Machine Hunter

a game by MGM
Genre: Action
Platforms: Playstation, PSX
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Machine Hunter is similar to a top-down version of Spider mixed with levels and enemies who look like they were plucked right from Loaded. The stages are multilayered and incorporate staircases, thin ledges as well as gates, doors and switches that allow further exploration into the depths of the levels. Machine Hunter uses directional shooting with the four buttons similar to the all-too-famous classic title, Robotron. Power-ups and bonuses also await adventuring players.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

It has been everything from H.O.S.T. to Suicide Run. Now the top-down, action-packed shooter is known as Machine Hunter. Sure, it's a little confusing, but what's in a name anyway?

Readers who have been following this game know it to be a top-down bloodfest like Loaded was but with more of a strategic edge.

Machine Hunter plays like Robotron X in that by hitting the different buttons (like the X, 0, Triangle and Square buttons) the main character will shoot in those directions. This way gamers won't have to turn around to shoot. They can just keep charging forward, continuing toward their mission objective ).

The graphics in the game are similar to Loaded but tend to be brighter. On top of this, look for some levels that go outside and in locations that resemble a swamp or bayou. Of course, there are the standard underground complex, mechanical levels as well.

Machine Hunter allows gamers to not only destroy hundreds of blood-squirting enemies but also become different robots to kill even more blood-squirting enemies. There are 10 classes to become-nine droids and one human (who you are in the beginning of the game).

The different robots that your character can don have their own type of attack. Some are also more powerful than others. Keep an eye out for some incredible graphic effects when some of these robots shoot. But don't get too crazy with the effects because after awhile, the weapon's power level will go down. By destroying another robot of the same type though, players can replenish their weapon's power supply.

Gamers will need plenty of firepower in the game's 15+ levels considering the number of enemies in each-not counting the Bosses. In some levels, players will have to blow up a central core and then escape, while in other levels the mission is only to rescue a certain number of fellow humans and then find the exit.

The levels in Machine Hunter are very big. so finding your way around isn't an easy task. That's another reason Machine Hunter isn't just about blood and guts-but that can be a bonus of sorts. The game features a detailed wire frame map that can be accessed at any point during the game.

Along with these big levels are some huge Bosses to go up against. Some take up more than one screen and don't mess around when it comes to taking you out of commission. But this is nothing a droid's firepower and some fancy maneuvering can't take care of.

This one's been coming out for a while now, and a specific release date has yet to be decided.

  • MANUFACTURER - Eurocom
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

Shooter fans, take note: Machine Hunter provides nonstop action for the PlayStation. Alien invaders have infested a futuristic mining colony and taken the humans captive. You go in solo or with a friend to take out the nasties and rescue the hostages. You'll explore endless mazelike levels from a dizzying overhead perspective as you work your way into the heart of the mine.

The gameplay may remind you of Loaded, with its detailed graphics and in-depth, mazelike environments. Machine Hunter, however, has some unique aspects, such as its emphasis on moving up and down from level to level, the ability to independently move and shoot 360 degrees (a la Ro-botron X), and the ability to morph into powerful robots with different firepower. Secret passages, power-ups, and a detailed map feature add to the fun. The ammo's unlimited, and the enemies are plenty. So load up and rock and roll!


  • Shoot everywhere to reveal hidden power-ups and to gain access to other areas.
  • Sometimes the most direct route is to drop off a ledge onto a lower level.
  • In two-player co-op mode, stay tight with your partner and cover each other's backs as you move.
  • Ammo's unlimited, so continuously shoot ahead as you explore new territory.
  • Although the map shows where you've explored, if you look closely, it also hints at the layout for the rest of the level.


Sharp graphics feature 4 s ambient lighting, subtle shading effects, and minute details such as tracking blood trails. The overhead camera angle creates a believable sense of height and depth in each level.


Sound effects are minimal but appropriate for this type of game. Crisp blasts, footsteps, and bloody splats set the perfect mood for carnage.


The controls are smooth and very responsive to onscreen action. The characters move effortlessly throughout each level and have the ability to shoot 360 degrees.

Fun Factor

The most fun is the two-player mode where you create total havoc with a buddy. Machine Hunter has enough challenges, mazes, and gameplay to capture the attention of gamers of all calibers.


Once again, we find ourselves in the future. This time, the Earth has been raped of all its resources, forcing the population to seek out other inhabitable planets. The planet Mars fits the bill, so mining colonies have been set up. With the help of technology, robots have been programmed to do all of the labor. These robots have been given a synthetic brain and are programmed to do their job intelligently. Well, life was good until the aliens decided to invade the mining colony and reprogram the robots, making them into killers. That is where you step in. You are a Machine Hunter, sent from Earth to stop the robots.

Pretty impressive story, eh? What you are really looking at in Machine Hunter is a top-down perspective shooter in the vein of Loaded. The game does boast 16 levels of maze-like worlds to explore, as well as a cool feature that lets you take over the bodies of the machines you kill. The huge levels will keep you exploring, but does the gameplay keep you wanting more of Machine Hunter?


Like I mentioned above, Machine Hunter feels a lot like Loaded. Both games are top-down perspective shoot-em-ups that leave all enemies dead in pools of their own blood. In Machine Hunter, each level has an objective to be accomplished before you can exit, but the more important, implicit objective is staying alive, which is difficult enough.

You will encounter a number of different enemies, each wanting to make sure you don't complete your objective. The enemies range from your standard alien army soldiers to tanks to super robots. The one thing that makes this game different from the others like it is your ability to take over the robots, or machines, you kill. This is cool because you play the game as different characters instead of just as a human. Each robot has its own special weapons and abilities. And when you kill a robot and take on its form, you will receive a full energy supply. If your robot dies, you pop out in your human form with a full energy supply also. This gives you some extra life, and a little better chance of survival—after all, you will need every bit of it.

Each of the levels you battle through are huge: not only do you search the flat ground, but you also can search multiple layers, up and down. You can move up stairs and walk on roofs, battling meanines wherever the developers could imagine. This adds an innovative perspective and dimension to the game.

On the down side, the gameplay becomes quite repetitive. I was waiting for something new to happen each level but it was basically the same. Sure, the enemies and objectives changed, but you still basically did the same thing. After about four levels, I started to get a little bored with it. The large levels in Machine Hunter do have up sides but they also have their down sides. Since the levels are so huge, I got to the point where if I died in the middle of the level, I was not too excited about having to battle for another hour just to get back to the point at which I died.

Machine Hunter does offer a two-player split-screen mode that lets you and a buddy play in a cooperative mode or a deathmatch. This added a bit of excitement to the levels. I usually enjoy games that you can play together with another person because it spices things up a little. For a split screen, the game played fairly well, but it was still a split screen.


The graphics in this game were done really well. It does have the dark effect to set the mood, but it works. The levels were all designed and drawn excellently. The one area in the graphics that really worked was the perception of depth. Since the game is not on just a flat side-to-side plane, but also up-and-down, it had to have been difficult to give the feeling of true 3D. Machine Hunter makes it work, and most of the time, it was fairly obvious what was up, down or side to side.

Bottom Line

This is a pretty decent game that you should enjoy for a while. I found myself growing bored with it after some time, but it is still worth a look. If you are a fan of the Loaded-type games, you will probably love this one. There are enough new features—like taking over the machines after you kill them—to make this title carry some originality, but it does have the feel of games past.

Machine Hunter is shaping up to be a great-looking overhead-view shooter with a couple of cool twists. For one, you can pilot different droids once you defeat certain enemies. For another, it features multilayered terrain where you can scale ramps and see action taking place below you.

The graphics in the preview version are topnotch. Movement is smooth, unhampered by slowdown, and the graphics feature effective light sourcing.

Machine Hunter's solid selection of weapons, including plasma cannons and grenade launchers, and bizarre alien terrains could make it a good choice for Loaded lackeys looking for a new thrill.

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