Rayman 2

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a game by Ubisoft
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 3 reviews, 4 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Even though it's a little late making its way over to the PlayStation, I think Rayman 2 is well worth the wait. While it's basically the same game as the Dreamcast and N64 versions (which means it's a highly polished, fun game...an average of 9 points out of 10), it has a few additions and modifications. It has all of the familiar stuff, of course (the collection of items, innovative mini-games, etc.) but some of its levels are changed--new parts have been added, tweaked or deleted altogether. In addition, voices have been added to all of the main characters (although I can't say I enjoy them very much). Obviously, the graphics aren't quite as nice as those on the DC or N64, but they're still impressive. In fact, this version retains the style of the others--a certain natural-looking cartooniness not found in most games. The camera is the only problem with the game (although it's not as bad as some 3D action/adventures out there). And for you import freaks out there: For some strange reason, the game has Pocket Station support. Pop in your Pocket Station and download 11 rather enjoyable minigames--yet another neat little addition to this port. Overall, Rayman 2 is definitely one of the better 3D action titles on the PlayStation. If you're in the mood for one, this is an excellent choice. If you already own the DC or N64 version, however, don't bother since it's essentially the same game.


If you played the Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast versions of Rayman 2, you know exactly what to expect here. Or do you? Surprisingly, this PS incarnation packs subtle variations to the level design, gameplay--even enemies. While you won't find enough new stuff here to warrant playing through it if you already beat the N64 and DC games, you will find the excellent control and gameplay variety that earned those versions such high scores. Whether it has you skiing, flying a projectile barrel or riding a bucking rocket, this adventure gives you plenty of little extra tasks to keep you busy. And the brilliant visuals translate pretty well to the PS, too.


While not nearly as pretty as its N64 and Dreamcast cousins, the PlayStation version of Rayman 2 is still a great game and a perfect first offering from Ubi Soft's Shanghai studio. Graphically, Rayman 2 is pretty damn good for the PS, and it also excels in the sound department. There were some subtle changes made to the game (a few additions, a few deletions) from the other versions, but they don't really alter the experience at all. Except for the voice--I probably could've done without that. If you don't have the option of playing the N64 or DC versions, definitely look into picking this one up. It's one of the best 3D platform games out there.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

We won't believe it until we actually hold it in our dirty little hands, but Ubi Soft swears up and down that the PlayStation version of Rayman 2 is actually going to be released soon. The first Rayman created quite a stir with its breathtaking graphics, but then again that was a 2D game. We liked this sequel on the N64 and DC, but is the PS machine enough to handle it? We'll find out this fall.

UBI Soft previewed Rayman 2 for the PlayStation. Many thought the cartoon-like graphics of the original could not be improved upon, but this sequel is vastly improved. Rayman 2 sports more animation than the original, particularly when dealing with the enemies. The graphics match the animation-they're rendered, rather than hand-drawn. It looks like a worthy sequel.


Questtons about what Rayman is aside, you can't begrudge the guy this: Hes darn cute, and his eponymous, 32-bit platform game was one of the most sumptuous-looking games to hit the market last year. Heck, it was even challenging to boot. Accordingly, UbiSoft has announced a sequel to Rayman entitled, appropriately, Rayman 2.

In the sequel, Rayman's planet has been beset by an invasion of robots from outer space. Naturally, being evil space robots, they want to destroy everything good in Rayman's world. Plants, trees, mountains, music, candy: you name it, they hate it and they won't stop until they pave the world. Who can put the clamp down on this heinous plot? Only Rayman, of course.

Rayman 2 will incorporate much more varied and complex gameplay than the first game, and will include, but not be limited to: new abilities for Rayman himself, new worlds to explore, new enemies to bust a cap into, and new music.Wow, everything you'd expect in a sequel. Look for more on Rayman 2 in our E3 issue and expect it to hit the stores by Christmas of this year.

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