a game by Ultra Soft
Genre: Arcade Classics
Platforms: GameBoy Color NESNES
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 2 reviews
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  • Type: Action
  • Levels of Play: 36
  • Release: Jul, 1989
  • Difficulty: Easy

Q*Bert has jumped straight from the arcades to the NES! This cube-hopping arcade legend lives on this faithful translation from Konami. In Q*Bert you must guide the two legged nose around a pyramid comprised of cubes. As he hops from cube to cube, the surface of the cubes will change. As the game becomes more difficult, it requires multiple hits before the cube is the right color. A cast of wierd and wacky characters stand in Q*Bert's way and mess up his blocks.

People say:


Q*Bert was always one of my favorite arcade games and Konami's gotten it just about perfect! The graphics look pretty much the same, and although that strange voice is missing, the sounds are close as well. The control will draw complaints from some, but two built-in modes help out.


Yes, Konami's version of Q*Bert is true to the arcades, but just like the coin-op it is too repetitive and has only one screen. Like all the other versions, this one has sloppy controls too. This many have been cute in '84, but today's game need more than the same screen with little variety.


This is a good translation from the original arcade QBert game. There's not much to say, it's QBert.


Konami's version is good for QBert, but it's too old. The graphics are alright, but the game doesn't demand too much. You have to like QBert to like this game.

Game Reviews

An arcade and platform game published by Gottlieb, designed by Jeff Lee and Warren Davis, and released in 1982.

With two legs and a huge nose the orange creature hops diagonally around on a pyramid-like structure and changes the color (from blue to yellow) of the blocks it goes down. The player, maneuvering the creature, must keep away from almost all moving things and characters while trying to lure spring-like snake called Coily to his fall by jumping off the pyramid’s edge onto one of the flying disks. Also there are such enemies as the pig-like creature Ugg, the sharp-toothed Wrong-Way who moves upside down, friendly green Slicks and Sam with the white bulging eyes. There are nine levels in the game; each of them has four rounds. The first levels are not that hard to play, the player’s only task is just to hop once on each square. Further on, levels become more challenging: cubes are to be touched two times and if they get hopped on again, change back to the wrong color.

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