Kick Master

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a game by Taito
Genre: Platformer
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Kick Master
Kick Master
Kick Master
Kick Master

Young achievers tend to get sucked into stressful situations. Thonolan earned his "Kick Master" degree early in life, but rather than enlist his services with the royal armed forces, he decided to make the most of his opportunity and learn even more karate kicking skills from the respected Grand Kick Master, Tasdan.

But suddenly Thonolan's blissful schooling is rudely interrupted when the sniveling sorcerer Belzed murders all the King's Knights, does in the King and Queen, spirits away Princess Silphee, and worst of all, kills Thonolan's brother, Macren. Thon must survive eight side-view Sectors of Nintendo kick-em-up if he ever hopes to set right Belzed's most heinous wrong!

Just for Kicks

As the name of Taito's new game implies, your primo killer weapon isn't a sword, fist, pistol, or whip, but a highly-trained, unshod, manicured foot. Thonolan starts off with basic martial arts moves such as the High Kick, the Sweep Kick, and the Vertical Press Kick, but as he defeats enemies and collects experience points, his level of mastery advances and he learns new techniques such as the Double Front Kick, the Double Butterfly Kick, and the devastating Blazing Flip Kick. His backup banger is a collection of magic spells, including the Earthquake, the Pulse Wave, and the Bouncing Bulb. These incantations are found along the trail to Belzed's Haunted Tower and require magic points to operate.


  • Try to earn one level of skill per Sector completed and you'll be fully prepared for Belzed at the end of the game.
  • Fly to the walled-off secret passage in Sector Eight with the Harpy Flying magic.
  • Kick away blocks to uncover new magic spells, secret power-up items, and hidden passageways. Look for the Force Shield Magic buried in the weedy section of Sector Six.

Belzed's Hangouts

All creatures great and small, and the evil dude Belzed created them all. Lizard Warriors, Skeletons, Rat Soldiers, and other nasties patrol creepy locations like the Cavern of No Return, the Bottomless Crevasse, and the Ship of Strife. Although not the best of the NES best, the stages are generally good-looking, and the music keeps your fast feet company.

  • To defeat the overgrown octopus at the end of Sector Five, shred its tentacles with kicks or magic, then leap and Vertical Press Kick its beak.
  • Use Flying Kicks from a distance to knock out the Thonolan look-alike mini-boss in Sector Seven. When the giant tarantula appears, stay low and execute a Double Butterfly Kick to hit the spider and the mini-arachnids simultaneously. Bust through its threads with kicks when necessary.
  • Leap away when the green two-headed lion boss of Sector Four fire-bolts across the screen, then finish him off with the Sliding Kick
  • Knock out Belzed's changeling guardians with aerial attacks. Then smack Belied with your flying foot over and over again when he descends, but keep moving or you'll be fired by lightning.

Kick Master Kicks

If Kick Master sounds similar to most NES side-scrolling martial arts offerings, you're right. But that doesn't mean it's not great! The challenge pushes the fast-and-furious needle almost off the scale, but that's cool because you get unlimited continues and passwords. While the characters are a bit smallish, the game-play, reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden and Shatterhand, is A-okay. If you're up for some hot 8-bit foot-to-foot combat, get your kicks in with Kick Master! defense, usually featuring two passes and two runs. On offense, you control whoever has the ball -- the quarterback and then the running back or a wide receiver. On defense, you can select any player prior to the snap, and then you can automatically switch to the player closest to the ball once the play is in motion.

  • On defense, immediately press B when the ball is hiked to control the player closest to the ball. Keep pressing B on pass plays so you can shadow the designated receiver.
  • You control your kicker on kickoff, so immediately bring him down the field to cover the return.

The graphics are monochrome versions of those from the NES version, which is good and bad. You get nice extras such as the end zone celebrations and the half time show. However, with 22 players bouncing around, it's often difficult to keep track of your players, especially when you pass.

A Football Fix

Tecmo Bowl isn't an extremely challenging game. It's intended more for people who want to play an "arcade" football game without sideline strategizing. But if you want a rock 'em sock 'em gridiron gut buster to go, Tecmo Bowl scores!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Use martial arts skills to rescue Princess Silphee from evil Belzed in eight stages of high-kicking action/adventure.

Kick Master is a game that have so much martial arts and law knowledge that I have achieved. Do you know? I have olive belt status. Having the chance to describe such a game as Kick Master works out great for me, taking into account I have always dreamed to become a superior of kicks and punches. So far I have only contrive to become a ruler of clicks when I crowned myself as a King of Internetia after reach for my fiftieth level as a dwarf trader. You are going to sell some adamantine? You must talk to me.

Game story: As you flatter with doorman and like adventure in this rank, you make the role of Thonolan, the striving martial artist who feign he's pompous because his bro is a hero knight. While two of us are chatting about boots, the kingdom is to run the attack by the evil sorcerer Belzed. They say to her, she is fat by internet. After different legal threats that contains the words "paralagal" and "libal" and some magical manipulations she transmit her evil flying praying and beg mantis henchmen to grasp in captivity the princess Selphee subdue her and interrogate to hear to all this boring tragedy.

Your brother helps you to bring your spacious martial arts training to win in the battle. In the gaming world, is usually directed as a "meat shield". Training doesn't take long time for your brothers. Plans go wrong two of you encounter your first skeleton. After fighting with him your brother dies at once.

Sound: All sound results, or SFXicle as they speak in the 'biz, don't express that terrible quality until you defeat some of the slightly bootable bosses. The impious sounds that you hear are pretty much reachable only by thrashing a cat to death with a rusted harp. All music delight is lost at this moment as you begin to evolve theories on how to make some sort of fancy earplugs so you do not have to hear this horrible screech.

Enemies: All you need to know is that all opponents are kickable. There is no enemy is more dreadful as the lower limit of the screen. You may kick sorceress, witches, ghouls, and even death with plait. But you can never punch or kick the border of the screen, because that murders you at the second.

Arms: As you advance through the stages you get the ability to earn experience, permitting you to free access to bonus types of kicks. This makes unnecessary the old video game era idea of "beating things gives you ways how to hit things in new route." You grab some kids of heads that pull out of the foes like a pinata. Ordinarily you need to jump up to grab these things.

These new movements prove so valuable that finish getting yourself murdered as you inadvertently throw yourself to the enemy jaws using your straight kick. And between fights on my authorized Tae-bo thigh master, I catch sight of that you get rather little spheres that be after you everywhere when you want them. These spheres shoot whatever and do whatever, events that I do not care about. They just block the way of my kicking.

Levels: There are eight stages within the Kick Master bonus-game, each one with more little by little annoying with jumps, falls in pits, and monsters that transforms into another monsters when you kick them.

Bosses: At finish of each level you are given somebody to kick. Generally, at every moment you are donated things for kick in rather quantity. Every boss from the middle ages is monster for you to battle. For instance, the first boss is a sorceress. The second stage is some sort of chick with a heap of werewolves that I kicked in the face. This adventure game makes kind of borin some time.

The once beautiful land of Laurlel has been destroyed by the evil Belzed who has also captured the princess. You must embark on a mission to destroy the powerful wizard and restore peace to the land. Use your kicks and other weapons to crush Belzed once and for all!

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