Mega Man Legends

Download Mega Man Legends and join the Blue Bomber in a new 3D adventure! Explore a mysterious island, battle robotic enemies, and uncover ancient secrets in this action-packed game. Can Mega Man save the world once again? Play now!
a game by Capcom
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: PC, Playstation
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 9 votes
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Mega Man Legends
Mega Man Legends
Mega Man Legends

People say:


It ain't without its flaws, but Mega Man Legends is still a fun diversion from all that side-scrolling Mega Man same ol same ol'. Instead of a 3D take on the series' platform formula, MML is more of an adventure-RPG hybrid--and a very simple one at that. You'll spend much of the game wandering through its central city, talking to people, going on miniquests and building up Mega Man with a variety of familiar arm weapons (the Grenade Arm, Drill Arm, etc.) and parts for his trusty Buster Gun. You'll spend just as much time down in the dungeons, battling enemies and seeking the raw materials needed to complete miniquests and enhance Mega Man's weaponry. Trouble is, the dungeons themselves are visually bland (although the rest of the game looks cool, in an angular, functional sort of way), while combat is repetitive and often far from an intense ordeal--despite frequent Boss encounters. The game's just too easy (although you can replay it at a harder difficulty once you beat it). The control could be better, too; Mega Man is too slow to turn. Tapping a shoulder button snaps your attention to the nearest enemy, but doing so also locks you in place, making you an easy target. MML is a short game if you rush through it, but it should last about 20 hours if you take your time with the miniquests.


I hate the graphics, Mega Man's Canadian accent sounds ridiculous, the control system sucks the big one, and the fact that you can't skip through story/talky bits is annoying. I had high hopes for this, but its lack of originality and grating childish humor and presentation really bugged me. There's plenty to do, and you can make it last (read: drag), thanks to lots of subquests and weapon mods - but it all seems so boring.


I found Mega Man Legends to be surprisingly decent, despite the fruity dialogue and the overall shortness of play (15 hours ain't bad, but with its RPG-ish elements, I was hoping for much more). Unlike my peers, I actually like the control setup, though analog control would've been nice. Another thing I like is that all of the cinematics are in real time, and very well done.


Well, this certainly is a different kind of game for the Blue Bomber. Mega Man Legends combines the action and RPG genres, doing neither very well, yet it manages to be a fun diversion for a few days. The game is fairly short; you should be able to beat it in one weekend, especially if you ignore the various miniquests. Control could be better. In fact, the awkward control is what made some of the later Boss battles difficult.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Mega Man fans can rest assured: The blue bomber doesn't suffer the fate Bubsy did when he made the leap to the third dimension. Quite the contrary--Mega Man Legends rocks with an excellent mix of action, adventure, and even a little bit of RPG flavoring.

Legends exploits the 3D space wisely by giving you a gigantic island to explore. As Mega Man, you gather weapons and power-ups, talk to people, and collect money to buy items. Legends also serves up some of the biggest, coolest bosses to ever appear in the series. Add an engrossing story line, and Legends sucks up your gaming hours fester than Mega Man's vacuum attachment inhales power-ups.

The only real problem with Legends is the game's kiddy tone. Younger players will love the voices and cinematic cut scenes, but older gamers will have their endurance tested.

Fans of the 2D MM entries have nothing to fear: Mega Man Legends carries on the fun, addictive qualities of the series with class. Going from 2D to 3D is a pleasure...for a change.


  • Always open treasure chests from the side in case they're booby-trapped.
  • In the battle stages, kick around pilots from domed craft to snap power-ups.
  • Use the roller skates with caution, especially when you're in the bustling city. Even Mega Man can get hit by a car and take mega damage!
  • When you come across a hole in the wall, search it for valuable items.
  • When you're fighting a big enemy, circle around it and lire constantly.
  • One of the most useful Buster Part combinations is made up of the Auto Battery, Laser, and Buster Unit parts.


The characters benefit from a great deal of detail, and the high frame rate remains consistent throughout. The colors are drab overall, though, and some clipping problems also creep up.


Mega Man Legends' controls take patience and practice to master. The inability to turn quickly and the lack of an accurate weapon lock-on are the biggest rough spots.


The voices are crystal clear, but the sound effects could use more punch, especially the explosions. The music also needs an infusion of life--it mostly consists of really schmaltzy elevator tunes.

Fun Factor

Mega Man legends is a great mix of action and adventure. Although some cinemas make the game appear too kiddy, gamers young and old will hammer away at it for hours, if not days.

And you thought all Mega Man games were the same. Mega Man Legends (known as RockMan Dash in Japan and formerly known as Mega Man Neo and Mega Man Nova here in the U.S.) is definitely a different kind of game for the Capcom mascot. In fact, we had a hard time categorizing this one, other than to say it's an action-adventure-RPG hybrid.

Set on a small island on a waterlogged world, the game has Mega Man--along with madeover gal pal Roll and Dr. Light--tracking down a legendary treasure called the Mother Load. Along the way, he'll explore a huge city, the surrounding countryside and several enemy-filled dungeons. He'll also talk to townspeople and visit shops where he can buy health and weapon power-ups.

Sounds more than a little RPG-ish, right? Still, the game remains true to its action roots. You follow Mega Man from a third-person perspective and blast his robot enemies--as well as dozens of Bosses--Tomb Raider style. And it appears that the "attention button" concept once thought unique to Zelda 64 has arrived early. Hold the R2 button in Mega Man Legends and you'll lock onto the nearest enemy, keeping it the center of attention until Mega Man can terminate it with his ever-trusty Buster gun.

Speaking of the Buster, you start Mega Man Legends--as in every Mega Man side-scroller--with only the basic gun. As you explore dungeons and the city, you'll come across weapon parts that build up the Buster's firepower. And you'll find parts that Roll can mold into the classic Mega Man weapon arms, including the grenade and blade arms. You'll also uncover boots that enable Mega Man's dash and his trademark helmet to complete his traditional fully armored ensemble.

Mega Man Legends is packed with many in-game cinemas--and therefore has plenty of Japanese dialogue for Capcom to translate and re-record in English. Since the version we played lacked the new voiceovers, we're still unsure whether we'll get another Mega Man game where everyone speaks in high-pitched, cutesy voices. New dialogue aside, Capcom USA did say the game will hit the U.S. almost completely unchanged, except for a few minor text tweaks.

Mega Man Legends certainly isn't the first game to break the Blue Bomber out of his side-scroller funk (see Mega Man Soccer, RockMan Battle & Chase or any number of Rock Man adventure games that never came to the U.S.). But it does show a side to Mega Man that U.S. gamers have yet to see, and it has more than enough hybrid elements to set it apart from Mario 64 clones.

  • MANUFACTURER - Capcom USA Inc.
  • THEME - Adventure

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