F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate

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a game by TimeGate Studios, Inc.
Platform: PC (2007)
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate

There's One Mission in Perseus Mandate where you are, in all seriousness, asked to "make your way to the computer core to access the mainframe", and then you have to run through a series of repeating grey rooms until there's a switch you press. These rooms don't even resemble rooms.

they're hollow concrete cubes. Cuboids if the designers were feeling creative. And when you get outside into some courtyards, the buildings don't look like real buildings either. They look like what a blind man would draw if you described to him what a building looked like. TimeGate need to spend less time making crappy expansions for F.E.A.R., and more time learning what things look like, because their grasp of reality, or at least their ability to recreate it visually in a game, is laughably tenuous.

Worst Add-On Ever?

This is the second time TimeGate have grabbed the F.E.A.R. license (albeit with a standalone expansion), lifted its skirt over its head and shouted "BUM! BUM! F.E.A.R. LICENSE HAS A BUM!' That's a metaphor for how stupid TimeGate are, and how incapable they are of creating a meaningful and original expansion to an excellent game. Occasionally, a room will fill with enemies in a vain attempt to remind you that FEAR, was, in fact a fantastic shooter, but aside from these faded facsimiles of what made the original great, Perseus Mandate is stunningly dire. It's somehow worse than their last expansion, Extraction Point, and that was really rather bad.

The levels in Perseus Mandate haven't been designed so much as they've been hacked together from old bits of levels that were too bland to make it into the previous expansion. Entire rooms are shamelessly copied and pasted over and over again, leading to infuriating moments in which you think you're backtracking when you're actually just progressing deeper into a quagmire of featureless monotony. The game just filled me with a directionless wandering hatred that left me in a bad mood for the rest of the day after playing it.

But hey, it's not all bad. It's never all bad. Those parts where it's most similar to the original REAR. still count as redeeming, even if they're entirely unoriginal. Despite looking like a graphically castrated version of its progenitor, the action never fades -the visceral joy of firing a shotgun into a man's face at point-blank range in super slow-motion, seeing his head come off and his body gently back flip into an exploding canister, while his gun fires its final rounds like a Catherine wheel into the floor, wall, then ceiling, filling the air with dust and concrete debris - that sort of fun just doesn't get old, no matter how awful you make the rest of the game.

Helicopter Men

F.E A.R.'s plot, about a group of men who fly around in helicopters at night, returns in Perseus Mandate, except this time it's utterly incomprehensible. Halfway through you'll realise that it's taking place in the same timeframe as the original game, and that you're actually playing as another character, who happens to have the same ability to slow down time. Otherwise the storyline is a tedious waltz from office building to building site to mine-shaft to am office in a mine shaft. And it just goes on and on, with no twist, no hook, and no point in increasingly bland rooms, with increasingly stupid enemies, on increasingly arbitrary missions with increasingly forgettable characters.

And now that scary little girl stuff has been flogged to the point of being about as shocking as an unexpected fart, there's no horror factor to revel in either. It is a failure of a game - Monolith must be chuckling into their lattes as they work on F.E.A.R.'s 4 true sequel, Project Origin.

This game is badly made and overwhelmingly bleak, and while the original REAR, still exists, there's absolutely no way I could ever recommend anybody buy this, even if you're on fire and this game is a bucket of water. I'm scoring this game in that comparative context - this standalone expansion has unwittingly inherited that nugget of goodness that made us love the original, but as long as simply buying the original is an option, Perseus Mandate deserves to be kicked in the teeth all day. I a hate it and think I hate the developers too? Luckily I'm good at remaining objective despite my raging emotions.

The most fun

Here's the most fun I had while playing Perseus Mandate

People sometimes forget what a good physics engine the F.E.A.R. engine has, but I don't Dell are still sending tornados of money at Vivendi, meaning their 'elite gaming rig', the Dell XPS, can be found sitting on almost every desk in the game. And you can knock it over! But even better are the game's office chairs - use your melee attack to whack the side of the chair, and it spins around. Time your attacks to make it spin faster and faster! Once it's really whipping around, slow down time to hit the chair at the perfect point to add just a smidge more rotational velocity. If you want something more advanced, try to keep two or more chairs spinning at the same time. This also works in F.E.A.R., so don't buy this expansion.

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