Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms

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a game by Sega
Platform: PC
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Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms

BIGGER, BOLDER AND certainly more crowded than any Total War expansion yet, Kingdoms is set to feature not one, but four hugely different campaigns set in heftily different situations, even if the common theme of blood on rusty metal prevails. The dusty siege-filled Crusades get a look in, as do the Germanic scraps that were the Teutonic Wars, a military plunge down into the more central bits of the Americas and some barneys on home turf with the Britannia campaign. Compared to Barbarian Invasion and Alexander, Kingdoms contains a trebuchet-load of extra goodness, being primed and ready to fire by The Creative Assembly offices over in Australia...

The Bigger Picture

Ready To Play?

There'll 23 playable factions, including the crazy face-painted mugs of the Aztecs and the Native Americans. All medieval life is here, and they're all power-hungry.

History Now

As well as covering all manner of important historical events, some leading figures of large-scale slaughter will be present on the battlefield, each with a few personal death-bringing tricks for use on the hapless enemy.

Point To Point

Should you take over a vital strategic point you'll now have the option to build goliath forts to help you fend off your rivals, or simply garrison your troops for later offensives.

Kebabs Included

What with all the new factions, 150 new units have been drafted in to complement them - including the wonderful-sounding Greek Flamethrower. Who knew the Greeks had flamethrowers?

Praise Be

It isn't all about the on-screen warmongering - when you're plotting your machinations from up on high, you'll now have tech trees that are influenced by Religion and Prestige.

Rescue Me

On the battlefield, you'll now be able to control multiple armies in battle, including reinforcements who'll hopefully be appearing Gandalf-style, just when all hope seems lost.

Get Out The Map

There'll be new mission modes in single-player, but if you're a slave to multiplayer, you'll be overjoyed to hear that there'll be six new scenarios and 20 new Custom Battle maps with which to smite your friends.

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