NCAA March Madness 99

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a game by Electronic Arts, Inc.
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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NCAA March Madness 99
NCAA March Madness 99
NCAA March Madness 99
NCAA March Madness 99

The Madness is once again smashing its way into college gyms everywhere as NCAA March Madness '99 gets ready to take center court for the new season. EA Sports is going for the complete collegiate package by improving every aspect of last years outstanding title, offering revamped player models; 40 new plays; new animations like leaners,fadeaways.and cross-over dribbles; on the fly subs;and 107 men's and 16 womens Division I teams.

Madness is also going to include accurate conference tournaments, user-controlled dunks, and new Practice,Three-Point Shootout, and Arcade play modes.To make the experience complete, a Dynast/mode will enable you to play multiple seasons with your favorite team. It's time to get your game face on and prepare for what already looks to be the best college hoops game this side of Rupp Arena.

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Game Reviews

EA Sports Is raising the college-hoops roof once again with the much-improved NCAA March Madness '99.

Dynasty in the Making

EA Sports is slamming the excitement of college basketball into the homes of PlayStation bailers everywhere with the follow-up to last years hot title, NCAA March Madness '99.

The game's developer, Score Board Productions, has not only updated the player models and animations, but it's also looking to include everything a college fan could hope for. For starters, MM99 will include the Dynasty mode that was supposed to be in MM98. which will let you play several decades with your favorite school. To go along with this outstanding feature, you'll also be in charge of recruiting new talent to fill the spots left by vacating seniors.

Other awesome extras include accurate conference tournaments (including a Sweet 16 womens tourney), an Arcade mode, and a three-point shootout. In addition to the 107 men's and 16 women's Division I teams, you'll be able to hoop it up with 20 historical men's teams, including the Michigan team of '93 led by the Fab Five and .the '82 Tar Heels with Mr. Jordan and company.

Gimme the Rock, Fool!

The preview copy we fired up featured sweet-looking bailers and superb-looking stadiums. The player animations are more varied this year, including leaners, fadeaway jumpers, crossover dribbles, and in-your-face slams--and, yes, you can still break the backboard. The only big problems in this unfinished version were the frame rate and the player control, which need to be fine-tuned before the game's release. Depending on how good 989's Final Four '99 is, NCAA March Madness '99 could very well end up with its second national championship.

Think you're good enough to make it to the big dance? Find out with EA Sports' March Madness 99.

White last year's March Madness earned high marks for realism and gameplay, it was a bit lacking in one key area--attitude. Hoping to remedy this, EA Sports has added a hip-hop soundtrack featuring DJ Q-Bert of Invisbl Skratch Picklz and player-controlled dunks that let you take it to the hole in style. A brand-new Momentum Meter lets you ignite the crowd like never before, giving your team that fabled "sixth player," found only in college basketball. Interactive crowd chants and more than 60 licensed fight songs further add to March Madness 99's collegiate atmosphere.

March Madness 99 doesn't skimp on statistical depth, either; the game tracks all 107 of its Division-1 teams on the road to the Final Four, allowing you to follow your favorite team (or its most bitter rival) on the CBS Sportsline Poll or Electronic Arts' very own EA Sports Poll. The game even awards the Naismith and Wooden Awards to two deserving athletes.

March Madness 99 looks better than ever thanks to new player animations, such as leaners, fade-away jumpers and cross-over dribbles, and an impressive TV-style presentation that captures the action from every conceivable angle.

March Madness 99 also gives the ladies their "props" by including 16 of the finest Division-1 women's teams. You also get 20 historical men's teams, an ultra-deep Dynasty Mode and a three-point Shootout, making March Madness 99 one of the premier PlayStation hoops titles available.

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