ESPN International Track And Field

a game by Konami
Genre: Sports
Platforms: Playstation 2 Dreamcast GameBoy Color
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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ESPN International Track And Field
ESPN International Track And Field
ESPN International Track And Field
ESPN International Track And Field

Track & Field has come a long way, baby. Ignore the ESPN moniker Konami bestowed on the game and that's basically what you have: button-mashing action at its best. There's some finesse and timing (angles, release position) in events such as the Long Jump, Pole Vault, Hammer Throw, Trap Shooting, Triple Jump and Weightlifting, but the rest of the 12 events will put blisters on your thumbs this September.

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Game Reviews

Konami hadn't yet slapped the ESPN license on the PS2 version of this game when we took a look at it, but when they do, it'll be the same as the DC game. If you're interested (as we are) in the differences between the two games, you might be a bit disappointed. For the most part, they are identical.

On some events the PS2 graphics seem brighter and the athletes are more detailed (particularly in the face), but nothing too substantial. It's ironic that so much work went into the graphics, because when you're playing the game, you don't get to really enjoy them since you have to stare at sliding bars and gizmos to pull off the technical aspects of each event. Check it out this fall.

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