Iggy's Egg Adventure

Download Iggys Egg Adventure and embark on a prehistoric platforming journey! Help Iggy save his dinosaur friends, collect eggs, and explore a vibrant world filled with danger and excitement. Are you ready to unleash your inner dino? Play now!
a game by Ginger Labs LLC
Platform: PC (2015)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Iggy's Egg Adventure
Iggy's Egg Adventure
Iggy's Egg Adventure
Iggy's Egg Adventure

In an era overflowing with open-world epics and cloud-straddling live services, Iggy's Egg Adventure from Ginger Labs LLC is a refreshing reminder that sometimes, less is more. This prehistoric platformer is an unabashed throwback to the glory days of the genre, whisking players to a vivid, egg-filled world 75 million years in the making.

You'll stomp, bite and leap your way through peril after peril as the adorable baby velociraptor Iggy on an against-all-odds quest to rescue his mother from nefarious caveman captors. It's a deceptively simple premise executed with charming gusto.

A World Worth Exploring

From the lush, techtonic-grinding jungles to the austere, icy stretches of the Arctic, Iggy's Egg Adventure makes a striking first impression with its lavishly realized prehistoric playgrounds. The stylized 3D visuals give each of the 6 distinct zones you'll romp through a wonderful blend of visual pizzazz and playful personality.

While clearly designed as an homage to the 16-bit classics that inspired it, Iggy takes full advantage of modern console muscle to render gorgeous, richly-textured backdrops teeming with imaginative flourishes and hidden secrets. If you've been yearning for a new spin on Jurassic-era adventuring in your platformers, Iggy delivers in prehistoric spades.

Classic Platforming Brought Scaly To Life

At its core, Iggy understands what made the old-school platformers so special - tight run-and-jump controls married to devious but never unfair level design. From the moment you take control of the scrappy little raptor hero, the snappy responsiveness and ease with which Iggy can scamper, climb and pounce makes every action feel purposeful and satisfying.

The well-crafted levels consistently surprise with fiendishly clever environmental hazards and dino-sized platforming gauntlets to overcome. Crumbling cliffsides to ascend, spike pits to bound over, and a delightfully archaic assortment of Neanderthal foes to outsmart and outmaneuver await. Veteran players will be reminded of the old-school sidescroller brilliance of Rayman or even the original Sonic titles in the inventive ways Iggy tests your skills.

In a smart move that helps elevate Iggy above its old-school inspirations, the game lets you play as multiple dino heroes beyond just the titular tyke. Whether you're zipping through caverns as the agile, flying Terry or bringing the literal thunder as the bull-headed bruiser Patrick, each playable prehistoric character has its own distinct moveset that encourages you to change up your approach.

This revolving door of gameplay styles feels akin to the classic Rare N64 platformer Banjo-Kazooie, continuously remixing the action with fresh mechanics. Coupled with the wealth of hidden eggs, collectibles and unlockable costumes peppered across stages, it gives Iggy an impressive content density and replay factor considering its bite-sized scope.

Review: 7.5/10

In an industry increasingly dominated by bloated, sanitized AAA affairs, Iggy's Egg Adventure is a scrappy dino delight that somehow feels both charmingly retro and remarkably fresh at the same time.


While it doesn't radically reinvent the classic platformer formula, its pitch-perfect execution, gorgeous prehistoric worlds, and clever gameplay variety make this a joyous must-play for fans of the genre.


  • Tight, responsive platforming controls
  • Lovingly crafted prehistoric environments
  • Clever level design with engaging challenges
  • Enjoyable playable character variety


  • Relatively short length
  • Straightforward, old-school premise won't be for everyone
  • Story/narrative is decidedly light

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Iggy's Egg Adventure is a three-dimensional platformer that excavated along with the remains of dinosaurs. In ancient times, the aborigines sincerely believed in the existence of spirits and it was they, in a time of crisis, suggested that the tribe steal eggs from the dinosaurs. Iggy is a defenseless little velociraptor whose mother and unhatched brothers have been kidnapped by a wild tribe.

Game Pros:

  • Use the talents of Iggy and his friends to complete long levels
  • Each level ends in a bloodbath with a level boss
  • Find eggs to improve your dinosaurs

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