Resident Evil Directors Cut

Download Resident Evil: Director's Cut and experience the enhanced edition of the survival horror classic! With new features, improved graphics, and additional gameplay scenarios, this version challenges you to survive the nightmare once more. Play now!
a game by Capcom
Genre: Action
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.8/10 - 10 votes
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Resident Evil Directors Cut
Resident Evil Directors Cut
Resident Evil Directors Cut

Sometimes it's best to leave a great game alone. In addition to the same analog and Dual Shock problems that plague RE2 Dual Shock Version (see ProReview above), the Director's Cut Dual Shock has a setback of its own: new watered-down music (all the other game elements remain untouched). The original spine-chilling symphonies have been replaced by generic music that sounds like it was rejected from The X-Files. Where's the rousing overture that made your heart race?

Considering that RE2 surpassed the original in every way and that the new music in this version is somewhat lacking, there's no reason to buy this Director's Cut-- unless you've never played any RE game ever. For purists and fens of the series, this Resident re-issue doesn't Cut it.


  • Uselni-and-run tactics against the Hunters; stay in one place too long, and they'll gang up on you.
  • When you kill a giant spider, leave the room where tt before the baby from mama's attack.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Resident Evil fans prepare yourselves. Capcom is bringing an enhanced version of its PlayStation hit Resident Evil to home screens in September...and guess what? It really does have a lot of additions and revisions.

Resident Evil Director's Cut is a full-featured version of the game, complete with the original game as it was first conceived, and it includes the violent gory scenes cut from the original when it was translated for the "nonviolent" U.S. market.

Specifically, look for more blood than you can shake a stick at-or at least wring out of a sponge-and drastically changed camera angles along with much harder gameplay than before.

Keep an eye out for zombies that come in greater numbers, are harder to kill and were once part of the first STARS, team that was sent to check out the mansion. That's right. Friends that come back from the dead as flesh-eating zombies to eat you alive.

A spokesman at Capcom commented that since March, when the company stopped producing new copies of Resident Evil, the game has become harder and harder to find. Capcom says it decided to produce the Director's Cut now to maintain strong consumer awareness of the title.

Since the Director's Cut has a suggested retail price of only $39, it's the perfect title for a new PlayStation owner, or for any gamer who wanted to play the original game.

Capcom says that included on a second disc packaged with the Director's Cut will be an interactive demo of Resident Evil 2. the much-anticipated title that is not scheduled to hit retail shelves until early next year. For some gamers, this may be reason enough to buy the new Resident Evil version.

Since the Director's Cut is a PlayStation exclusive, the Saturn version of Resident Evil (which was released a while back) does not contain the Director's Cut additions, just in case you were wondering.

  • THEME - Adventure


Resident Evil, the game that has won just about every award imaginable, is back with a "Director's Cut." This game claims to be an enhanced release of the original that has the complete, uncut, and uncensored cinemas. Also, the game sports new character graphics (clothes) and has an added difficulty level that rearranges the enemy locations. Is this too good to be true?


Let's talk about the overall score this game received. Why did a game that was so awesome on its original release get such a low score? Is this game actually worse than the original? Absolutely not. This game is everything the original is, and more. The only problem is that it is not much more than the original. I feel that since this game is released under a different name -- Director's Cut -- that people may be lured into feeling they must have this version as well as the original. Let me caution you right now: unless you need counseling for your addiction to the original game, you really do not need this version. It is not worth the $40 price tag to have both games. On the other hand, if you don't have the original, there has never been a better opportunity to go out and get it -- in the form of Resident Evil Director's Cut.

I assume that every Playstation owner has heard of Resident Evil at some point in their life. The Director's Cut plays the exact same as the original. Actually, Director's Cut is the exact same game as the original. You are a cop and it is your job to investigate a creepy old house. You will find various objects and weapons along the way, not to mention plenty of zombies that would like to have you for lunch.

The first claim that is made about Director's Cut is that it is an enhanced version of the original. I guess this is true. There are a number of enhancements, most of which are relatively trivial and undetectable except by the die-hard fan. Actually, what I found myself doing was studying rooms more closely, looking for enhancements, and finding things that were in the original that I just missed.

The next claim the game makes is that it has the complete, uncut and uncensored cinemas. Well, this is just not true. In fact, rumor has it that there was a mistake made by Capcom Japan and they accidentally put the same cinemas in as the original, instead of the good gory ones. I have two questions. First, how could this happen? This is not a trivial little detail that nobody will notice. This is a main selling point of this game and it is not even different. Second, why did we get the censored version to begin with? We have a rating system on our games for a reason. Let Mom and Dad censor the games they let their kids buy, but let us adults make our own choices.

The next thing the game claims is new camera angles and character graphics. These are both true statements. You will see some new camera angles in different rooms. That was okay, yet not terribly exciting. As far as the new character graphics, you have different clothes on. So, basically what you have is the same game in fresh underwear.

The last enhancement of Director's Cut is the new difficulty levels. You can play on easy, original and a new level called "arranged." Arranged is the only thing that is truly new about this game. This takes all the zombies, puts them into different locations and makes them tougher to kill. This is where the Resident Evil addicts should get off. Yes, it is the same basic game with the same rooms, but at least you will not know where the zombies will be. Is that worth the price? I will let you make your own call.

The best part about this game is you get a playable demo version of Resident Evil 2. This game looks awesome and will get you hyped for the new release to hit the shelves. I will not go into this game, but let's just say that I see more awards coming Capcom's way after the release of Resident Evil 2. Is this worth the price tag? Once again, I will let you make that call.


The graphics are mostly the same as the original. This is not bad, because the original has cool graphics, especially considering how long ago it was developed. You have your vicious hounds, flesh-eating zombies, and all of the other bad guys you came to love in the original. There is still nothing much cooler than popping a zombie in the head and seeing the blood splatter. Is this normal?

Bottom Line

If you don't already have the original game, this is your chance. For people who don't have the original Resident Evil, I can't recommend Director's Cut any higher . For those of us who have been playing the original for over a year, this game is just not different enough to warrant a purchase. I think you will feel like you basically paid $40 for a game you already had and a playable demo of Resident Evil 2. I think Capcom should have just released the playable demo of Part 2 and sold it for $5-$10. I think they would sell a hell of a lot more and the fans of this game will not feel cheated.

Resident Evil returns with more gore, different item locations, and new camera angles.


The graphics in Director's Cut aren't much different from the original game's, except for some new camera angles and changes to Jill and Chris's attire. The backgrounds are still sharp and detailed, and some of the updated camera angles hide added monsters and provide new surprises. The gore level in the opening cinema and the rendered cut scenes has been bumped up a notch.

What's New?

Resident Evil: The Director's Cut is a two-CD set that has three games: the original 1996 release version, the new Director's Cut, and a playable Resident Evil 2 demo. While the Director's Cut isn't a brand-new Resident Evil game per se, new and changed elements make it worth a look--even if you've played the original game to death. Items have been moved around, more monsters have been added, and it's even more violent. If you've never played RE, the Director's Cut is a great place to start.

Gameplay & Fun Factor

Cut's excellent controls are unchanged from the original version. Moving your character and firing weapons is a breeze. Although the game revisits familiar territory, the added surprises make this version worthwhile. A playable demo of Resident Evil 2 (which wasn't available at press time) will also be included. This Cut should satisfy RE fans until the sequel is released.

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