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Sega Genesis

Shining Force

Shining Force Game
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The Continent of Rune has slumbered in peace for 50 generations. A horde of invaders swarm across the border, while a dragon that has slept for centuries stirs in its tomb. Only the King's youngest swordsman and his war party can defy the Dark Dragon's evil power and crush the mighty army! Control up to 10 different characters at once. Increase their skills and attributes through strategy, combat and exploration. Search through 8 brilliant scenarios. Sub-quests and imaginative sequences make every game a new adventure!
Sega Genesis
In the eerie Cave of the Past, a mischievous thief tampers with the mystical Stones of Light and Dark. The Stones once imprisoned the Evil of All Ages. Now the deadly Zeon is unleashed. His rage will hurl the galaxy into eternal darkness - unless the Shining Force can stop him! The legendary epic resumes with an entirely new story, awesome cinematic battle sequences and incredible monsters! Build an awesome 12-member strike force from over 20 characters and develop them into fiercer, stronger, more magical warriors!
Sega Genesis

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole Game
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  • Beyond Oasis
  • Breath of Fire 2
    Breath of Fire 2 Go through another journey with Ryu and his followers as they set out to destroy the evil priest Evan who is looking...


Diablo has sold over 750,000 copies on the PC worldwide, And that's a number from a few months ago.

Speed Kings

Let's start off with the graphics. They aren't that great. There's a little bit of 'Fast and Furious' style visual that pops up when you hit the turbo, but for the most part, nothing about the graphics stands out.

Super Runabout

Combine one part Crazy Taxi and one part Driver, and you've got a good idea what this new Runabout sequel from Climax is all about.

San Francisco Rush

Put the pedal to the metal, smoke the tires, and pour on the speed with San Francisco Rush! Hit the road in one of eight unique race cars ranked in four distinct performance classes. Burn rubber through the 3D modeled hills and landmarks of San Fra..
Nintendo 64

Blue Stinger

It's hard to believe a game that looks this good could be this disappointing, but trust me--Blue Stinger is riddled with flaws.

Time Stalkers

In this new world you will discover special realms with new dungeons to explore and quests to undertake across various slices of time and space, from medieval Europe to ancient Egypt to 1980's Japan.

Airforce Delta

Konami's Game Boy Color version of Airforce Delta attempts to re-create the slick air combat of its Dreamcast big brother.

Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs

Exploit secret alien technology as you beat the Americans and Soviets at their own game in this action-packed, cold war thriller! Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs features advanced space-based tank combat, sniper capability and death-match intens..
Nintendo 64

Air Force Delta

Last month, we showed you the first screenshots of Konami's flight combat game, Air Force Delta for the Japanese Dreamcast.

Climax Landers

The World of Sacred Device, which is coming to the U.S. courtesy of Ubi Soft.