either drop the wand, give in to him and live out your days in pleasure, or attack him with the wand. In either case you'll get the opportunity to watch the end sequence.

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