Harvest Moon 64

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a game by Pack-In-Video
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Things are a little different on Harvest Moon's world. Ugly monsters aren't the enemy here, inclement weather is. Experience won't raise your character's level, but it may upgrade your garden hoe. You won't find any evil tyrants trying to rule the universe, but you may find a dog peeing in your house. And you definitely won't risk your life trying to save the universe...our little hero's biggest concern is getting a little action from the ladies.

Harvest Moon 64 isn't like anything else you've seen on the Nintendo 64. It's a romance RPG and a farming simulation (yes, you read right...a farming simulation). As a young boy who just inherited your grandfather's farm, you must...ummm...farm and make a living for yourself. A typical day starts off like this: Go into town, buy some seeds (appropriate for the season at hand), go back, clear some land, till the soil, plant seeds, water seeds, then go to sleep. If you take care of your crops properly, they'll soon be ready for harvest. Now, sell the corn, potatoes or whatever, and make some cash! With the new dough, you can buy more seeds, different farm equipment and even livestock for bigger and better profit (you can sell a cow's milk or a chicken's eggs or a sheep's wool). And don't forget about the little things in video game farm life. Brush your horse regularly to keep him happy, and always bring the dog in when it's raining outside.

But what's the point of all this work? To get laid, of course. You will meet several girls in town who are deserving of your attention. Woo them by buying them flowers or bringing them a yummy cake. Keep working it and eventually, one will marry you...but only if your home looks OK (use some of your hard-earned bucks to pretty up your house with stuff like rugs or full-blown additions, like kitchens or bathrooms). Be careful--some of the other guys in town may get jealous if you're chasing after the same gals they are. (These other suitors may actually treat you differently, altering the game's dialogue and story line a bit. Harvest Moon 64 has over 400 different subplots, and which ones you'll see depend on how you play the game.)

The Super NES and Game Boy sleeper hits received many a kudo for their original, non-linear gameplay. Now, the 64-Bit big brother is serving up more of the farm-fresh goodness, complete with a graphical overhaul (the animals are just too cute now) and a few new features (see sidebar). It's still not a game for everyone, but those looking for a seriously different gaming experience should give Harvest Moon 64 a whirl. Oh, and it's safe for the entire family too.

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Nintendo 64

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