MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology

Download MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology and experience the thrill of professional motorcycle racing! Compete against the best riders, master challenging circuits, and claim the championship. Ready to rev up your engine? Play now!
a game by Climax
Platform: PC (2002)
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 4 votes
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MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology

Bike games don't cut it. Each year we see new riders, fresh bikes, updated decals, gleaming reflections, better physics, funky music, realistic weather conditions and an increasingly complex Ferris wheel revolving slowly on the horizon, but the faults and criticisms inherent to the genre remain, and MotoGP does nothing to change our minds.

Control Freak

To start with, you can’t go motorcycling with a keyboard or a gamepad, and the balance required in real racing simply isn’t reproduced well here. Also, the fact that the one usable camera angle floats some metres behind the exhaust pipe only exacerbates the feeling of detachment, as the onboard camera leans alarmingly with the bike. The programmer who put it there was seemingly unaware that riders keep their eyes parallel to the road.

When the horizon isn’t pitching drunkenly left and right, your rider is flat on the tank, flashing down the back straight before braking heavily on a corner and T-boning opponents into the nearest billboard. Ahem. Racing is about the ability to make progress with smooth, liquid movements, each turn flowing gracefully into the next. Because you can’t replicate this skill with fingers and thumbs. MotoGP leaves you feeling disconnected and with little urge to play the game properly.

Noises Off

Then there’s the bugbear of every motorsport title, sound. While a two-stroke racing Yamaha won't be as deep nor as throaty as a V-twin Ducati, it’s still a noise that should make you want to crank the volume clockwise rather than turn it off and blow raspberries instead. Fans of fast bikes simply adore spine-chilling soundtracks, and a half dozen Remington Fuzz-Aways trapped inside your speakers is not a worthy substitute. We're beginning to think that nobody will get it right.

MotoGP isn’t without its high points. Network multiplayer and split-screen races are a real whiz, chiefly because the PC version goes one better than crappy console-style head-to-heads and allows you to challenge a full pack of racers. Jostling with human friends and computer foes on one track is really rather enjoyable. Then there's the wet weather races, boasting the most realistic rain, thunder, lightning and spray yet - it looks like water droplets are actually gathering on the inside of your monitor and the Al is pretty damn challenging to boot, making this one of the better bike games we’ve seen recently.

Such things manage to lift the game considerably, although not enough for us to call it essential. If you’re a 500cc nut and have to have all the 2001 riders and 2001 machinery, then it’s more than worth forking out for, although more casual bike lovers should think hard before shelling out for what is, at the end of the day, just another solid bike game.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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