Cyber Core

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a game by AlfaSystem
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: PC Engine
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews, 4 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Cyber Core
Cyber Core
Cyber Core
Cyber Core

Cyber Core cast you in the role of a rampaging robot, out to make the galaxy safe again. Maneuvering about the screen in every direction, you must employ several different types of power-ups which can be improved upon independently for great firepower. Other special items can also be collected as you skim over eight different landscapes and battle eight different Bosses.

People say:


This game is very good, once again showcasing the Turbo's ability to produce some visually stunning games that play good too. The action is a bit repetitive here, with not as much diversity as Blazing Lazers, but shooter fans should be happy.


A very well done vertical shooter by NEC with excellent graphics throughout. The customizing and power-ups offer real power and the bosses fill the screen. An outstanding game that Turbo owners will find surprisingly well done.


Cyber Core, while not as good as Blazing Lazers, has great backgrounds and well-detailed characters that are ugly enough to blast. The action gets frantic and the power-ups add a lot to the play of this all-out shooter!


I wanted to like Cyber Core more than I do. After all, the game has great graphics and plenty of action. The problem is that the overwhelming weapons make it too easy until the last level. More balance in difficulty would have worked better.

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PC Engine

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Become A Member of the Cyber Core...

You assume control of a rampaging robot on a mission! As the leader of the Cyber Core, a group of powerful robots constructed to finish the battles that others begin, you head towards an alien armada of incredible size and strength. Can you defeat the enemy and their super Boss vehicals?

Only by taking advantage of the robot's sleek maneuvering skills and advanced weapon enhancements will you be able to put down the aliens. Capture one of the four special offensive cannons to tailor your firepower to the particular area you are in and then build it up to staggering proportions!

As you head deeper and deeper into enemy territory, expect to see even more powerful weapons at the aliens' disposal. If things get too rough, resort to your secret Psycho Energy Blaster to lay waste to the entire region! Only the Cyber Core can stop them - the fate of the world is in your hands...

Bzzzzzz, silence. Bzzzzz, silence. Bzzzzz, smack! Ouch! *&#!©%$# fly! Does this paint a familiar picture? Just thinking about those grotesque, tickly little legs scurrying across your cheek is enough to make you twitch. Come to think of it, few things are worse than the relentless buzzing of some maniacal, kamikaze bug who's chosen your face as a target. Right? Well, maybe not. Let's be creative and take this bug scenario one step further. Try to imagine what could be worse, much worse, than the unwanted attentions of the average, pesky insect.

Picture if you will some strange twist of fate turning all of those twitchy, hairy, crunchy bugs into larger than life, no wait, dinosaur-size creatures with one thing on their minds-REVENGE! Jiminey Crickets, what next! Do you really want to know? Of course you do, so get ready, get set-there's a super insect invasion swarming right in your direction. Cybercore, a buggy new eight level, single-player shoot-em-up adventure for the TurboGrafx, pits you against the evil forces of Chimera, a mysterious entity who poses a grave threat to the human race. If you're hungry for a real Turbo Grafi-cal feast, take on the persona of Rad Ralph, the only man handy enough with a space ship to handle this king-sized pest problem.

Stop Bugging Me

Move over Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's time tor the GamePros to assume the role of the ex-terminator. Your transportation-Rad Ralph's super duper hi-tech space-craft. No time to get comfy though; as quick as you can say "black bugs blood" you'll be bombarded by masses of creepy crawlers. To make matters even worse, you start off with a measly twin-fire gun and single-release explosives! Not to worry-it's a matter easily remedied and all you have to do is keep an eye open for what you might call a "Fairy-God-Beetle".

The good beetle will appear at least twice during any level and is easy to identify since it flies in the same direction as your spacecraft. Oddly enough, you must pummel your ally with bullets in order to reap its rewards. When you do this the beetle releases a series of colored bubbles (four max for each color). Collect them to strengthen your arsenal and increase the size of your ship as well.

To gain maximum benefit from the power-up bubbles you must collect the same color bubble (blue, green, yellow, orange) each time the power-up beetle releases them. The bubbles work in a series. If you pick up all blue bubbles (four max for any color) you'll get all power-ups assigned to that color.

Some weapons are better for certain levels than others. If you need to switch weapons just pick up a different colored bubble from the beetle. You'll start off at the lowest weapon for that color, but, hey, you can't have everything, eh.

A Fly hi Your Soup ed Up Engine

Bug-filled oceans, towns, and valleys are all part of the arduous terrain you must travel through to get to Chimera. Don't be at all surprised if you run into a few undesirables such as giant water mosquitos, laser-beaming locusts, and a host of strange mutant-insects you'll probably never see the likes of in your worst nightmares!

A Bee In Your Bonnet

No game would be complete without a big boss or two, or three, or four, right?! Of course the ultra-evil Chimera, slime-ball that he is, is not about to let you and Ralph off easy. This creep stationed a big boss at the end of each level and in the middle of each too. Hold on! Before you FLY off the handle take heed. These jokers have a buzz that's much worse than their sting.

Consider Levels One through Four a rest period. After that things really start to get hairy or, shall we say, spidery. Don't get discouraged. Perseverance and choosing your weapons with care will get you through.

Excellent graphics and great playability make for a captivating variation of the shoot-em-up theme. And remember, it's going to take more than a flyswatter to squash this bund of voracious vermin. But we know you won't let it bug you!


  • To commit massive (high scoring) insecticide, pick up the blue bubble weapons. They're powerful and they also provide you with rapid tire. For example, the fourth blue bubble will give you triple bombs and a simultaneous spray ot live shuriken-type shots. A Bonus of 100,000 points equals one extra life. Go for it!
  • If you come across a yellow/green bubble (not Irom the beetle) grab it for temporary invincibility. Hint: Unfortunately good things must always come to an end, so when you hear a chirping noise consider your invincibility as good as gone.
  • You'll see an enticing Held ol flowers in Level Three. Don't be tooled, they 're deadly. Blast them mercilessly and then stand by momentarily and wait. II you're lucky the flower just might release a precious colored bub-1 hie before it wilts!
  • At the end ot Level Three aim tor the big ily boss's eyes, shoot, and then circle around her to avoid the deadly maggots she shakes olt ot her body.
  • Beware of shrubby-looking bushes in Level Four. A small fraternity ot bomb-spitting ants will scurry out unexpectedly.
  • Learn the flight patterns of the Fairy-God-Beetle. Get good enough at it and you may be able to pummel it enough times to cause it to release two of the same colored bubbles. Abracadabra, a double power-up in one go!

After a Hundred Years in Space, Your Expeditionary Party Returns to Earth Only to Find Out It's Been Taken Over By Giant Hyper-Insects. Your Only Hope (And Mankind's) Is to Merge with the Ultra-Life-Form Klmyra. Becoming Halfman and Half-Insect Is the Only Way You Can Get the Strength to Go Up Against the Giant Killer Bee, Double Saw, Before the Nasty Insect Horde Destroys Everything in Sight.

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