Silent Hill 4 The Room

a game by Climax
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Silent Hill 4 The Room
Silent Hill 4 The Room
Silent Hill 4 The Room
Silent Hill 4 The Room

Henry Townsend hasnt set foot outside his small apartment for five days. Its not that he doesn't want to leave, its that he cant. His windows wont open. He cant break through the walls. The phones dead, and nobody seems to be able to hear him outside. The front door? Its bound by heavy chains and sealed with a series of huge locks. But there just might be a way out after all. Henry woke up this morning to find a huge, gaping hole in the back of his bathroom wall. God only knows how it got there, who made it, and whats on the other side but chances are its going to be bloody, loathsome, and disturbing beyond belief. After all, this is Silent Hill, the survival-horror series so fed up that it makes Resident Evil look like friggin Scooby-Doo!

Along with the surreal opening scenario, Konami has divulged the first cryptic details concerning the fourth episode of this psychotic series. Unlike the third chapter, which formed a concrete link with the original title, this falls Silent Hill 4 for PS2 and XB will be another departure, a new plot luring unfamiliar characters to the twisted New England town. According to Producer Akira Yamaoka, players can still expect familiar elements maybe even a few unexpected revelations. Theres not a direct connection in terms of the story lines. You might, however, see some people that you would never expect. There's a common theme of the alternate world of Silent Hill.

Surprisingly, the producer has an even more shocking admission: "I can say that the story is darker than the past games. Since Silent Hill 2 contained a scene where a pyramid-headed beast violently raped a creature composed of adjoined sets of mannequin legs (it was, yknow, an embodiment of the protagonist's sexual frustration with his wife who was, urn, crippled by illness before he ended her life), a darker story is a bold claim indeed. Henry cant stop himself from climbing into the hole, as he badly wants to get out of his apartment, explains Yamaoka.

The theme of the story lies in solving the connection between the room where you live and the alternate world. Why is the alternate world tied to your room? The real question remains: Do we really want to find out?

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