Healing Spree

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a game by Paro
Platforms: PC, PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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Healing Spree
Healing Spree
Healing Spree

With the world opening back up and social interaction more commonplace again, many of us are looking for more co-op games to play. One game that you might want to add to your list of upcoming co-op games to try out, then, would be Healing Spree. This game has a simple premise – you play as up to four different doctors, all called in to help patients through correct treatments. The trick here is to work quickly without making mistakes, and ensuring that you can work together as opposed to against one another.

Developer Paro might have stumbled upon lightning in a bottle here, and it definitely looks like the kind of intriguing title that people will want to play as a group.

Groupthink healing – what can go wrong?

The challenge with Healing Spree, much like other co-op games like Overcooked, is working alongside one another. You might find that one of your team disagrees on the diagnosis of treatment of a patient, so you need to find a joint consensus or potentially lose that person. You need to work fast here, so decisions have to be made quickly – this is why this game looks to be so fun in a co-op setting.

Can you convince your fellow virtual MDs to do as you ask? Or are you simply hoping for the best? That is part of what makes Healing Spree so interesting. Take yourself to various new clinics, both indoors and outdoors, realistic and ridiculous, and see what you can fix. It can involve taking patients or cures across a waterfront via boat, or across a lava pit. There is enough variety to ensure you need to keep on moving and playing quickly – patients are on the clock, and so are you!

The clinic is obviously short on doctors, so you all need to work fast and hard together to help care for those who are in need. The more you work together, the more you accomplish; but much like medical staff in the real world, you need to find agreement and consensus to treat your patients properly.

Chaotic co-op fun for anyone with a medical itch to scratch

From what we have seen of Healing Spree ahead of its October 2021 release, we have to say that we are very impressed. It looks to have all of the chaos of other games like Overcooked, and will have you working together at rapid pace to try and keep your patients alive.


Much like other games of this type, the challenge is going to come from avoiding repetition. Is there going to be enough happening here to ensure that your time with Healing Spree is going to be enjoyable? Or is it more likely to fall into the process of being a grind as opposed to a great evening of fun?


  • Great and inventive look to the game, with lots of energy.
  • Co-op fun in a tongue in cheek medical environment.
  • Looks to be a great antidote to the challenging nature of the last year.


  • Hard to say just how diverse the levels are going to be.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Two seconds into the trailer for Healing Spree and you get very similar vibes to a certain cooking game that is very “over” in terms of its popularity. This is a game that can be played on your own, but clearly, this game is made with playing with your friends in mind. It supports up to four players and if you are on the hunt for a game that is fun to play with your friends, this is perfect.

The Pandemic

It is kind of weird to be writing what the “premise” of Healing Spree is as we are in the middle of arguably the biggest pandemic in history right now. Anyway, there is a hospital that you work out, and due to a pandemic and the other various issues that people in this city have. The hospital is being run off its feet and they need your medical expertise to come in and treat as many people as possible.

Do Not Overcook The Patients!

There is no way that you can look at this game and not be reminded of Overcooked. The style they have going on here is very similar. It has an over-the-top comic style to things and there are many different characters ranging from people who look like doctors to weird animal style characters.

The whole game has a ton of charm to it and it will make you laugh, smile, and on occasion wince too. The game has a ton of heart and that certainly comes across in terms of the visuals and the overall style of the game.

The Cure Is To Be Thrown Out The Window!

This game is pure mayhem! The idea is that there will be a patent and you will need to treat them. You can do their diagnosis, give them treatment, heck you can even operate them. You may have to cut one guy open one second and then get the shockers out to zap an old geezer to life the next. You can even throw the patients around, throw them out the window into the wall, and even into a coffin.

It is one of those games where you guys start working together, but after about five minutes all hell breaks loose and you guys are getting in each other’s way and having a great time in the process. This game is just pure fun and mayhem, it is so over the top that no matter if you fail a level, you guys will be laughing the whole time you are playing it.


If you want a game that is fun to play with your friends, Healing Spree is the next game you need to check out. I am sure it loses a great deal of its appeal when playing on your own. However, if you have played Overcooked and enjoyed it, this game is the next logical step for you and your buddies to take. It is crazy, it is fun and it is going to result in a great deal of laughter too!


  • The selectable characters are fun
  • There are many different ways you can “heal” patients
  • Throwing people around is funny
  • The whole game is crazy and over the top


  • It is not as fun if you are playing on your own
  • You may want to punch your friend if they keep getting in your way!

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