a game by Ubi Soft
Platforms: GameBoy Color Playstation Atari Jaguar
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Editor Rating: 8.9/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 11 votes
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For the best graphics on the Jaguar, not to mention animation, there is a new game called Rayman on its way. Rayman is a cartoony hero whose only weapons at the beginning are his fists and his frightening face. The whole game looks like a cartoon, and Jaguar fans should love it.

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Game Reviews


Oh. how cute! What a delightful little kid's game. That Rayman is just so neat! My first impression was totally off on this one. Once I dove into the game. I realized that this was no kid s game, but an intricate plot to lure you into a false sense of security.


Everything! This game is totally cool. The graphics are nothing less than spectacular. The colors are vibrant and full of life. The backgrounds jump out and grab you. The music is also nothing short of phenomenal. The soundtrack brings you into the game.


Nothing that I could find.


If you want a game that will make you want to sacrifice many hours of sleep, then Rayman is for you. The levels are just complex enough to keep you interested and the enemies are hard enough to keep you thinking. It's a definite addition to anyone's library of games.

  • MANUFACTURER - Ubi soft
  • THEME - Adventure

People say:


Ubi Soft certainly has a good thing going. Rayman is a great character, and this game has perfect animation and backgrounds with enough colors to awaken those tired rods and cones in your eyeballs. While Rayman looks and plays just like its cartridge-based counterparts, this PlayStation version has one feature that really impressed me--the terrific music. When I run out to buy my PSX, Rayman will definitely be one of the games I bring home with me.


Contrary to the early belief that the PlayStation can't do side-scrolling games very well, Rayman comes out shining in many ways. The game's visuals can be easily noted among the best, with lots of detail and animation that rivals the animation that comes out of Disney. The music is also great, even though it's geared to a much younger listening crowd. The play control takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get it down, it's pretty easy. I like this game.


This is one of the coolest action games I've seen in a long time. The PlayStation not only looks great, but it also plays really well. The visual effects on some of the levels have to be seen. Hopefully the players out there will look past the cutsy character. This one is loaded with techniques and secrets. The music is really neat. too. Rayman is a top-notch action game that excels in every way. This CD proves that the PlayStation can do a worthwhile side-scroller. Great!


What is that little dude and where did he come from? Whatever it is, there is no mistaking the cute look for the simply breathtaking graphics! If you think you've see the mascot concept done to death, you've never played Rayman. There are tons of techniques and loads of game play that complement the cool sounds and awesome eye candy. At first you may think it is all look and no play--wrong! This is one of the freshest side-scrollers in a while. Try it, you'll like it.

If Raymari is any indication of the quality of upcoming PlayStation games, it's going to be a great Christmas for Sony's new machine. Rayman is a dazzling delight and ranks as one of the most visually appealing games of this or any year.

Fey Ray

Rayman is a wonderful new character on the gaming scene. After debuting impressively on the jaguar last month, he now brings his cheerful jumping and flying antics to the PlayStation.

The gamepiay seems simple enough: You bounce Rayman through six main worlds, punching out cute enemies and dodging perilous obstacles. Each world is themed: Band Land, for instance, puts razor-sharp notes and bleating brass instruments in your path. Prepare to be surprised as you explore Rayman's unique geography.

Much of the fun is generated by Rayman's many moves. As you progress, you're granted new abilities, so eventually you'll learn how to fly, throw extra-long punches, swing through the air, ride a giant mosquito, grow flowers to create new platforms, and more. Some of the moves and timing may frustrate younger gamers -expect to practice before you're a Raymaster.

Ray-diant Graphics

Wait till you see these graphics! The beautiful backgrounds and imaginative enemies look like scenes from the best animated movies. Sharp, colorful, and eye-popping, this game is almost as fun to watch as it is to play.

The sounds are equally enchanting. Lush music creates rich atmospheres for the action, and all manner of clever sound effects add humor and interest. Only the lack of memorable voices, such as those in Gex, limits the sonic fun.

RayStation Romp

Don't be deceived by the beautiful worlds that lie ahead: This game's challenge is formidable. The enemies are many, the worlds are huge, and your targeting and maneuvering must be absolutely precise (a memory card is highly recommended for saving games).

But what a payoff if you do survive to see all of this amazing universe! Rayman is the real deal; playing it will help you understand what all the PlayStation fuss is about.


  • As you fly through Anguish Lagoon, you can nail most enemies, but avoid die mMttable flying hammers.
  • To get a small screen. of the game at the top of the main screen, hft Start to pause gameplay. Hold Button R2 and tap these buttons: Circle, Circle, Left Arrow, Circle, and Circle. Use the same steps to remove the small screen.
  • As you fly among Band Land's vertical clarinets, jump when you're in front of the honking horns to get extra lift.
  • In the Dream Forest, bop the purple berries into the water and use 'em as floating platforms to reach power-ups.
  • In the Eraser Plains, avoid oily surfaces, or you'll quickly slide uncontrollably to your doom.

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