Juggernaut Corps: First Assault

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a game by Shepherd's Worlds
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Juggernaut Corps: First Assault
Juggernaut Corps: First Assault
Juggernaut Corps: First Assault
Juggernaut Corps: First Assault


The Alliance has been invaded -- enemy battle cruisers have materialized at key wormholes across space and destabilized them. Only the Juggernaut Corps stands between the enemy and the destruction of the Alliance, and only the Juggernaut Armageddon Weapon can stop them completely, but its pieces have been scattered. It's up to you to infiltrate enemy-held territory and recover the fragments.

Okay, so it's not much of a plot, but Juggernaut Corps doesn't need one. It brings back all the enjoyment of classic arcade shooters and adds multiplayer support, updated graphics and sounds to make a game that is just plain fun to play.

Gameplay, Controls, Interface

Juggernaut Corps is a top-down 2D shooter similar in style to Asteroids. The basic controls for your ship are simple -- you can turn your ship right or left, thrust forward or back, and blast away at anything that moves. I started playing with the keyboard, but quickly switched to a gamepad for a more arcade-like feel.

You start by choosing one of seven different ships to fly. Each one has different characteristics for speed, maneuverability and durability -- you'll want to try each until you find one that fits your style of play. Once you've selected your ship, you jump into the first level and start blasting. Each level of the game centers on clearing out the enemy on-screen so you can open access to the sector's wormhole to move on. As you go, you collect weapons power-ups to add to your arsenal. You'll also find the pieces of the Armageddon Weapon as you move through the more than 50 game levels. There are even secret levels to discover for special surprises. The array of weapons you can add to your ship is fantastic -- from simple blasters to devastating mines, you'll find plenty of firepower to waste any enemy that gets near.

If you get tired of single-player, Juggernaut Corps supports multiplayer network play for up to 10 other players over a LAN or the Internet. The mix of ship types and weaponry makes the multiplayer a lot more fun than other similar games I've tried


I must admit I wasn't expecting much from the graphics in Juggernaut Corps, but I was surprised at what I saw. The various ships, asteroids, gun turrets, space debris and weapons fire all look great. Particularly magnificent are the explosions -- which are the whole point in a game like this. Larger ships even leave pieces tumbling across the screen after they explode.


Overall, the audio more than met my expectations. The effects used for the various weapons are crisp and the voice-overs throughout the game are clear and easy to understand. I especially liked the sound track that accompanies the game -- it provides a good background for the intense action onscreen.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98, Pentium-90, 16 MB RAM, Direct X 5.0 compatible sound and video cards

Bottom Line

If you want an involving story, Juggernaut Corps is not for you. But if you're looking for no-holds-barred, blast-anything-that-moves action, this is the game for you. Its simple interface and surprisingly elegant graphics make it one of my favorite shooters. Long Live the Corps!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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