ESPN National Hockey Night

a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Sports
Platforms: SNESSNES Sega CD GameBoy Color
Editor Rating: 6.1/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 2 votes
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ESPN National Hockey Night
ESPN National Hockey Night
ESPN National Hockey Night
ESPN National Hockey Night


Sony Imagesoft scores with another title sponsored by ESPN. ESPN National Hockey Night is still in the works, but it shows off enough to convince us that this game could be one of the best hockey games of the year.

Featured in this title are the teams from the National Hockey League. Every team has their current stats. Go even further by viewing each players' stats.

Round up your players and edit your line to see who will be the starters on the ice.

Hockey games, for the most part, have only one playing perspective. For ESPN NHN, however, you can pick either a horizontal or vertical perspective. The vertical view can be difficult, but it brings you closer to the action than the horizontal one. That's too cool! Pictured below is the horizontal view where you can see the action clearly. Get ready to really jam with From either view it is crystal clear that the action never stops!

Sony Imagesoft, not known for their sports games, is rising from the depths and showing its colors on these sports games. Especially with the help of ESPN's crew, where else can you turn for a real-time sports game? It's hard to beat this one!

  • Manufacturer: SONY
  • # of players: 1 OR 4
  • Available: NOVEMBER 1994
  • Cartridge size: 16 MEG

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Game Reviews

The strike is over and all of the NHL's top goal scorers have taken to the ice, at least in gaming circles. The game features two views of the rink: a side view and an overhead view of the action. This will help you paste the NHL's bullies to the end boards.

Up to four players can play in the game that supports both the EA Four-Way-Play and the Sega Sports four-player adapter.

There are also three difficulty settings: Beginner, Amateur and Pro. All of the top rules of the game are included, plus penalties can be turned on or off and the same holds true for offsides.

You can also choose from five-, 10-or 20-minute periods. All 28 of the NHL s finest teams, complete with rosters, have been included.

Bill Clement rates each team and is the announcer during the games. The game's sounds make you feel like you're actually in the game. Sony's programmers have taken full advantage of the


Sega CD capabilities.

You can even play a full season and with the help of the battery back-up.

More than 6,000 frames of animation were put together to make the game look and feel like real hockey.

Two features have been added to give gamers some excitement. A fastest skater challenge and a shootout feature have been included in this game. Rush the net and look for the loose puck--but don't forget to watch your back!

  • Manufacturer: Sony Imagesoft
  • Machine: Sega CD

Just about the only thing that s gonna save this hockey sun is the fact that the NHL is still on strike, so some folks might be tempted to fix their puck habit with this game. Poor gameplay and lose control guarantee that this won't cut it!

  • Manufacturer: Sony Imagesoft
  • Machine: Sega CD

Just about the only thing that's gonna save this hockey sim is the fact that the NHL is still on strike, so some folks might be tempted to fix their puck habit with this game. Poor gameplay and lose control guarantee that this won't cut it!

  • Manufacturer: Sony Imagesoft

At my house, National Hockey Night on ESPN isn't a telecast - it's an event. For three hours the phone goes off the hook, the snacks (preferably bowls of Chex mix) are at the ready, the channel surfing stops on ESPN, and the remote is placed somewhere out of my reach. Needless to say I've had a little more free time this winter thanks to the lengthy NHL work stoppage, and when Sony Imagesoft's ESPN National Hockey Night for Sega CO crossed my desk, I thought it might be able to partially fill the void. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

The large player sprites, realistic animations, and a well-detailed ice surface give the game a positive first impression, but things soon go downhill fast. After you choose from the exhibition, season, playoff, and challenge game modes, sit through a few periods of access time, and see a couple of digitized video clips of ESPN's analyst Bill Clement, you take the ice. The controls have a loose feel, making it very easy to overskate the play or miss a body check.

I liked the idea of including pertinent video clips in the midst of the action, but the horrible execution of the idea totally ruined the flow of the game. Occasionally when you execute a big hit or your goalie makes a beautiful save, the action on the screen freezes momentarily as the disk accesses. After a few seconds a video clip of an NHL play that closely resembles the event in your game appears. When the clip is over there's another period of access time before you're tossed back into the action in mid-stride. Fortunately, you can toggle the video interruptions from frequent to infrequent to none.

The CD-quality sound brings the telecast's theme music to life and provides for some realistic sound effects, but most of the time the arena sounds more like a crowded cafeteria than a crowded hockey rink. One of the more unique feature is the inclusion of two events in the All-Star Skills Competition - the fastest man and skill shooting contests. Controls again hamper the fun, and despite following the directions from the manual, I still could not get my skater around the rink in the fastest man competition.

The fact that you can toggle the perspective between horizontal and vertical views is a plus, as is the inclusion of player photos alongside the rosters. But despite the few positives, there are still way too many negatives (no instant replay, either) to warrant picking this one up - no matter how hockey-starved you are.

  • Graphics: 8
  • Music & Sound: 7
  • Innovation: 7
  • Gameplay: 3
  • Replay Value: 3
  • Overall: 40%

Are you ready to have a puck of a time with ESPN National Hockey Night? In this version of hockey, you have the option of choosing from three game play modes such as Season, Exhibition, and Play off. This game is very difficult in comparison with Super Bases Loaded. From the different angles captured by the camera, including side views which make it harder to see what your sneaky computer opponent is doing. You will want to be careful though; just when you feel the game is tied or that you are in the lead; the computer can still gain additional points to claim victory in the game. Choose your favorite players from the 1990s and get their complete bids o make the players appear more life like. With full approval and the backing of the NHL, this game of intense hockey playing action has all the real Hockey Clubs including the newest team – the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild. Show your athletic energy as you take you team in pursuit of the Stanley Cup. This one to two player game is a 1994 release, developed by Storm Front Studios and Sony Image Soft. It is compatible with the Sega Mega Drive and SNES gaming consoles.

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