NCAA Final Four 2001

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a game by Killer Game
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 5.3/10, based on 1 review, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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NCAA Final Four 2001
NCAA Final Four 2001
NCAA Final Four 2001
NCAA Final Four 2001

989 Sports has put Final Four 2001 through a complete overhaul. New graphics, Al, animation and so on. Over 300 teams and every Division 1 conference are present. Motion-capture of several former players show off maneuvers like the tomahawk jam, turn-around jumper and deep fade-aways. Modified player models feature several body types. Up to eight players can play using the multitap. NCAA Final Four 2001 is slated for a November 2000 release.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

While it has yet to spawn a huge hit, the Final Four series is improving steadily. By all indications this October release should be the best yet. Things like the game pace, rim physics (the way a ball rocks around before it goes in or out) and player animation are much better this year. New character models and arena graphics are tighter as well. For the all-important dunk, 989 Sports motion-captured Jason Kidd, Jerry Stackhouse and several others for a total of 50 new jam animations. Quinn Buckner is back along with the 6th Man Meter and more than 300 division 1 teams. This may be the year Final Four finally surpasses ShootOut.

People say:


Let's see...989's version of this game for the NBA (ShootOut), while not great, has better overall production value and slicker features. Need a college B-ball game? EA's March Madness is better playing and sports a more in-depth national championship mode. That leaves Final Four 2001 squarely at the bottom of the pack as far as PlayStation roundball is concerned, and leaves you with one less game to worry about buying. The visuals, even considering the PlayStation's age, are lacking in a big way. There's just no clarity, and it hampers gameplay when guys get all bunched together. I can't even tell who has the ball sometimes. Speaking of gameplay. you won't see anything new here. The patented 989 shot meter, which I hate, is back for total control shooting. This is supposed to be a more accurate system than just letting go of the button at the top of a jump shot, but I think it's an unnecessary extra. It's also lame in the sense that it totally negates the effectiveness of a pump fake: The bar. obviously, doesn't come up on the pump fake, which tells the other player that it's a fake shot. Dumb. Finally, during repeated season action I defeated top teams with lowly ranked schools on a regular basis. I guess 989 figured every school should be pretty decent, but that's the point of college hoops-huge underdogs and long-standing powers. I'll be saving my cash for March Madness 2001.


Jaded hardcore gamers who didn't give a rat's ass about sports games used to always tell me that the only difference between each year's update was the rosters. Usually I just told them that was a load of crap, but sequels like this are exactly what fuels that sort of talk. NCAA looks and feels just like last year's game--not bad. not great. There's a few new animations, a new interface, and some commentary y but the biggest adjustment is--whoopee--updated rosters! I know the PS one is on its last legs, but this series should have been put on hold until it could launch on the PSa. It just doesn't seem like 989 Sports has their heart in it anymore.


I have the same complaint about FF 2001 as I did with ShootOut 2001--the players stand around too much. Everything is fine until the shot goes up, after that it's flat-foot city. It hinders the flow of the contest and looks cheesy. Other than that, it's the same ol' game with some slight tweaks and mods. The ball still rocks around the rim a lot, but falls in more often than not--that's nice. The skill levels are a little strange. On Freshman you can drain threes all day, yet on Senior you can hardly dribble down court without the ball getting stolen. It's a bit cheap on the Junior level as well. Overall it's "eh, OK" but not all that much different than the last version.

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