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a game by Konami
Platform: GameBoy
User Rating: 5.0/10 - 2 votes
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Climb into your Proteus 911 starfighter and get ready to head for the stars to destroy King Nemesis in this space shoot-em-up. The Proteus is equipped with six attack weapons. Battle through five levels and two hidden bonus stages while you search for power-ups like force fields, speed burners, double guns, and lasers. If you loved Gradius and Life Force, Nemesis is for you. Now you can battle some of the most infamous video gaming outer space foes of all time whenever you want!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

King Nemesis is back! Someone let him out of the solar slammer on a technicality and he's out for re-venge-and you know who he's after. As chief of the Interplanetary Police, you're the one responsible for putting the King behind bars in the first place. Now he's ready to put you out of commission for good!

Based on Konami's NES monster hit Gradius, this Game Boy Pak sends you into the stratosphere after the nefarious Nemesis one more time. So get ready to climb into your Proteus 911, one of the most sophisticated flying machines ever developed. This state-of-the-art spacecraft can power-up with special weapons including speed burners, lasers, missiles, shields, and deadly dual devices of destruction.

A Galactic Tour de Force

Sounds easy, right? Wrong! To even reach Nemesis you'll have to battle through five stages of grueling space combat. Nemesis is holed up in his hideout and he's sent his henchmen after you-and put a billion dollar bounty on your head to boot. This means you're facing a crew of grimly determined alien bad guys in some of the toughest alien territories space has to offer. Battle past the peaks and valleys of Carnage Canyon. Blow up the Pyramids of Pyroma-nia. Dodge the stone heads in the Lair of the Planetary Pirates. Head into the spooky Den of Doom and Gloom. And, finally, face off with Nemesis himself in the Sacrificial Sarcophagus of Saturn.

The Bad Guys

King Nemesis' evil crew is made up of a cast of characters familiar to Gradius and Life Force fans everywhere. You'll recognize the pesky asteroids, the speeding Reflector, Kull, and Winger ships, and especially the pellet-spitting stone heads called the Moai. The big alien bosses are also disconcertingly familiar! Watch out for the laser-spitting Intergalactic Super Force and the eerie, grabbing Venus Destructo.

Go For the Gusto

Nemesis also features special bonus stages hidden in the different levels of the game. If you get into a bonus stage and succeed in grabbing all of the bonus capsules, you'll send your score into the stratosphere. If you get lucky, you might also grab a special 1-Up capsule in the bonus stage.

It's just what every Game Boy fan has been waiting for. Classic NES titles are making their way to the shelves for the Game Boy with some new original twists on the old adventures. Shoot-em-up comes to Game Boy in a big way. And don't forget, Nemesis wants you!


  • You'll find that most of your favorite strategies from Gradius work in Nemesis. The weapons are the samer although it takes a little practice to learn to aim correctly with the two color screen since the weapon fire is more difficult to see.
  • In Nemesisf you can earn more than just the regular power-up capsules that appear when you destroy enemies. Occasionallyr special power-ups will also appear that destroy all of the enemies on the screen when you grab them. When you see one of these; dodge and let the screen fill with enemies; wait until the last possible moment to grab the capsule.
  • Use your state-of-the-art Boy Hying machine to select Levels, Difficultyf Number of star-lighters per game, and Moshot on or off. This provides an endless vapiety of challenging gameplay.

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