NBA 2K18

a game by Visual Concepts
Genre: Sports
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
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NBA 2K18
NBA 2K18
NBA 2K18
NBA 2K18

It can be kind of hard for the NBA 2K series to stand out and NBA 2K18 certainly did try something a little different for the 2018 version of the game. It is known as THE basketball series and for good reason too.

Taking My Player To The Next Level

My Player has long been a staple of the NBA 2K series. Many fans loving being able to make themselves and strive for NBA glory or even create a legend from the past. For NBA 2K18, 2K introduced a mode called, The Neighborhood which in its idea was very ambitious and would serve as the hub world for your My Player. The Neighborhood is a pretty good size and you can go talk to other players, challenge them to pick up games, you can learn some cool new movies and of course you can change the way your My Player looks. The idea for My Neighborhood is pretty solid and it works better than many people thought it would.

Taking It To The Court

What makes the NBA 2K series so popular is how it plays on the court. The problem is (if you can call it a problem) is that 2K has really perfected the basketball formula and as a result, the last few games have just had a few tweaks here and there. What I feel NBA 2K18 tries to do is make you be more of a cerebral basketball player by making you think before you act. The days of just driving to the hoop with your best ball handler are long gone. What I found is that the AI in NBA 2K18 is much stronger than it has been in past years. I think this is actually done quite well and it never feels “unfair” most of the time they stop a play, intercept the ball or prevent you from scoring is down to your own failure. One other thing that I really like in NBA 2K18 is how players stand out. Now granted there are a ton of players who do feel the same, but the superstars like your Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, and LeBron James all have their own feel to them and that is cool.

What Is The Story?

A couple of years back, NBA 2K had an actual story mode that I thought was pretty good. In NBA 2K18 there is a narrative that runs alongside GM Mode. It is actually pretty cool and something as a hardcore player of GM Mode that I actually had a lot of fun with. Dealing with players and the office is really cool and adds to the stress of trying to make your team the best in the NBA. This is the first time that they have done this so it is something that I hope stays in GM Mode and something that the people at 2K expand upon. There are choices to be made, but none really feel all that important.

Just Like TV!

One thing that the NBA 2K series is known for is its presentation and NBA 2K18 is no different. This is a game that is just pure eye candy! Some players do look a little off, but for the most part, 2K have nailed the majority of the NBA roster. As well as great looking players I love all the little attention to detail that are in the various arenas.

MBA 2K18 (The M Stands For Microtransactions!)

I think that NBA 2K18 is a solid basketball game, but there is one thing that really does bring the game down. The Microtransactions are flat out disgusting in this game. These are a part of gaming these days, but NBA 2K18 feels very unfair with the way it does Microtransactions. My Player is going to always have its hand out trying to get money out of you and it is very annoying. I would hate to imagine the kind of grinding you would have to do in order to avoid spending money.

Final Thoughts On NBA 2K18

On the court, NBA 2K18 plays a great game of basketball. This is the most fun I have had with GM Mode in years and think adding storylines was a neat idea. The way the player's actually play feels great and I love how you have to earn each point that you get. What really leaves a sour taste in my mouth is those Microtransactions. Honestly, I would have given this game close to a 9 had it not been because of the Microtransactions, but the way the game always has its hand out asking for more money is a bit much.



  • The game looks like a TV broadcast
  • Forces you to be smart about how you play
  • GM Mode is the best it has ever been
  • The small gameplay tweaks do make it better
  • The Neighborhood is a nice adding to My Player


  • Microtransactions are a flat out rip off!
  • It does take a while to get good at the game

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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