K-1 Revenge

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a game by THQ
Genre: Sports
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7.9/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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The sequel to THQ's K-1: The Arena Fighters, Revenge attacks gamers with enhanced graphics, additional moves, and more fighters than the original, while keeping the same head-bashing physics and wicked knockdowns that kick-boxing fans demand. Revenge features 15 fighters from the K-1 federation, including Stan the Man, Andy Hug, and Ernesto Hoost. The game also sports a solid variety of modes, including One-Player, Versus, Tournament, and Team Battle. The qameplay is fast, as feet and fists swing wildly around the ring; in this unfinished version, however, Revenge had the same serious flaw that limited the original game--it was too easy. If this problem is fixed, K-1 Revenge could be the knockout-good-time that fans of the genre have been waiting for.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

There aren't many fighting games that try to present a realistic fighting experience like the original K-1 Fighting Illusion did. You could KO opponents with a single blow and even target specific areas of the body. The main complaint was that the play mechanics were a bit sketchy and the available number of attacks to choose from were low. With this sequel, many of those problem areas are being addressed. K-1 Revenge packs in almost double the amount of fighters featured in the original along with hidden Boss characters who must be unlocked. To spice things up, the special attacks and even some of the normal punches and kicks have glowing trails a la Soul Blade. It seems gimmicky at first, but it helps you to react to some of the more devastating maneuvers a bit quicker. The polygonal builds of the fighters have also received a major boost with greater detail in the face, but a more uniform body type makes it a little harder to distinguish some of the characters from each other without seeing their faces.

You either loved or hated the fighting engine of the original and this version is no different. It plays almost exactly like the original although you have access to a couple more moves per character.

Some of the new moves include the ability to perform dodge-specific attacks and a Boost attack which is basically a button charge maneuver. Options-wise, you have quite a selection between modes such as One-player, Versus, Tournament, Team Battle, Training and Al Setup. The Al Setup allows you to choose specific settings for your character and the rest of the modes are pretty self-explanatory. Believe it or not, there is a third installment in the K-i PlayStation series set for release later this year in japan. This particular version comes your way early next year.

People say:


Fighting Illusions introduced us lo the stars of kickboxing last year. K-1 Revenge features about twice as many characters, several more moves and a healthy graphic improvement. Unlike Knockout Kings, these characters look more like their real-life counterparts. While we're on the subject of KK, I'll say that the fisticuffs in K-1 are more convincing as well. A small graphical burst and a whopping thud lets you know when you've landed a blow. Atranslucem trail left by swinging arms and legs creates a cool slow-mo effect, For a "real-life" fighter, K-1 isn't bad. Each character is unique and has interesting signature moves. Learning all the regular maneuvers and special moves is key. Once that's done, you'll realize the game is fairly deep with strategy and replay value. A variable Al setting also helps keep it competitive. Bad stuff: While the characters move very quickly, the floating camera jerks around too much, killing the fluidity of the lighters. The music is classic, first-generation heavy metal fair that will surely get on your nerves. But on the whole. K-1 is as entertaining as Knockout Kings if not moreso, and the gameplay is more polished. Two-player is the best way to play by far. It's kind of a slow-starting sleeper, and while it's hardly awe-inspiring, I still had a lot of fun playing K-1 Revenge.


I started playing K-1 Revenge like it was a fighting game, maybe due to instinct. Well, it got really annoying really fast. But then I realized what was wrong: K-1 is not a fighting game like Tekken or Street Fighter--it's much more involved than either of those games. Strategy plays a major role in K-i. And after playing it with this in mind, it was much more fun. Still, the game does get repetitive, and it doesn't have long-lasting appeal.


K-1 Revenge does a great job of attempting to be a "realistic" lighter, but consequently, that's the main reason why it doesn't excite me all that much. The moves aren't varied enough, and the controls aren't as responsive as I'd have liked. It's not a bad game by any means--it's just not for everyone. Hard-core K-1 farts will appreciate the game's attention to detail, but everyone else will probably be more than satisfied with a rental.


There are very tew fighting games that emphasize realistic combat, so it's nice to see something like K-i Revenge. Ki doesn't really play like most fighting games out there, which is both a plus and a minus. It would've been nice to have better control over moves, but the action does have a grittier feel that many fighting games try to emulate The play balance Is good, and the fighters have many more moves this time around.

Adding to a whole slew of sports games that feature heavy-hitting action (like Contender and Knockout Kings), K-1 Revenge packs in the element of extra limbs along with its martial arts influence. But is kickboxing more fun to play now that K-1 Revenge is here?

The Agony of Their Feet

Although Jaleco's last kickboxing game, K-l Arena Fighters, wasn't the breakthrough success some kickboxing enthusiasts were hoping for. its new game puts all the bells and whistles into the ring. You fight one of fifteen fighters with specialized moves like killer right hooks, spinning backflsts, and knee facials--all within the parameters of your standard three-knockdown boxing match. There are also some limited combos and special moves, but don't expea to find anything flashy like burning uppercuts or fireballs. K-1 keeps it real by employing more realism than glamour.

Ail Toe Up

Will your hardcore fighting fan want to step into the ring? Probably not. The games embargo on style and its emphasis on real kickboxing substance make the gameplay one-sided. And although the graphics seem like honest representations of the popular fighters in this sport, the blocky polygons and one-dimensional crowd don't stand up against more polished games like Knockout Kings.

Standard fight sounds and sluggish controls, especially when counterattacking, don't help raise the bar for the genre. Still, Revenge is a definite improvement over last year's title and is a lot of fun to play once you master the moves, which aren't as deep as in other games. In fact, any pug can make it to the top with the right combos.

K-1 s revenge isn't as sweet as it could be, but it certainly will buck up fans of kickboxing who want a cool fighting game to showcase their passion for die sport.


  • Watch your opponent when he ducks. If you throw an uppercut, you could score big.
  • Keep the action In the center-you can't sidestep near the ropes.
  • Backing up during a fight is nothing be ashamed of. It's a great way to recharge your Stamina Gauge.
  • When your opponent's life bar is flashing red, one well-timed combo should do him In. Sidestep to get your bearings and make your opponent throw a desperation punch, then zoom in for the kill.

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