a game by Mindscape, and Audiogenic
Genres: Board Games, Puzzles & Words
Platforms: NESNES GameBoy
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Round and round

Ever feel like you're going in circles? With Loopz, that's exactly what you do! As you are handed pieces of different sizes and shapes, you must create a loop, wiping out the board. Sound easy? Well, try again! These shapes aren't just plain old right angles! They tend to twist and turn in a snakelike way, and you'll need some quick fingers and a little brain power to figure out this puzzle extravaganza! Try to make it through all 10 tortuous levels, if you can. In the meantime, you can challenge the 2 bonus games and see if you are really up to the Loopz challenge. Complete with 3 one-player games and 2 strategic two-player games.

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Published by Mindscape, Inc. and developed by Audiogenic Software Ltd, the puzzle video game was released in 1990.

The main goal is to make loops. Random pieces are presented over a board, including simple lines, corners, 'S'-bends and other warped shapes, of varying sizes. The player needs to link them up in a loop form and then move on to the next level. Any pieces that are not part of a finished loop are left on the screen, when a level is completed.

There are three play modes, two of which can be played with two players. The A game is freestyle – you only make loops, gaining extra points for style and size. Game B is about unlocking bonus boards, reaching a certain score. The third mode starts with an already made loop and then removes random pieces of it - the player must place them back.

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