Mega Man 3

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a game by Capcom
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: NESNES, GameBoy
Editor Rating: 8.2/10, based on 8 reviews
User Rating: 9.1/10 - 7 votes
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The Doctor is in...

Mega Man, and its action-packed sequel, Mega Man 2, have together set new standards for both the Nintendo and action games in general. The graphically impressive scrolling adventures of Mega Man and his arch-nemesis Dr. Wily, have provided millions of gamers with new types of challenges to overcome and play techniques to master!

Fortunately for all of us, Mega Man has been called back to duty for a third mission! This explosive cap on the trilogy is everything a Mega Man fan would expect from the series and much, much more! There are new dangers, new Bosses and a new leader to take the place of the evil Dr. Wily. It appears he has finally learned his lessons - or has he? This is just one of the many twists to follow in Mega Man 3!

Besides new adversaries, Mega Man also has a new friend called Rush. This computerized canine takes on several forms throughout Mega Man's quest to help him get past impediments and overcome obstacles!

A new cast of crazy contraptions and even wilder worlds await Mega and his friends. He must overcome the likes of such strange characters as Magnet Man, Snake Man, Shadow Man, Top Man, Gemini Man, Needle Man and Hard Man. In addition to these awesome foes, Mega must also contend with some familiar trouble makers as he heads to Dr. Wily's old hideout and discovers the true identity of the once mad Doctom! Mega Man 3 is better than the original two games in more ways than one. Not only is the game longer and more complex, with more options available at every turn, but the graphic detail and music rival the best the NES has to offer! Only Mega Man can help save the world!

People say:


Mega Man 3 is a winner from beginning to end. Not only do you get the excitement of the old games, you get new options and more than enough to battle! Looks great and plays even better!


Mega Man 3 is better than the first two put together! — The storyline is familiar, but totally different, with new enemies to learn and overcome, not to men-tion a surprise ending! Great fun!


Mega Man's back and he's mega hot, with everything you've come to expect from a Mega Man game. You get big characters. Bosses to destroy and special powers to gain. One of my favorite of the year!


Here's a guy that just keeps getting better! Mega Man4s the hip-pest of the action characters and this sequel only reinforces his hero status! Fantastic gra-phics and play that can't be missed!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Our hero Mega Man will be back this November in his third and best adventure yet. Things have changed a bit since his last quest as Dr. Wiley has decided to go straight and he is now on the side of law and order. At least that is what he wants us to believe! Mega Man also now has a pet dog called Rush and he is a very special canine. He has the ability to turn himself into various types of objects for Mega Man. He can become for example a jet platform or a submarine. The quest is similar to the other two as Dr. Light needs Mega Man to obtain energy capsules from eight mining worlds. There the robots have again revolted and Mega Man must stop the rebellion. He must take on and defeat: Magnet Man; Snake Man; Needle Man; Hard Man; Top Man; Gemini Man; Spark Man and Shadow Man. One of the best games at the show!

Red Alert, Mega Man fans, Dr. Wily has taken control of an oil platform and he's drilling through the earth's crust. So go up against your favorite enemies, such as Snake Man and Drill Man. Grab their weapons to take on new nemeses, such as Punk and Dr. Wily's Machines. Don't fret, my little musclebound midgets, you'll have some help from allies Rush and Fliptop. "Come in Mega Man!"

"Dr. Light to Mega Man! Come in Mega Man! We have a Code: Red emergency..." When Mega Man hears that urgent message from his creator, he knows he has a long day ahead of him...and that's good news to Mega fans!

The nefarious Dr. Wily has taken over an offshore oil rig. He plans to drill through the earth's crust to fuel his latest mechanical monstrosity. It's up to Mega Man, of course, to stop the evil fiend and his eight robot masters.

Here's to Good Fiends

A video game hero's work is never done, just ask Mega Man. If he survives this nasty adventure, he should ask for overtime pay! In Mega Man III by Capcom for the Game Boy, eight wicked worlds plus Dr. Wily's stronghold await you. This black and white Mega Man adventure parallels its color cohorts perfectly. You'll find the great game play and all the challenge you'd expect from a Mega Man game.

Wily's pulled out some of his old robots to make scrap metal of Mega Man. You'll face Gemini Man, Shadow Man, Snake Man, and Spark Man from Mega Man 3 for the NES. Dive Man, Dust Man, Drill Man, and Skull Man return from Mega Man 4 for the NES. Each world also has its own tough robot boss.

Mega Trouble Vs. Mega Power

An army of robots and twisted freaks of nature that only mad Dr. Wily could invent are dead set on reducing you and your impressive array of weapons to atomic ash. Gigantic missile whales, flying barriers, and collapsing skeleton men are among the fiends out to make your life miserable. Live mines, bottomless pits, and huge trash mashers also spell doom for the Man.

Fortunately, help is readily available. Mega Man is outfitted with the all-new Mega Buster instead of his regular shooting power. You can charge up the Mega Buster to give it a more powerful blast by picking up Weapon Capsules you find along the way. In addition, Mega Man's best friend, Rush, is available to help you. Find Rush's hidden adaptors within the robot masters' lairs, and the able metallic canine can use his Rush Coil and Rush Jet to help you bounce past and fly by obstacles.

Also available to help you along your way are Energy Pellets, Energy Tanks, special weapon replenishing capsules, and 1-ups. Occasionally, Dr. Light's helper, Flip-Top, gives you a power-up. If all else fails, a password and unlimited continues will help you overcome this hearty challenge.

However, even with all of these boosts, Mega Man's most powerful attribute is still his ability to acquire the weapon of any robot boss he beats. So, Mega Man has eight special weapons at his disposal if he defeats all of the bosses, such as Gemini's Laser, Drill's Bomb, Dive's Missile, and others. As usual, each weapon is most effective against certain enemies in certain situations. Each boss is especially vulnerable to one weapon. Trying to figure out how to use each of your weapons to your best advantage is one of the best aspects of the Mega Man games, so experiment!

Micro-fine Control

Guiding Mega Man on his quest is easy and precise. You can run, jump, slide, bounce, fly, and blast your way into the heart of Dr. Wily's defenses. Death defying leaps, where fractions of an inch mean the difference between life and death, are possible. Unfortunately, our little, bionic, musclebound hero sometimes suffers a bit of a slow down when too many sprites appear on-screen. These instances, however, are few and far between.

A Black and White Beauty

The Game Boy graphics are excellent and crystal clear. You can see everything in detail, including the expressions on Dr. Wily's face.

The sounds are Mega-fine. Even the music is very good in this game. Each level has a different tune that doesn't intrude. The sound effects are cool, such as the Gemini Laser bouncing off of walls.

Tried and True

You won't find anything especially new in Mega Man III, but it's still a great game. Capcom found a good formula when they created the original Mega Man.

Now, they're just making it better with new weapons, obstacles, and bosses that keep the playing fresh even on the small screen. Mega veterans and newcomers alike will have a mega-blast with Mega Man III.


  • Use the Skull Barrier to block falling boulders and bullets and send Dive to a watery burial.
  • You can replay levels after you beat the boss.
  • Take out Screw Man, who is in Dr. Wily's stronghold, by jumping or sliding when he rolls your way. Then blast him with a fully charged Mega Buster.
  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • Version: NES

During play you can, on Controller 2, press U and A to cause the enemy bosses or other characters to freeze on the screen. You can't move left or right, but you can jump, so make sure you're facing the boss before you start blasting away at him.

Mega Man has returned! This time, he's on the GameBoy, in the third installment of the popular black and white series. Dr. Wily is again at large and this time he's captured an oil platform to drill into the Earth's crust, tapping its natural energy. Before Mega Man can face Wily, he must first pass eight Robot Masters. Mega Man 3 is a filled with enough hand-held action for any fan of the colossal adventure series!

People say:


Here's a marvelous GameBoy title that serves up all of the familiar play mechanics we've grown to love on the NES. This game packs in the most detail of any GB product I've ever seen. So much that, like T2, the eyes have problems digesting all the detail. Still a good game for long trips and a must for Mega Man fans.


Capcom has created a hear perfect copy of the NES version. The game plays the same, looks the same (without color of course) and almost sounds the same. This is easily one of the best GB action titles to come out in a long time. Great bosses and not a whole lot of screen blurring. Don't miss this outstanding cart!


I like MM3 as much as Bionic Commando. This cart is almost a carbon copy of the NES version. All 8 bosses are here as well as Mega Man's slide move and companion Rush. Power-ups and techniques are plentiful and the control is just right. The screen blurs quite a bit, but if you overlook the hardware it's a great game.


As the best GameBoy game for the past few months, Mega Man 3 has plenty to be proud of. The game itself has tons of levels for a GameBoy title, and several power-ups! With color, it would be awesome! Come on, Nintendo, give us color! The games are great, but they need vibrant color to make an impact!

Look! Up in the sky!! It's a bird!! It's a plane!... Uh... I think it's a robot.

Mega Man's Back!

That blue, metallic defender of justice, Mega Man, is back in action! Since we just couldn't wait any longer, here's a sneak peek at a preliminary version of Mega Man III!

This time around the formerly-evil Dr. Wily has come to his senses and rejoined Dr. Light to work for the good of mankind. Together they work to create the ultimate peace-keeping robot, "8."

Energy components to fuel this new robot are located on eight mining worlds. Unfortunately, the robotic work forces of these worlds have rebelled, making fuel gathering a pretty nasty chore. Did someone say 'This is a job for Mega Man?"

Mega Man's Best Friend

In this one, Mega Man has his faithful robodog, Rush, at his side. Rush is no mere metal canine: this dog's got talent! He can change into a jet sled, a submarine, or a special spring -- devices that Mega Man needs throughout the game.

Mega Baddies

Mega Man games have always featured a great gang of super villains, and Mega Man III is no exception! Here's a quick look at some of the nasties you'll have to tussle with: Magnet Man (A real attractive villain), Needle Man (Mega Man will get this guy's point for sure), Spark Man (A shocking villain), Snake Man (A slimey character), Top Man (He'll make Mega's head spin), Shadow Man (A Ninja nasty), Gemini Man (Double trouble) and Hard Man (A solid citizen).

The third installment of the incredibly popular Mega Man series has arrived for the GameBoy! Dr. Wily has taken control of an oil platform and is drilling through the Earth's crust to tap the planet's natural energy. Before Mega Man can stop Dr. Wily, he must defeat eight robot foes and save the Earth at all costs!

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