Ker Plunk Toss Across Tip It

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a game by DSI Games
Platform: GBA
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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With no real plot, or engaging storyline to follow, it can be a difficult thing to review games that are a translation of board games/lawn games. Case in point, the new DSI title that borrows from three 'Mattel'? real life games; Ker Plunk Toss Across and Tip It.

The first game, Ker Plunk involves a large cylinder that is full of marbles that are being held at the top of the cylinder by a series of properly places sticks. The object of the game is to remove the sticks one by one, and try and see how few marbles you drop (if any). Dropping marbles costs you points (you start with a certain amount) and the player (whether it's against another human taking turns, or the computer) with the most points by the last turn wins. There is no consecutively harder cylinder that comes next as you play only one game at a time, there is however a skill level selection at the beginning.

The second game, Toss Across is a remake of the large scale game of tic-tac-toe that involves tossing bean bags at the game board. Hitting any given space will spin the symbol to either 'X'? or 'O'?. You then must try and get three spaces together in a straight line (just like tic-tac-toe). The only difference is, when a player makes a space a 'X'? or 'O'?, you can try and hit that same space and change to your symbol. And given the control schematic you will inadvertently hit your own symbol and change it to your opponents. Play is also done in a turn based fashion, whether it's you and a friend or you and the computer.

The last game is, Tip It, and again it is a remake of a popular family game. In it, you spin a spinning board with arrow on it, when the arrow stops, it will be pointing at a color or 'miss a turn'? or 'replace a disk'?. This is all in reference to a large game structure each with several series' of stacks of colored disks. You must then find the appropriate color on one of the stacks and try and remove it without touching your fork (the tool you use to remove disks) to the thin straw that holds the disk in place, doing so, will result in an incomplete turn. The idea of the game is to try and remove three of the same colored disks before your opponent does.

My nephew, who I asked to assist me with this review, actually enjoyed this title quite a bit. He did not know that these games were actually real games that were available to play years ago. I myself remember Toss Across quite vividly. The game is a good example of a video game that literally any parent would feel fine about their kid playing, it's a way to play some board games that are no longer available and the multiplayer does not involve a second copy of the game or a link cable, since you pass the GBA back and forth.

Not a bad title, it just may be not what the doctor ordered for those gamers who prefer more action, or a plot, still, this is a bargain priced game and would provide a good distraction for the kids on a road trip.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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