Kickle Cubicle

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a game by Irem Corp.
Genre: Puzzles & Words
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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  • Number of Levels: 100+
  • Theme: Puzzle
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Available: December 1990

Chaos in the Kingdom!

It once was a peaceful kingdom of friendly, kind people. Unfortunately, this land didn't stay so serene as a wicked wizard king wanted everything for himself. Using his magic powers the wizard quickly overpowered the helpless people, put everybody including Princess Mira, into "dream bags", and turned the entire kingdom into a frozen wasteland.

It is your job as Kickle to progress through all of the areas within each of the four lands in the country and eliminate all of the Wizard's henchmen and rescue your friends who are held captive in a dreamless sleep.

Kickle Cubicle is a captivating puzzle game much on the lines of the old coin-op game Pengo. More recently though, it contains similar concepts seen in the Lolo series of NES carts where planning and strategy is more important than quick moves.

Your main weapon is your 'chilling' ice breath. Breathe on the enemy and they instantly freeze! Give them a kick and they're out of your way! Clear a couple dozen mazes and you come to the end of the land you're in where you must then beat one of the Boss creatures.

Throw in springs, hammers, bonus stages and secret traps and the game quickly turns into a puzzle game with levels which start easy but increase in difficulty as you get better!

  • Kickle contains over 100 different and challenging puzzles!
  • You can walk on water! To get to islands, freeze a Noggle and push him into the water to form a bridge you can walk on!
  • Occasionally you may uncover one of Princess Mira's rings. Get it and go to the Bonus Stage!
  • Use the hammer for turning cubes. Push one at it, and the hammer will hit it away!
  • Get to the end of a land and be prepared to take on one of the Wizard's Bosses.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: IREM

For the Nintendo Entertainment System

I'm a sucker for games like Kickle Cubicle. There's plenty of them out there: cute, simple-minded contests of Japanese design, with bright colors, bouncy music and a short, round main character. These games have a family tree that can be traced back to Pac-Man and beyond. In fact, the whole Mario Bros. saga is like a "cute" game that got out of control.

Kickle Cubicle is recommended for five-to 12-year olds - but, hey, we're all kids at heart! Kickle is an intrepid little squirt who innocently stumbles into an elaborate scheme of evil involving stolen palaces and four kidnapped princesses. Of course, that's the oldest plot device in the history of video gaming, and it doesn't give you much motivation. But this is a game of strategic action, not blind pursuit - and when you're approached by talking vegetables, it's hard to ignore their impassioned pleas for assistance!

The main action borrows elements from a number of similar contests, from the classic Pengo arcade game to current maze/puzzle titles like The Adventures of Lolo. One screen at a time, our hero must find a way to pick up the scattered "dream bags" while avoiding the restless inhabitants of the Fantasy Kingdom. Though contact with any of these odd-shaped creatures costs you one of three lives, most of them don't pursue you directly.

Kickle's equipped, "freezing breath", as well as an unlimited supply of ice pillars that can be placed almost anywhere. The object is to use the obstacles to direct the movement of your opponents, who can be frozen into ice cubes. If there are any treasures on the screen that are unreachable, you can get to them by building bridges with these cubes.

This alone is not enough to keep your interest for more than a few minutes, so the programmers have added a bit of a twist to each new screen. There are sharp-edged stars that roll around the walls, springs that send the cubes flying back in your face, rotating gun turrets, cubes that change back into living creatures when you try to push them - and that's just the first level! There are four levels in all, each consisting of 16 or 17 "puzzles".

The music is okay, but the same theme plays during each screen and wears thin before the game's halfway point. Losing games can be continued indefinitely until the NES is turned off, at which point a password can be used to record your progress.

Visually, the game is a delight. There's not a lot of graphic detail, but the cartoonish animation is really vivid, thanks to an overabundance of rich color. Neat intermissions lead to the end boss of each level, whose defeat allows Kickle to meet one of the princesses.

Sadly, these tall, buxom beauties look untouchable to our hero Kickle, who is short, bald and pale beneath his fuzzy, red earmuffs. But they're always grateful and beg him to continue on his intrepid quest.

There's no middle ground in forming an opinion on Kickle Cubicle; either you love it or you hate it. Kids are sure to enjoy it, and so are people like me who know how to appreciate this type of light-hearted foolishness.

Others may find this game too sugar- coated and won't touch it with a ten-foot pole. Heck, even the title is cute. It's the kind of name that kids like to say out loud, just because it sounds funny. I can hear it now: "Daddy, I wanna play Kickle Cubicle!"

Don't let Kickle's "nice guy" image fool you. He's really the hot new hero in this relentless strategy-action game on NES. He plays it cool while blowing away the bad guys with lethal kicks and blizzard breath.

Discover why Nintendo Game Counselors rated Kickle Cubicle so highly. "Icin' on the cake" game-play features include:

  1. Numerous obstacles and traps in over 100 maze-like courses that send shivers of excitement up and down the spine.
  2. Increasingly difficult levels which make Kickle Cubicle impossible to put down.

Kickle Cubicle (in Japan known as "Meikyuu Shima") is a puzzle game published for the NES by Irem. Gameplay is similar to the game series called Adventures of Lolo.


The main hero Kickle wakes up one morning with the aim to find his fatherland, the Fantasy Kingdom, bewitched into the ice by the Wicked Wizard King, who has dungeon jail with prisoners in Dream Bags. Kickle saved oneself and was unaffected to Wicked Wizard King magic. Thus, Kickle decide to rescue the Kingdom with his hero abilities, features etc. (Heh, does he has has it?) Yes! Kickle has the freezing breath. He uses to transform the aggressors into ice and use that Ised enemies against his general foe.


The gamer must take a trip per the four 'Lands' in the Fantasy Kingdom, in which connection Kickle travels in a fixed sequence. Each world has a main boss at the end od the stage. The player has to solve a some puzzles that located on frozen islands. To pass any the level Kickle has to accumulate the red Dream Bags. There are some sorts of opponents in the stages, touching them is lethal. Kickle may use his special abbility - freezing breath to transform few foes into ice and then apply them to craft walways like ice briges on water or to destroy other oppponents. Kickle may also employ his feature to craft a ice column in front of himself to by way of block.


Both versions - U.S. and Japanese of game Kickle Cubicle appears a person Kid Niki from Kid Niki: Radical Ninja game designed by Data East. To see him, first press the A button (located at Controller 2) and second turn on the game. Continue holding button A until the title screen comes, and Kid Niki shall appear.

The Japanese version differ, beccause have more opponents appears in the rather stages. In the both versions, the gamer can try the rather worlds in any turn. In the North American publication, the going through the game is fixed.

Kickle Cubicle is a cute looking puzzle game which puts you inside a series of mazes. It is your job to reescue your friend on the other side of the maze. Unfortunately the path is incomplete and to fill the necessary gaps you must kick an iceblock in just the right way as to have it push the enemy into the water and form a temporary bridge for you. Secret traps and other obstacles await you.

People say:


Kickle Cubicle is not fast action. It is not full of vile monsters. It is, however, probably one of the best action puzzle games ever to appear on the NES, with Pengo game play and cute graphics. Ignore the look, this is one HOT game not just for kiddies.


Wow! Don't let the kiddie looks fool you. It is a great strategy game combining the block kicking entertainment of the old game Pengo with strategy similar to that found in Lolo. Starts easy but developes nicely into a very challenging game.


Another cute game with puzzle action and addictive game play. Kickle has elements from the ancient hit Pengo and some new techniques as well. Kickle ranks with similar block pushing games and throws in better action to boot!


An old favorite from my journeys to Japan. This is one of those 'hard to put down' action puzzle games! Colorful, comical, and musical madcap fun. Splash! Make an ice cube and push it! Knock 'em out in cute and clever ways!

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